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A Modern Cryptocurrency Exchange in the Making – Contribute your Opinion and Earn Rewards

What if an R & D team hunts for the end users’ point of view to be acquainted with their expectations? So, a product/solution is carved as per the users’ hand-picked preferences. Wouldn’t it be a more sophisticated way of planning a product/solution development? Instead of producing it first and then asking the end user for feedback.

I think the former way is better in every case. You think it too, right? But have you come across any such company or organization? If not, let us have an encounter at this moment!

What is this all about?

Breaking the ice, this is the era of Cryptocurrency or at least the most talked topic far and wide. More than a mode of payment, it used as an investment option due to its fluctuating price. And I do not need to mention that the “Cryptocurrency Exchange” is the most standard source of trading. It was 2017 when cryptocurrency buzzed at all-time high and thus making a way for booming of such trading platforms.

As per my experiments and trials, only a fistful of exchanges offers a higher quality platform for ease of trading cryptocurrencies. Rest all are just to get into business and conquer the financial gain through “Commission”. You must be shocked to know that there over 200 exchanges present in the market and you know only 10 of them because those are the good ones. Others are just doing “Business”.

Now, from the good ones, you always ask, which is the best? To find out an answer to this question, a group of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts (who are into software business since 2009) started research 3 years back. It included testing of various exchanges present at the moment by trading on them. And none stood up to their expectations. Each one has strengths and weaknesses of its own.

This research was enough to spark the idea of developing an improvised version of cryptocurrency exchange, shortly calling a modern exchange. This group was keen to do something fruitful for the cryptocurrency trading community and thus decided to develop a revolutionary exchange which is enriched with features as demanded by the traders.

This research group is broadly known as “Encrybit”.

Few more words on Encrybit

So far, you are clear with the aim of “Encrybit”. In other way around, developing a cryptocurrency exchange to ease out the trading process (making it more user-friendly and worry-free) and that too by the traders for the traders. For the purpose of briefing, here are the name of some characteristic features:

  • Interactive trading
  • Social trading
  • Paper trading
  • Digital asset screener
  • News feed
  • Smart alerts
  • And much more!

The co-founder of EncrybitMrJiten Rajput says, “We work with the purpose of helping the cryptocurrency traders community and enhance each and every component as much as we can. Our ambition is to be in the top 10 exchanges by 2021.”

At this point, you must be thinking where and how does the Encrybit ask traders about their preferences? They have already done the first round and already conducting the second round! Okay, without being too suspicious I’ll disclose the fact. They have chosen the most feasible way to gather the opinion of traders. No rocket science, it’s an “Online Survey”. The first round was conducted in the month of April on Cryptocurrency Exchange Problems and its insights can be viewed here.

The second survey is to evaluate the existing cryptocurrency exchanges to its core and gather the trading preferences at the same time. A multiple choice questionnaire is live since past 3 days and will be active for 7 more days!

Here is the link:

You know some amazing part about this survey? Well, hold your breath. The participants of this survey are entitled to receive rewards as high as BTC worth $500! Moreover, there will be 1300 randomly selected winners who can earn BTC, XRP and Encrybit tokens. Have a look at the reward structure:

  • 1st Winner — BTC worth $500
  • 2nd Winner — BTC worth $300
  • 3rd Winner — BTC worth $100
  • 4th Winner — XRP worth $75
  • 5th Winner — XRP worth $50
  • 6th to 16th Winning positions — XRP worth $25 Each
  • 17th to 1300th Winning positions — Encrybit token worth $15 Each

To know the participation rules and regulations, follow the link.

I’m sure now you don’t have a reason to miss out this survey. All you need to spare is 5-7 minutes!

At the end

I would conclude by saying that these guys are really serious about serving their purpose. So, go ahead, take some time out and take part in the survey. It is for your benefit, as you’ll get an exchange of your choice. And I don’t need to mention the “Rewards”!

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