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INSERT INTO `wp_cmc_coin_meta`(`coin_id`, `description`) VALUES ('bridge-protocol','Bridge interfaces with NEO framework and allows users to manage, protect and utilize sensitive information in new ways. The protocol offers a new standard for whitelists and allows participation in multiple ICOs.'),('europecoin','A cryptocurrency with unique social, economical, political and technical features, own unique policies and ongoing future prospects.'),('freicoin','Freicoin is a peer-to-peer (P2P) currency based on the accounting concept of a proof-of-work block chain used by Satoshi Nakamoto in the creation of Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, Freicoin has a demurrage fee that ensures its circulation and bearers of the currency pay this fee automatically'),('gladius-token','Decentralized CDN and DDoS Protection on the Blockchain. An automated marketplace where you can rent out your spare bandwidth and storage as well as purchase content delivery and DDoS protection services.'),('magnetcoin','Magnetcoin is a proof of stake cryptocurrency launched in July of 2017.'),('0xbtc','N/A'),('swiftcash','N/A'),('dether','Dether provides a decentralized peer-to-peer ether network that enables anyone on Earth to buy ether with cash and spend it at physical stores nearby. No bank account is needed, just a mobile phone with internet access. ÐTH is the key token needed to unlock additional features and ensure better visibility on the Dether map. As a teller or a physical store, staking ÐTH tokens is required in order to increase his or her visibility to buyers on the Dether map.'),('vulcano','Vulcano (ticker: VULC) is a community-oriented coin originally created at the end of 2017 by a now completely absent development team. Initially, it was conceived as only a "high staking coin" with an annual return of 950%. The new Vulcano team, comprised of members of the community, came together to both salvage the Vulcano project on both a technical and philosophical level through a complete rebuild and the development of a real use case.'),('redfishcoin','N/A'),('sumokoin','Sumokoin is a cryptocurrency of secure, privacy, untraceability and fungibility for value storage and high-confidential transactions.'),('proton-token','Proton is a public chain dedicated to digital marketing. It is an fundamental protocol based on the Unified ID system for data storage and collaboration.'),('hackspace-capital','Platform that involved in financing and development of innovative hardware startups. Hackspace Capital also serves as an online shop, where HAC token holders can acquire products and services created and offered by Hackspace Capital startups with up to 20% discount. HACKSPACE is providing the first and only opportunity for both investors and users of hi-tech connected products to participate in a range of hardware startups in their early stages and gain access to hi-tech R&D services.'),('nper','NPER is a project to overcome the monopolistic industrial structure and stereotypes in the intellectual property industry. They promise to protect the creator's proper right and present a new paradigm to everyone which makes them possible to own and we distribute the royalties and its added-value that the only minority used to monopolize.'),('coinpoker','CoinPoker is a poker room built on blockchain technology that will offer fantastic value for both poker players and cryptocurrency community members alike. We are also introducing CHP (‚chips’) – a brand new cryptocurrency that will be used to play poker safely and comfortably.'),('formosa-financial','N/A'),('wabnetwork','WAB network is a 5.0 Blockchain with outstanding features, a completed decentralization blockchain with remarkable speed up to hundreds of millions of transactions per second. WAB can be used for launching electronic currencies, as well as for the sending and receiving of cryptos.'),('kleros','N/A'),('altbet','N/A'),('sp8de','Sp8de is a protocol for decentralized blockchain based platform with multiple features that are essential for the growing blockchain gambling industry and whose solid implementation is lacking in any of the currently existing projects in this space.'),('portal','N/A'),('ngot','N/A'),('social-lending-token','Social Lending Network (SLN) is a decentralized social finance platform based on block chain technology. Its mission is to establish a next generation crypto-currency/token financial loan ecosystem.'),('unicoin','UniCoin is a collectible crypto currency. UniCoin is based on the SHA-256d algorithm with 4 minute block times, so it is more than twice as fast as Bitcoin, with about half the total number of coins.'),('clearpoll','ClearPoll is a social public opinion poll system using blockchain technology.'),('embercoin','A decentralized, transparent and open-source blockchain facilitating fast, reliable and secure transactions across a large network of users.'),('worldcoin','Worldcoin is a second generation digital currency secured by cryptography. As a descendant of Bitcoin it shares many similarities but is more advanced and business friendly.'),('bitmark','A powerful decentralized reputation platform. Users, services and products can earn reputation through a process called Marking. The act of Marking leaves a pink stain signifying trust and quality.'),('uniform-fiscal-object','UFO Coin is a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for safely storing and transferring value worldwide.'),('ryo-currency','The Ryo implements Cryptonight-Heavy ASIC Resistant algorithm. Ryo, as a fork from Monero which itself was initially based on the CryptoNote protocol, inherits all whitepapers and academic studies from CryptoNote and Monero Research Lab. The fallout from Sumokoin's premine SNAFU and their rash decision to hard fork back to ASIC friendly Cryptonight algorithm resulted in a community backed effort to maintain the original intent of the project of improved privacy and to stay true to GPU miners with CN-Heavy. At block height 137500 what is currently SUMO/RYO have transitioned into RYO and SUMO. Now they are running on a separate chains.'),('zippie','Decentralized application runtime environment which aims to bring blockchain powered mobile experiences to the masses in an easy and secure way.'),('carblock','CarBlock is a blockchain-based transportation solution built on data generated by smart devices. This circulation of car data on the blockchain is set to disrupt the entire connected car industry. CarBlock will issue CAR token as the currency for future transportation industry. CAR token can circulate immediately after issuing based on nonda’s current business.'),('darkpaycoin','N/A'),('xenon','Massively Distributed EOS Alt-chain'),('litedoge','LiteDoge is a fork of Dogecoin. The coin has a block time of 64 seconds and is based on scrypt.'),('iqeon','N/A'),('education-ecosystem','N/A'),('eventchain','The EventChain Smart Ticketing platform was launched to create a peer-to-peer infrastructure where event tickets have no excessive processing fees and are widely available on a platform for everyone.'),('zcore','ZCore (ZCR) is 100% open source, with PoW (Proof-of-Work) mining based on the NeoScrypt algorithm and maximum supply of 18 million coins. Structured in a robust network with Masternodes and reward of 10 ZCR per mined block every 90 seconds.'),('nubits','NuBits are advertised as stable-value cryptocurrencies issued by a DAO marketed under the same name.'),('forty-seven-bank','Forty Seven Bank is a financial technology start-up aiming to provide high quality, secure and user-friendly banking services for individual and institutional consumers, which will be fully recognised by the financial authorities and compliant with regulatory framework.'),('beetle-coin','Beetle Coin is an open decentralized cryptocurrency that was developed to create the strongest masternode coin with more than 70% Pure Pos block, lighting fast transaction, low transaction fees, energy efficient and low number of confirmations.'),('nimiq','Nimiq Exchange is a browser-based blockchain & ecosystem. Nimiq intends to lower barriers of entry for blockchain technology, and make it accessible for mainstream use.'),('bitrent','BitRent is the first blockchain platform meant to attract commercial and residential property investments at an early stage of construction in order to gain maximum profit by selling and renting out the acquired property. We connect developers with investors.'),('stipend','Stipend aims to be an ultimate solution for decentralized jobs marketplace. We want to create a platform which both the freelancers and the clients will love, with low fees, instant payments and never seen before rewarding scheme that rewards the top users.'),('nushares','NuShares represent ownership in the Nu Network. Owning NuShares allows you to vote on decisions that will impact the future of the network.'),('dravite','N/A'),('devery','The Devery platform allows suppliers and consumers to prove the authenticity of their products online before purchase, essentially removing the need for ‘trust’ in e-commerce. It aims to protect brands and consumers from counterfeiting using blockchain powered product verification by providing unique, verifiable identifiers to each product throughout the supply chain.'),('zilla','ZILLA is an app that helps you learn about and easily participate in an ICO.'),('logiscoin','With blockchain technology customers and users of Logis Coin will be able to track the entire route that the ordered goods have done before they fall into their hands. The network behind the shelf of the store will no longer be hidden, which will allow the client to make more informed decisions.'),('essentia','Essentia is the trustless modular framework allowing users to operate with their digital decentralized identities and data by creating their operating system with on-chain capabilities that can be accessible from all the devices in the world.'),('bee-token','N/A'),('bitcoin-instant','Bitcoin Instant is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin Instant uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.'),('karbo','Karbo is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange network and medium, that does not have centralized management or issuer and ensures privacy and anonymity of operations without intermediaries and regulators. Its units of exchange are cryptographically protected (encrypted) units of information. They are protected from copying and counterfeiting by the blockchain technology.'),('masternet','N/A'),('bethereum','N/A'),('quadrant-protocol','N/A'),('cryptopay','Cryptopay is an online Bitcoin Wallet which offers greater functionality than simpler services for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.'),('sapien','Sapien is a highly customizable, democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators without any centralized intermediaries. SPN is a flexible, ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency that will incentivize quality content, power all platform actions, and serve as the backbone of our tokenized economy.'),('zeitcoin','The Zeitcoin movement is a global association of people who are fighting for sustainable resources on our planet. Helping the needy, investing in innovative techniques and finally the protection of the environment are all part of that.'),('snowgem','SnowGem is an open-sourced and decentralized privacy protected cryptocurrency with masternodes. SnowGem is the first Equihash - zkSNARKs - Masternode coin.'),('ubcoin-market','The Ubcoin Market is a global peer-to-peer marketplace where anyone can safely and instantly buy or sell a product or service using cryptocoins (UBC). Ubcoin (UBC) is a utility token that will be used for settlement of smart contracts and fees on the Ubcoin Market.'),('paws-funds','N/A'),('crycash','CRYCASH is an independent decentralized ecosystem of custom-tailored products for gamers which operates with its own utility token called “CRC”. CRYCASH Ecosystem consists of the Plink application, CRYENGINE Marketplace, Advertising Platform, and CyberSport Platform.'),('bitqy','BitQyck is a cryptocurrency-based e-commerce platform that makes use of its own proprietary digital currency known as Bitqy.'),('bitto-exchange','N/A'),('worldcore','Worldcore is an online money transfer service that utilizes blockchain technology for peer-to-peer transactions.'),('pluton','An ERC20 reward token on the Ethereum blockchain that empowers you with fast, high-priority transactions and zero fees.'),('narrative','Narrative is a Content Economy, generating rewards for content creators, moderators, and others who positively contribute to the quality of content on the network. In the Content Economy, users govern the system, with each user’s contributions and actions, influenced by overall reputation, impacting the economic reward.'),('mnpcoin','N/A'),('betterbetting','BetterBetting is the revolutionary new decentralized sports betting marketplace introducing the BETR token - the betting cryptocurrency that will establish truly decentralised sports betting on the internet. Providing a Global Betting Liquidity Pool, BETR is being built by gaming industry experts, for the industry.'),('etheera','N/A'),('elixir','Elix is a base token for a lending service that will analyze financial transactions and reward borrowers for paying off loan installments on time.'),('bounty0x','Bounty0x is a decentralized bounty hunting platform enabling anyone to manage bounty programs, and bounty hunters to receive payment for completing bounty tasks.'),('tokugawa','Tokugawa coin is a decentrilized peer to peer digital currency based on blockchain technology. Use Tokugawa to secure send and recieve instant transfers of value from anywhere in the world.'),('alax','ALAX is a new system for mobile gaming. ALAX aims to improve the distribution lifecycle of mobile games and offer a faster, more efficient and secure system to improve the experience for developers, players and distributors alike. The ALX token is an ERC-20 token in the TGE. Later, it will be swapped for DECENT DCore UIA (User Issuable Assets).'),('oasis-2','N/A'),('paymon','Paymon suggests its own view of standard Blockchain, introducing ways of dealing with most issues of existing cryptocurrencies: the scaling problem, archaic architecture, low speed, and high transaction fees. Our new blockchain Hive improves all cryptocurrency instruments: from technology and infrastructure to regulatory compliance with current regulations.'),('shard','N/A'),('profile-utility-token','Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT) is a new wave of social media that is being built on blockchain technology. We give control of the profile back to the owner and empower the user with their own data. We do this by allowing the profile owner to tokenize and monetize their social media presence via blockchain technology.'),('terracoin','A cryptocurrency with a blockchain dating back to 2012. It is similar to Bitcoin, but with faster transactions, and improved security by having merged mining and Dark Gravity Wave difficulty recalculation.'),('electronero','N/A'),('ozziecoin','N/A'),('bettex-coin','N/A'),('fire-lotto','Fire Lotto is a modern blockchain lottery as simple and understandable as traditional lotteries are. It is a decentralized lottery platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. FLOT tokens can be held as an asset or used to play games.'),('carboneum','N/A'),('ip-exchange','IPSX – a decentralized exchange for sharing IPs and a framework for building applications, on top of the existing IPs shared by the community members and data centers. A smart contract based, blockchain protocols and utility token incentivized mechanism of sharing IPs among actors from all over the world and a framework to build applications that require IPs built in a reliable and open source environment.'),('mybit','MyBit is an IoT investment ecosystem. Its two flagship products include a decentralised investment platform (MyBit DApp) and a decentralised IoT asset exchange (MYDAX). Powered by Ethereum.'),('bitcoin-plus','BitcoinPlus Coins are generated through Proof of Stake. Less than 100,000 coins are currently in circulation.'),('zero','ZERO is fork of Zcash, It has security of Bitcoin, privacy of Zcash and few other improvements. ZERO includes the best privacy and anonymity technology available today.'),('skincoin','SkinCoin is a universal cryptocurrency in the gaming industry. This is a new secure payment method, which emerged to replace the skins.'),('mywish','MyWish platform is an ecosystem of smart contracts accumulating a complex of blockchain solutions designed to integrate high technologies into the real sector.'),('banano','N/A'),('guaranteed-ethurance-token-extra','INSCHAIN is a blockchain-based insurance project founded by senior American actuaries, risk management managers and first-class experts in insurance, investment, artificial intelligence and big data.'),('nerva','N/A'),('mediccoin','Medic Coin provides benefits to humanity through contributions to scientific research and donations to charities. You can earn Medic Coins (MEDIC) through donating your GPU computational power to Stanford University.'),('universe','Cryptocurrency for the development of the gaming industry. The main purpose of the UNI crypto currency is the development of the gaming industry. Transfer of all games to the Universe crypto currency calculation in order to reduce the commission or at all to avoid such.'),('fantomcoin','Fantomcoin is the first cryptonote coin (similar to Bitcoin) which allows anonymous transactions and merged mining.'),('helbiz','The Helbiz coin (HBZ) is a cryptocurrency aimed at being in the center of all transportation service transactions globally, from peer-to-peer bike rentals to public transportation and even private jets. It is also the preferred currency on the Helbiz Platform.'),('1world','1World's Interactive Platform lets publishers and brands hear consumers' voices through interaction and engagement tools including in-context polls, quizzes, debates, trivia, insights, and interactive maps, and offers embedded advertising, commercial data collection, and state-of-the art analytics.'),('fantasygold','Fantasy Gold is the official cryptocurrency for the $7 billion fantasy sports industry with decentralized Masternodes to power InstantSend and PrivateSend functions.'),('jsecoin','N/A'),('biblepay','BiblePay (BBP) is a Christian charity cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency using a unique proof of work algorithm based on the King James Bible, called Proof-Of-Bible-Hash. One of the goals employed is the prevention of hashing in ASIC devices or GPUs.'),('trezarcoin','Secure and energy-efficient PoW/PoS Coin with implementation of the most advanced 0% PoS by Ghostlander. TrezarCoin supports multi-algo to be secure to the highest level with NeoScrypt PoW, Sha256d PoS and BLAKE2s for Blockhashing.'),('bitcoin-lightning','N/A'),('dprating','DPRating is based on the huge, chaotic and mixed cryptocurrency market and focuses on providing a cryptocurrency investor ecosystem that is fair, independent, scientific, objective and based on rating services.'),('cryptodezirecash','N/A'),('digitalprice','DigitalPrice is a third generation cryptocurrency that provides secure, private, lightening fast payments and pays the user for owning it!'),('gravity','N/A'),('mcap','An initiative of MCAP Labs and uses the ERC20 protocol for peer-to-peer transactions.'),('hobonickels','HoboNickels is an extremely fast and efficient cryptocurrency. With a Proof of Stake block time of 2 minutes, it is pushing to be one of the fastest coins available.'),('tiesdb','N/A'),('verime','VeriME is a decentralized Verification-as-a-Service (VaaS) ecosystem operating on Blockchain and Customer’s mobile application, using the most advanced biometric technologies and machine learning tools to identify and authenticate the Customer during purchase of goods and services.'),('neutron','Dependable staking coin with daily coin rewards & perks for investors.'),('relex','Relex is an investment platform that uses cryptocurrency to provide transparency, accountability, and immutability to real estate development investment opportunities that could otherwise be considered too risky or opaque.'),('nexium','A peer to peer strategy and competitive game in space.'),('condominium','Condominium is a global decentralized network to plan your travel itinerary. Condominium Coin (CDM) is a cryptocurrency that is based on Proof of Stake protocol and it rewards generously the master-nodes who are the guarantors of the network.'),('bring','N/A'),('exchangecoin','N/A'),('free-coin','N/A'),('kalkulus','Kalkulus is a decentralized digital asset that offers blockchain based solutions enabling instant transactions to anyone, anywhere in the world.'),('goldmint','GoldMint is a blockchain-based platform that uses GOLD digital assets, which are 100% backed by physical gold or exchange-traded funds (ETF). This means that one GOLD costs the same as one ounce of gold on the LBMA exchange'),('beacon','N/A'),('auxilium','N/A'),('equal','EQUAL aim's to facilitate an ecosystem of products and services that are either powered, funded or incentivised through the EQUAL ERC-20 token. What makes EQUAL special is it's rapidly growing community, future seed offering program and it's unique self deflationairy token design.'),('streamity','N/A'),('ecosystem-health-chain','N/A'),('ormeus-coin','Ormeus Coin is fully secured with the same standards as are employed by the Ethereum blockchain.'),('npcoin','N/A'),('rentberry','Rentberry is a decentralized long-term rental ecosystem utilizing blockchain technology which makes the rental process less costly and more convenient and secure. Rentberry Token (BERRY) is our proprietary cryptocurrency designed to facilitate a standardized global approach to the long-term rental process, with all transactions kept in a secure manner.'),('heronode','Hero Node utilises the Hero protocol to integrate different public blockchains and build a cross-blockchain, cross-platform development solution for DApps. Hero Node will also build a fully decentralized node network which contains multiple kinds of public chain and IPFS storage to support fully decentralized applications.'),('ixcoin','Ixcoin is a fork of Bitcoin with twice the inflation rate of Bitcoin but with the same 21 million total limit. Ixcoin is intended to closely mirror code updates from Bitcoin to allow for easy interoperability with Bitcoin-related third party services and APIs.'),('denarius-dnr','N/A'),('helium-chain','N/A'),('srcoin','SRCOIN is a decentralized health information platform. Using blockchain technology, distributed and subscribed massage chairs are connected to decentralized network hubs that build health data platform, providing useful health information to patients, medical institutions, and research facilities.'),('matryx','Matryx is a platform for decentralized collaboration. Matryx consists of a bounty system, a library of digital assets, and a marketplace.'),('realchain','RealChain is a new blockchain protocol which is designed specifically for high-end consumer good and financial services along it. The protocol will consist of a blockchain based “virtual machine” and defined modules of middleware software stacks, which operate outside the chain to support decentralized processes governed by smart contracts implemented on the network.'),('atbcoin','ATB Coin is a hybrid cryptocurrency that tackles issues by leveraging the most helpful features of proof of stake algorithm and makes it even more efficient, flexible, and agile thanks to the use of SegWit.'),('hyperspace','N/A'),('stronghands-masternode','N/A'),('icos','ICOBox is the first and the biggest new generation blockchain growth promoter and business facilitator for companies seeking to sell their products via ICO crowdsales.'),('powercoin','Powercoin is the new coin made for decentralized co-working shared computing power.'),('adhive','The AdHive platform fully automates all steps of interaction with influencers in order to save a huge amount of time and effort for advertisers. The platform will offer brands the opportunity to place a native video ad on an unlimited number of influencer channels without having to worry about proper execution. Native video advertising will become easy to run, and new opportunities for blog monetization will power community development and increase audience and advertising capacity.'),('payfair','PAYFAIR is a decentralized escrow platform for making cryptocurrency transactions between two parties. It is ensured with PAYFAIR tokens (PFR) based on the Ethereum blockchain.'),('cloud-insurance-chain','N/A'),('conceal','N/A'),('verify','Verify is a reputation protocol for commerce, built on the Ethereum blockchain.'),('hexx','HexxCoin is a secure blockchain-based system and decentralization network with a proof of stake consensus.'),('penguin','N/A'),('olive','Olive is a live streaming platform that provides a blockchain solution to the anchor and the audience and allows better utilization of internet resources and rewards.'),('capricoin','Capricoin is designed to power a global instant payment network with virtually zero cost transactions to anyone in the world.'),('bitbtc','bitBTC is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that offers both private and transparent transaction types. bitBTC payments are published on a public block chain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private.'),('quantis','N/A'),('otcbtc-token','OTC stands for Over-the-Counter. In simpler terms, OTC offers services similar to eBay for Crypto. Using the OTCBTC platform, individuals from different countries can complete crypto trading directly. Sellers can post a sale offer on the platform and explain the payment method and exchange rate; while the buyers can choose a suitable seller to complete the trade directly online according to their needs. OTCBTC acts as a monitor between traders utilizing a strict KYC procedures and a fair scoring system to ensure a safe and convenient trading environment.'),('voisecom','N/A'),('ebtcnew','N/A'),('universal-currency','UNITCOIN is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency.'),('kodcoin','N/A'),('smileycoin','The cryptocurrency used for rewarding work in the tutor-web.'),('c2c-system','The C2C system makes it convenient to convert any paper currency and coins into many different cryptocurrencies, including the C2C currency itself.'),('apollon','The Apollon platform envisions a future where anyone can easily purchase a masternode and participate in the blockchain rewards just as simply as buying stocks online.'),('heat-ledger','N/A'),('kryll','Kryll.io is a platform for cryptocurrency traders looking to use the most advanced trading tools and strategies, as well as benefit from the community’s hive-mind to get the best returns within cryptocurrency markets.'),('sharex','ShareX dedicates to become the largest blockchain technology-based equity asset management and trading platform in China and even in the world.'),('croat','Croat is a cryptocurrency based on the anonymous, open source CryptoNote algorithm, which has the objective of being the ALTCOIN OF THE CATALANS.'),('riecoin','N/A'),('ethereum-meta','N/A'),('signals-network','Data science-powered marketplace to help you discover, create and monetize cryptocurrency trading strategies driven by machine learning, crowd wisdom and decentralized supercomputing power. All paid features available on the Signals Platform will be accessible exclusively through Signal tokens. This will create a positive correlation between the success of Signals Platform and the value of a Signal token.'),('equitrader','A decentralized crowdsourced financial markets analysis platform which rewards traders with app tokens for providing valuable market analysis and trading forecasts.'),('sf-capital','N/A'),('sharechain','ShareChain is a smart, credible and open public, it based on a shared economy. Remove the centralized credit data value platform is through the blockchain technology to build a shared economy based on the underlying structure.'),('arbitragect','Arbitrage Crypto Trader - the world's first platform for automatic trading on two exchanges at the same time. We unite all the largest trading exchanges in the world and offer you to earn money on them.'),('bullion','Crypto Bullion is a second generation crypto-currency designed to emulate the properties and supply of gold. It’s the first crypto-currency to display all of the properties of money, while providing the bearer with interest for holding it. Crypto Bullion is also the first to employ its pioneering Proof-of-Stake-Participation (PoSP) algorithm which has taken the strength of traditional proof-of-stake implementations, extreme energy efficiency, and injected revolutionary designs to configure the algorithm for maximum security and function.'),('x-cash','N/A'),('bunnycoin','Bunnycoin is an innovative cryptocurrency developed to help support charity and ultimately make the world a better place. 10% of coins mined go to support user voted upon charities and good will causes using the revolutionary built-in decentralized voting/distribution system.'),('showhand','ShowHand is an advanced blockchain platform created to bring a fast, secure and trustless structure for the global gaming ecosystem.'),('hyperstake','HyperStake is an advanced cryptocurrency that provides generous rewards to users for securing the blockchain. HyperStake focuses on being the leading Proof of Stake currency, with advanced user customizable staking parameters and a secure, time-proven, blockchain.'),('jet8','JET8: mobile engagement technology democratising social media, influencer marketing and peer to peer communication.'),('bitether','Bitether (BTR) is a peer to peer decentralized digital crypto token made on Bitcoin Blockchain via Counter Party Proof of Work (PoW) Algorithm.'),('carboncoin','Carboncoin is an energy efficient digital currency that plants trees.'),('draftcoin','N/A'),('indicoin','IndiCoin is a platform independent, autonomous social service DApp for a community of people who really want to contribute for the society.'),('pesetacoin','A new cryptocurrency focused in the Spanish countries with merged-mining.'),('forkcoin','Forkcoin is a decentralized digital network based on open-source peer to peer internet protocol. Forkcoin based on hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake block generation methods with separated target limits.'),('sharpay','N/A'),('ether-1','N/A'),('escrowcoin','EscrowCoin is a secure payment method from a counterparty risk perspective - safeguarding both buyer and seller, all funds transacted using escrow are kept in trust.'),('boldman-capital','N/A'),('topb','N/A'),('sunchain','N/A'),('smart-investment-fund-token','N/A'),('tigereum','Tigereum is a new decentralised cryptocurrency being created for instant message transfers. Tigereum will enable everyone to securely and easily send small amounts of crypto to friends and family by instant message. Tigereum will deliver conversation-style messaging of crypto using the newest AI tools available for chatbots.'),('hotchain','N/A'),('ethorse','Ethorse is a working dApp to bet on a coin and win from everyone betting on other coins.'),('wandx','WandX is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum blockchain. WandX allows users to create and trade in financial products on crypto-assets.'),('bitcrystals','BitCrystals are digital assets acting as both the game-fuel and the premium in-game currency in Spells of Genesis.'),('kora-network-token','The “Kora Network Token” or “KNT”, will be used as the staking unit for selecting block producers, for driving the various pieces of functionality, and as as a single medium to pay for costs incurred by the Kora Network.'),('guesschain','N/A'),('argentum','Argentum is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.'),('coffeecoin','N/A'),('bitcloud','Bitcloud is a proof of stake cryptocurrency with masternodes.'),('trollcoin','TrollCoin is cryptocurrency, secure collectible digital points of value that cannot be duplicated, forged or otherwise tampered with, making them suitable for instant value transfer between two users anywhere in the world.'),('six-domain-chain','SixDomainChain (SDChain) is the world's first decentralized public blockchain ecosystem that integrates international standards of IoT Six-Domain Model and reference architecture standards for distributed blockchain.'),('agricultural-ecological-chain','N/A'),('snowball','N/A'),('talao','Talao is the first Ethereum-based DAO for Talent, which introduces a unique way for users to own their data thanks to a secure digital vault storing their certificates on the blockchain. Talao provides a decentralized marketplace, governed by Talent, on which neither intermediaries nor commissions apply. The TALAO token is a utility token and ERC20 compliant. It is needed to access marketplace services, DAO functionalities and to manage a personal Reputation Vault.'),('blitzpredict','BlitzPredict is a global platform under develop - ment applying fintech solutions to provide function and liquidity to users of blockchain prediction markets and sportsbooks. BlitzPredict aims to bring the power of blockchain technology to the mass consumer via streamlined products.'),('blockcdn','The BlockCDN is a blockchain-powered CDN trading platform that links the demander with node sharer, and protect their proper rights and interests, which can be carrying out effectively through the transparent, fair, open, and unchangeable smart contract of blockchain.'),('x12-coin','N/A'),('esports-token','Esports chain is the trust foundation of Esports ecosystem in digital era. This project aims at applying blockchain technology to establishing the value network. POC (Proof of Contribution)-based consensus mechanism will be established. EST Token will reward players and users in game and Esports area to do the early EST Token promotion.'),('bitswift','N/A'),('soma','Soma is a revolutionary decentralized platform which facilitates trade inside the Soma Community through a rewarding system that enables beneficial collaboration of the community members.'),('starbase','Starbase is both an open and closed source project. Starbase.Inc will do technical consulting by providing a crowdfunding/sourcing platform which enables you to issue conditional tokens from templates.'),('read','READ is a native digital asset based on blockchain technology in a cloud-based "shared reading" ecosystem. It represents a kind of reading rights and interests. Its generating process is closely related to writer's writing and reader's interaction.'),('maverick-chain','Maverick Chain is the best BAAS (Blockchain as a Service) company in China. Now it is aiming the Korean market.'),('tokenbox','Tokenbox is a unique ecosystem that combines crypto-currency funds under the management of professional portfolio managers and traders on the one hand and investors on the other.'),('metamorph','MetaMorph.pro is an exchangeable platform that can switch digital currencies between each other. The coin switching “Morph" combines the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. MetaMorph.pro is designed for newbie or seasoned traders, it’s a unique coin swapping exchange to give the user the best exchange rates with low spreads, secure and backup coin and quickly and easily move cryptocurrency around without the hassle of getting into the traditional exchanges that are over complicated and extremely difficult to manage digital assets in todays market.'),('colossuscoin-v2','N/A'),('lala-world','LALA World provides financial services to migrants and their unbanked families. Its an ecosystem enabled by the LALA Wallet as a platform, a single sign on platform revolving around their issues and problems. Employment issues, digital ID’s, communities build up, government and NGO partnerships, health issues, and of course, a new financial ecosystem for the huge underbanked population by capitalizing the Blockchain revolution to bridge the gap between cash, digital and the crypto world.'),('imbrex','Imbrex is a global, community-owned real estate portal and real estate data marketplace. Firms, brokers, agents, landlords and sellers can market their properties to a global audience without sacrificing ownership to a centralized portal, as is the current standard of legacy portal platforms. Users earn rewards for participating data and can monetize their information through advertising and selling through imbrex’s online marketplace.'),('evergreencoin','The EverGreenCoin currency itself is only the mechanism leveraged to nourish our more important focus, taking responsible care of our environment and the world we live in.'),('payday-coin','PayDay platform is a decentralised P2P solution that erases the geographical boundaries between borrowers and lenders from all over the world. Decreasing the interest burden yet enhancing the lender’s revenue. PayDay Coin is a utility coin used for all cross-border transactions between peers.'),('traceability-chain','Traceability Chain (referred to as TAC for short) is traceability public chain erected through blockchain technology. According to the trans-chain protocol with ETH, it builds traceability cloud platform by using the blockchain’s unique non-temper distributive book recording feature.'),('cryptoping','CryptoPing is a cryptocurrency signaling service. Its main purpose is to look after changes on the markets that could suggest future pumps.'),('bitibu-coin','N/A'),('scriv','N/A'),('blockcat','BlockCAT lets anyone create, manage, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with just a few clicks. No programming required.'),('locicoin','Loci is a distributed database for patent research, discovery, and licensing. Loci’s InnVenn multi-sided platform provides inventors a quicker, cheaper, faster and less risky alternative route to capitalizing on their ideas by creating an idea exchange.'),('potentiam','N/A'),('rupee','RUPEE is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen.'),('ethbits','A new and exceptionally innovative peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange between fiat and cryptocurrency with credit card and bank transfer capability.'),('tronclassic','N/A'),('student-coin','BitJob is an ambitious and social project, based on Blockchain technology. Aimed at revolutionizing the way students make a living and gain occupational experience while still studying.'),('bitgold','bitGold is an asset on the BitShares blockchain.'),('elementium-token','N/A'),('plusonecoin','N/A'),('noblecoin','Noble is an international mobile payment, gift and product application for over fifty blockchain-based digital currencies.'),('embers','The world's first public smart contract deployment application to be built with the EOS framework disrupting the creative and project collaboration industry.'),('zest','N/A'),('actinium','N/A'),('bitcoin-zero','N/A'),('canada-ecoin','Canada eCoin (CDN) is an open-source cryptography project featuring a public blockchain, merged-mining support and an all Canadian advanced multi-agenda research and development team.'),('ionchain-token','N/A'),('uchain','N/A'),('syncfab','The MFG Token is a Utility Token that will become a vital part of the SyncFab platform and operating partner manufacturing supply chain management ecosystems. SyncFab will be a supply chain management tool to procure, track and organize local parts production using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain network.'),('buzzcoin','BuzzCoin is a PoW/PoS cryptocurrency, it was created in crypto and social circles by bringing a fun new PoS coin to add to existing PoS portfolios. BUZZ is not ideal for small transactions, and it is meant to be used as a commodity or interest bearing account.'),('zetacoin','Zetacoin is an open source crypto-currency based on the Bitcoin protocol. It features fast transaction times and fast difficulty adjustments.'),('superstar','N/A'),('gapcoin','Gapcoin is a new prime number based p2p cryptocurrency, which tries to eliminate the sticking points of other scientific currencies like Primecoin or Riecoin.'),('knoxstertoken','FortKnoxster offers end-to-end encrypted inbox, chat, decentralized storage, calling, video conferencing, voice messages and much more. All within one easy-to-use platform – working seamlessly via mobile and web. The FortKnoxster token (FKX) will be used for purchasing various services and for incentivizing users for different rewards achieved.'),('campuscoin','CampusCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that aims to be used by college students worldwide for instant transactions between peers at their schools.'),('crave','A Proof of Stake cryptocurrency based on Blackcoin PoS2.0. CRAVE includes technology including recent Bitcoin Core advancements such as BIP32 HD wallet addresses, dual key Stealth addresses, once-only transaction broadcasting, address index, and an advanced and friendly user interface.'),('gimli','N/A'),('coinlancer','Coinlancer is an Ethereum-based freelancing platform which uses blockchain technology to create a more meritocratic freelancing ecosystem. The protocol design uses smart contract based escrow mechanism, creating a platform fair to both clients and freelancers.'),('vectorspace','N/A'),('sphere-social','N/A'),('pylon-network','Pylon is a network structured with only one purpose: to create the first open renewable energy exchange community, which will provide the energy markets with the signals and financial incentives that current energy policies and governance systems are failing to provide.'),('bitcurrency','BitCurrency is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency. It has a 64 second block time and uses Scrypt as its hashing algorithm.'),('galactrum','Galactrum is an experimental new cryptocurrency that is autonomous, resiliant, self-governing and self-funding. Mining Galactrum ORE is ASIC-resistant and favors GPUs. Payments and transfers are backed by secure cryptographic proofs. Galactrum is based on proven technology from Bitcoin and Dash such as blockchain, masternodes, coin mixing and transaction locking.'),('oryxcoin','N/A'),('challengedac','N/A'),('auctus','The Auctus project aims to improve the pension market through smart contracts. It solves this by increasing transparency, lowering operational costs, and providing a more secure and decentralized process.'),('zccoin','N/A'),('my-crypto-trade','N/A'),('1x2-coin','N/A'),('bitxoxo','N/A'),('aichain','AICHAIN is a blockchain driven artificial intelligence ecosystem that breaks the global data monopoly barrier; the first AI Learning Robot Alliance to reduce the marginal AI learning cost effectively. Designed to create a popularized, adaptive, and sustainable AI application pool'),('bitwhite','BitWhite is an efficient, flexible, and safe decentralized application platform is designed to provide effortless development of decentralized applications.'),('skyhub','N/A'),('irishcoin','N/A'),('signal-token','N/A'),('kekcoin','Kekcoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that aims to promote meme culture through developing a cryptographically-verifiable chain of memes.'),('parkgene','PARKGENE is the first global peer-to-peer parking service powered by blockchain and decentralized payments. To make it very clear: PARKGENE is the AirBNB for parking, over blockchain. PARKGENE connects people that own parking spots with drivers who are looking to park.'),('elysian','Elysian is a team of Ecommerce and cryptocurrency experts with a plan to connect the multi-trillion dollar Ecommerce industry with the multi-billion dollar global cryptocurrency market by creating a revolutionary, new Ecommerce platform. Elycoin (ELY) serves as the primary method of access to transactions on the platform. In addition, community members are incentivized to participate in the Elysian ecosystem by contributing in various ways to earn tokens on our forum by providing campaigns and ideas to help improve the project.'),('reftoken','RefToken utilizes smart contracts in establishing trustless relationships between brands and affiliates, allowing instant payments for services on the blockchain for completed transactions.'),('bitcar','N/A'),('inmediate','N/A'),('boutspro','BoutsPro is set to improve the global martial arts community by taking leverage of the blockchain technology integration that effectively addresses the community's current problems related with payments and fund management.'),('coinpark-token','N/A'),('qubitcoin','N/A'),('photon','Photon is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in February of 2014.'),('neverdie','An ambitious blockchain-based project aiming to create a Ethereum-based gaming platform.'),('monkey-project','Monkey Project designed to make proof of stake possible for everyone. It combines the benefits of high staking rewards with control over inflation and a low total supply of only 100,000,000 MONK.'),('thingschain','ThingsChain is a next-generation platform for IoT devices based on blockchain technology. It uses a multilayered architecture which provides a solution to the issues faced by current blockchains like lack of scalability and low transaction throughput rate.'),('fabric-token','The Fabric Token (FT) ecosystem aims to empower individuals and businesses with easy access to blockchain technology and smart contracts by providing a bundle of user-friendly software. The products within the FT ecosystem will focus primarily on helping people of any background to create and deploy their decentralized application (DApp), without the specialized computer programming knowledge that they would usually need. Fabric Token be used as a utility to pay for products and services within the platform.'),('bitclassic','N/A'),('hotbit-token','N/A'),('bitradio','Bitradio is a community driven webradio website. The free radio service brings together more than 30,000 radio stations on a single platform.'),('know-your-developer','N/A'),('snodecoin','N/A'),('clearcoin','ClearCoin is a technology company that powers the real-time buying and selling of advertising on decentralized applications and the broader digital environment. ClearCoin (CLR) tokens are utility tokens that can be used on the ClearCoin advertising technology platform.'),('satoshicoin','N/A'),('fundtoken','FundFantasy is a financial fantasy trading platform where users compete for prizes by crafting the ultimate portfolio. FundTokens (FUNDZ) are accepted at discounts.'),('gold-poker','Gold Poker is a decentralized open source crypto currency focused on instant private transactions with near zero transaction fees. The online poker industry is relatively young, and Gold Poker team’s focal point is to overwhelmingly witness an uptick in interactivity between cryptocurrency and online poker industry.'),('fujicoin','FujiCoin is a cryptocurrency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. FujiCoin is an open global payment network that is fully decentralized.'),('amon','Amon is an every-day Crypto debit card for everyone. It has a powerful multi-currency crypto wallet and state-of-the art artificial intelligence to provide the best value to the crypto holder in every-day purchases. Amon Card solves two existential problems with crypto spending: (1) Real time conversion, (2) Dealing with crypto volatility. We believe we have revolutionised and de-mystified crypto payments enabling Crypto spending in daily life!'),('mercury-protocol','Mercury Protocol is an application agnostic, self sustaining communication network with a reputation system that rewards positive participation.'),('attention-token-of-media','N/A'),('blocklancer','Blocklancer is a Distributed Autonomous Job Marketplace (DAJ) operating on the Ethereum blockchain. The Lancer Token (LNC) is a utility token. Holders of the LNC token can participate in the Tokenholder Tribunal and are rewarded for settling disputes between freelancers and their clients.'),('steepcoin','N/A'),('pareto-network','The Pareto Network is the first peer to peer financial content marketplace. It connects providers of financial information in the cryptocurrency space with investors, providing foresight into market inefficiencies and opportunities.'),('united-crypto-community','N/A'),('kolion','KOLION is a crowdfunding tool with inherent functions of accounting for raised non-fiat funds and granting privileges to the participants of the loyalty program of the KOLIONOVO ecosystem.'),('audiocoin','Decentralised music currency rewards fans and artists at the same time.'),('alt-estate','N/A'),('mindexcoin','Mindexcoin (MIC) is a cryptocurrency that emerged in 2017 with the goal of developing a financial system and easier, practical and intuitive payment platforms. The token used by Mindexcoin is built on the Ethereum Decentralized Network.'),('arion','ARION Coin is a community created coin, open source, peer to peer, decentralised, instantsend transactions, privatesend, masternodes. Current members are from the original community of Mutual Coin.'),('axnet-token','N/A'),('bigbom','Bigbom Eco serves as a decentralized advertising ecosystem for all parties involved in online advertising, inclusive of advertisers, service providers, content publishers, advertising channels, platforms and more. Bigbom Eco is developed with DApps technology in mind, using the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum platform. We are proud to say that all data linked through Bigbom Eco is transparent, accurate, automated and immutable. Bigbom is part of the Bigbom Eco ecosystem.'),('ethergem','EGEM is the stable pure no pre mine coin with applied technologies peernet and per block endowment.'),('mao-zedong','Mao Zedong has long block targets, but it has short mining confirmation times, early staking potential and has a cap on maximum staking at 12 days. Mined blocks will not get stuck in a chain going nowhere (as has been a recent trick of some coins released recently).'),('creativecoin','Decentralized platform for the registration and distribution of content that certifies the authorship and license of any work or creation making them indelible.'),('evos','N/A'),('level-up','N/A'),('bunnytoken','N/A'),('kwhcoin','KWHCoin is the digital currency for a network of distributed energy resources launching an advanced renewable energy economy with blockchain technology.'),('brokernekonetwork','BrokerNeko Network's system works as a smart contract organizer that it is usable for retail and institutional transactions.'),('dash-green','N/A'),('bonpay','Bonpay is a full-fledged blockchain for financial services. It includes a wide range of solutions, from Bitcoin storage to plastic or virtual cards, helping anyone make payments anywhere.'),('ethereum-monero','Ethereum Monero (EXMR), is the official token of GetCryptoPayments® gateway, and its main function of this payment gateway will be to integrate a wide universe of currencies and tokens through a competition, with the acquisition of Ethereum Monero for that purpose.'),('yunex','N/A'),('impleum','N/A'),('ongsocial','N/A'),('straks','Straks is a decentralized, open source, community driven digital currency, focusing on e-commerce utility.'),('skyfchain','N/A'),('micromoney','MicroMoney is an open source credit and big data that connects new customers to all existing financial services. MicroMoney A.I. platform uses complex algorithms to predict creditworthiness of all customers and in just 15 minutes a borrower can get their very first loan in his/her life just from their smartphone.'),('xmct','XMC is a user-generated application system utilizing the blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytical power. Users or patients can upload and manage personal medical records through XMC, gaining primary stewardship of their own personal data that is not editable by other parties without authorization.'),('futurax','FUTURAX is project of cryptocurrencies exchanger platfrom, focused to build modern Crypto Market with many feature and benefit to Trader.'),('bit20','Bit20 is a cryptocurrency index fund in a form of a smartcoin on the BitShares platform. The supply is actually created by traders when borrowing and shorting the asset back by a collateral in BTS.'),('telos-coin','N/A'),('fundyourselfnow','Fund Yourself Now is a cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform incorporating the latest blockchain technologies.'),('growers-international','Growers International is a crypto-based membership platform for the cannabis Industry. The platform will offer a complete set of blockchain-enabled tools for legal cannabis growers and businesses.'),('cazcoin','Cazcoin aims to bring cryptocurrency closer to real-world use and adoption. Cazcoin will launch a new cross-border e-marketplace which will allow users to purchase or exchange goods using Cazcoin as the currency.'),('cfun','CFun is a dApp built on Qtum Blockchain and serves as the support platform that links global creators together. To facilitate self-organized collaborative creation, CFun records authorships onto blockchains, predicts the market value of creative works and matches buyers with patented algorithms, calculates contribution among co-creators and completes IP transactions through smart contracts, etc.'),('wisepass','N/A'),('exrt-network','N/A'),('sportyco','SportyCo is a decentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem. We will introduce a brand new industry of sports crowd micro-financing, while providing athletes, clubs and sport organizations with macro-funding on their respective end.'),('farad','N/A'),('ac3','AC3 is a new blockchain that enables educators and content creators to protect, distribute exclusive content, and accept digital currency payments from their students and followers.'),('akroma','Akroma is an EVM based application development platform (smart-contracts). Akroma will utilize a Masternode system, and build out an Oracle platform. Akroma is a fork of the Ethereum code with small changes being added to support the concept of Masternodes and a stable governance model via the Akroma Foundation. Akroma inherits all of the features of Ethereum and will merge in upstream changes from the Ethereum go-lang client.'),('4new',' 4NEW is an eco-friendly, tangible, waste to energy blockchain solution. 4NEW Coin functions as a “Coin as a Service” to industry peers, consumers and early adopters. KWATT Coin holders will be able to apply their energy to one of two places. They can either sell their energy to the UK National Grid, or they can choose to apply it towards 4NEW’s cryptocurrency mining farm.'),('prospectors-gold','N/A'),('crowdwiz','N/A'),('xdna','XDNA is a brand new digital currency that combines all the positive aspects of successful digital currencies, while taking into account their flaws and weak points. The project brings tangible benefits not only to the digital world but also to the real one.'),('jetcoin','Jetcoin is a new digital fuel that gives fans and supporters a unique opportunity to benefit from the success of their favorite athletes and stars.'),('linkcoin-token','N/A'),('xovbank','XOV is a decentralised banking project with academically researched stable digital currency that will be launched on XOVnet.'),('yuki','The main concept of 'YUKI' is to develop new economic sphere to meet with demands of assimilation between cryptocurrency spheres and local societies.'),('aditus','Aditus is a revolutionary new platform bringing the world of luxury to crypto-affluents, through a privacy-centric decentralised network utilising smart contracts and blockchain technology.'),('veros','VEROS provides a use case for storing and processing digital transactions in a secure and transparent way.'),('arbitracoin','ArbiTraCoin is an independent self-regulated financial payment technology, which operates with no third parties like banks, governments or other institutions. ArbiTraCoin is completely open-source, so everyone can take part and everyone is completely independent like we all desire.'),('atonomi','Atonomi provides a new security protocol and infrastructure to enable billions of IoT devices to have trusted interoperability for both data and commerce. The key innovation of the Atonomi protocol is to root the identity and reputation of devices on a blockchain-based immutable ledger. Atonomi accomplishes this by building and facilitating an ecosystem of participants designed to maintain decentralized consensus for device identity and reputation on the Atonomi Network. [Note: KYC application is closed.]'),('deutsche-emark','Deutsche eMark is a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency forked from Litecoin in 2013. Originating in Germany, the project is a nostalgic attempt to re-create the country's old "Deutschmark" as a digital currency.'),('webcoin','Webcoin is used for peer-to-peer web and social media exchange services within the Webhits.io Ecosystem.'),('pigeoncoin','Pigeon is an experimental digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Pigeon uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. Pigeon Core is the name of open source software which enables the use of this currency.'),('cryptoforecast','N/A'),('opcoinx','OPCX is powered by the Revolutionary technology of POS 3.0 along with an enhanced Masternode system, one that far exceeds the possibilities of the older version. OPCX is bringing in the next wave of OverPowered Coin investment and going to scopes beyond the limitations it once had.'),('typerium','N/A'),('transcodium','Transcodium aims to provide the first peer-to-peer decentralized file editing, transcoding and distribution platform with high quality and reliable computational power at a very affordable price. This will create a global market for users, willing to rent their idle machines to be used as workers. Further, at the end of the processing, the worker (processor) will be rewarded with the TNS Tokens.'),('bytex-token','N/A'),('shadow-token','Each token represents a share of ownership of the game Shadow Era, the digital assets and physical card inventory. There are 10,000,000 tokens in total. Besides being publicly tradable, players get many benefits and rewards from being token holders.'),('trumpcoin','TrumpCoin is a coin created to support the 45th president of the United States, Donald J Trump. The coin's premise is a digital currency platform to support investor driven donations, causes, and projects.'),('magiccoin','Magiccoin is the first transaction based on proof-of-stake dedicated to altcoin platform (hereinafter referred to as POS coins).'),('telex-ai','N/A'),('cryptcoin','CryptCoin is a new breed of anonymous cryptographic currency based on X11 hashing algorithm with ongoing proof of work mining and sustained proof of stakeminting.'),('moin','MOIN is Digital Money led by an accomplished team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a passion for technology and design.'),('golos-gold','The Golos Gold Token is the equivalent of the Steem Dollar which is a price-stable token pegged to the dollar.'),('dogecash','N/A'),('zinc','With a straightforward integration into any hiring process, Zinc simplifies, accelerates and reduces the cost of the hiring journey for workers and recruiters within the technology sector.'),('medibit','N/A'),('fundrequest','FundRequest is an integrated platform to fund open source projects, thus financially incentivising the open source community. The platform allows developers to fix bugs or to program additional features for an existing application.'),('ellaism','Ellaism is an Ethereum-like network with no pre-mine and no contentious hard forks.'),('carex-blockchain-platform','N/A'),('piggycoin','Piggycoin is an innovative cryptocurrency that is committed to providing your children with the opportunity to learn about the emerging world of digital currency, in the most entertaining and enjoyable way possible!'),('absolute','N/A'),('bitcoin-scrypt','Bitcoin sCrypt is the decentralized alternative to Bitcoin-core and is the first cryptographic currency to utilize CryptoVoter's decentralized blockchain voting to decide development issues and shift power away from developers and mining pools to coinholders themselves.'),('turbostake','N/A'),('newton-coin-project','Newton Coin Project (NCP) is a crypto currency to support science and community. Newton Coin Project is also looking to fund research and development of new forms of renewable energy.'),('suretly','Suretly is a provider of an international crowd vouching platform. The company offers users an investment alternative called crowdvouching, which allows customers to make money vouching for people who need an urgent loan.'),('popularcoin','PopularCoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in February of 2014.'),('oceanlab','Oceanlab is the earliest European technological incubator for the blockchain technology, striving at discovering new applications and adding innovations to the rich ecosystem of Waves platform.'),('greenmed','GreenMed is the world's first ERC-20 Ethereum token backed application enabling customers to purchase Legal Marijuana using their Debit or Credit Cards.'),('galilel','N/A'),('trustplus','A financial system that's built on blockchain technology. It's an energy saving coin that generates most of its coins through PoS blocks.'),('inflationcoin','InflationCoin is an X11 PoW/PoS coin. It is a coin that integrated with true random super bonus block features.'),('bitstation','BitStation is a world-leading and comprehensively integrated digital currency trade, analysis system that is designed to provide all the necessary tools and goodies with the desires of most trading and exchange communities in mind. BitStation system is bundled with big data processing, trading, charting toolset and technical analysis functions and capabilities.'),('qyno','Qyno is a blockchain-based financial services platform designed to seamlessly integrate physical and digital commerce. Enabled by the frictionless, secure, and global qualities inherent to cryptocurrencies, Qyno seeks to create a financial services ecosystem accessible by one and all using nothing more than the platform's native coin, QYNO.'),('magnet','Magnet is a hybrid cryptocurrency launched in November of 2017.'),('startcoin','StartCOIN is a digital currency that rewards you for supporting change. The more you share and support projects or the more coins you hold, the more coins you will receive.'),('allsafe','AllSafe2 is an abandoned proof of stake cryptocurrency launched in June of 2017.'),('aigang','Aigang is building autonomous insurance network - fully automated insurance for IoT devices and a platform for insurance innovation built around data.'),('evimeria','N/A'),('hoolicoin','N/A'),('phoenixcoin','Phoenixcoin is a decentralized open source digital currency. Designed and crafted with open source ideas in mind, Phoenixcoin is a digital currency for everyone.'),('sterlingcoin','Sterlingcoin is a digital currency used to pay for goods or services in daily life both offline and online. It is a decentralized system controlled by an open market and not by a corporation, bank or government.'),('apr-coin','APR Coin is Masternode investment coin that delivers key documentation and information, such as an official Roadmap and White Paper, from its inception. The APR Team believes professionalism, integrity and trust are the 3 pillars of a strong platform. We strive to differentiate ourselves from other cryptocurrencies by providing a fast, secure and stable platform to grow your rewards. APR is a modified fork of the PIVX platform; therefore, APR Coin is able to ensure that investors may store and transact coins anonymously and securely through the APR Zenith Protocol.'),('nyancoin','Nyancoin is a cryptocurrency based on Nyan Cat and was launched in January 2014.'),('tokia','TOKIA is a wallet, exchange and a direct crypto payment card created to simplify all operations and make them more convenient for all crypto currency conversions. The exchange will also have built-in cold storage feature in order to make all you blockchain based funds safe yet easy to access.'),('peony-coin','N/A'),('jumpcoin','N/A'),('prototanium','Prototanium is a highly collectible crypto token that has passed through its inflationary stage. What remains is a fast network (3x faster than Bitcoin) that emits very few tokens, resulting in a product that is intended to be highly stable, with solid growth potential; a low inflationary storage of wealth.'),('italian-lira','N/A'),('incakoin','InkaCoin is a hybrid Proof of Work and Proof of Stake SHA-256 alternative cryptocurrency. There is a 60 second block time target and a 5 block difficulty retargetting. The total number of coins is limited to 190 million NKA.'),('nerves','N/A'),('no-bs-crypto','The $NOBS token is a utility token and is based on the community of 100k+ crypto enthusiasts and experts. The No BS Crypto token ($NOBS) ​is a 100% airdropped token based on the Ethereum network according to standard ERC20 specifications.'),('zenzo','N/A'),('myce','N/A'),('digitalcoin','Digitalcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptographic medium of exchange that is not controlled by any central authority. Digitalcoin is designed for security, stability, and ease of use. This regard for stability is inherent in the design of the economy and in the spirit of the community.'),('vikkytoken','N/A'),('onz-coin','N/A'),('wiki-token','The wiki token will be essential to the ecosystem of Crypto University – BitcoinWiki.org's unbiased, propaganda-free educational project.'),('global-tour-coin','Global Tour Coin is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in 2009 that has privacy'),('tracto','Tracto is an open source peer-to-peer and business-to-customer cryptocurrency that offers secure, instant, decentralized and private transactions with unit value fungibility and Escrow function. With Tracto, users are able to do business where it is prohibitive before, such as high crime rates and frauds.'),('intelligent-trading-foundation','Applying artificial intelligence and technical analysis, our fleet of data bots follow real-time data sources and send you actionable alerts for success in cryptocurrency markets.'),('heartbout','The Heartbout token HB is the only and fundamental token of the HeartBout social network. The HB token is designed to encourage the HeartBout social network users` activity and is also directly linked to its advertising opportunities, namely, allows you to pay for advertising impressions.'),('spectrum-cash','N/A'),('blocknode','The Blocknode (BND) platform is a decentralized loyalty rewards program run on the blockchain powered by Blocknode token, with master-nodes, proof of stake, bespoke and customizable wallets.'),('truckcoin','Truckcoin is a secure and decentralized proof of stake coin.'),('tittiecoin','TittieCoin was launched January 2014. It is currently being developed to be the exclusive currency of Tittie Island.'),('fuloos','N/A'),('vivid-coin','N/A'),('genesisx','N/A'),('opal','OpalCoin is a rebranding and relaunch of OnyxCoin. The coin is a hybrid proof of work and proof of stake running on X13. The proof of stake rate is 5% per year.'),('hurify','Hurify is a platform to facilitate the development of Internet of Things (“IoT”) projects, including the matching of project owners with project managers and project development subcontractors, and hardware and software vendors within the IoT ecosystem. Hurify Inc. founded by Ex-Intel veterans, is an Ethereum based decentralized platform that facilitates IoT Developers to monetize their IoT hardware resources and services via Smart Contracts. Hurify is powered by Ethereum ERC20 standard HUR Tokens.'),('bloc-money','N/A'),('xgox','XGOX is a hybrid cryptocurrency launched in October of 2017.'),('bitnation','The Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT) is an ERC20 compatible in-app token for the Pangea Jurisdiction. The PAT token is a reward token for accumulating proof-of-reputation tokens. Non-tradable reputation tokens are issued issued when Citizens create a contract, successfully complete a contract, or resolve a dispute attached to a contract. PAT is algorithmically distributed based on performance, rather than purchasing power, popularity or attention.'),('tidex-token','Tidex is a new bitcoin and altcoin exchange that will trade popular digital currencies, including several Waves assets.'),('jury-online-token','N/A'),('mmocoin','N/A'),('mangacoin','N/A'),('tokendesk','TokenDesk aims to become the biggest direct marketplace for all ICOs ever published. The possibility to buy tokens directly via one marketplace will not only attract investors, but publishers as well.'),('roi-coin','N/A'),('steneum-coin','Steneum is digital asset designed to work as a unit of exchange without relying on a central server. It uses open protocol to facilitate secure payment transactions.'),('hodlcoin','HOdlcoin is just like Bitcoin, but it pays interest on every balance. This is to recognize the importance of HODLers and properly reward HODLing.'),('one','N/A'),('aegeus','Aegeus is based on PIVX, which drew its inspiration from Dash, a project that has solved many of the problems in Bitcoin by speeding up transactions, offering solid privacy solutions, and boasts a decentralized governance and funding system.'),('bitstar','Bitstar coin digital savings currency offers an alternative to Bitcoin, in that the coin network is secured by the process of your wallet balance "staking" or, in traditional banking terms, earning interest.'),('tcash','N/A'),('engagement-token','Engagement tokens (ENGT) are the fuel for sustainable transformation in online publishing. Publishers and top citizen-participants earn the tokens by creating interesting content. Advertisers buy tokens to place their ads where the action is.'),('iridium','N/A'),('quotient','Quotient Digital Financial Network is a high interest rate proof-of-stake cryptocurrency launched in January of 2017.'),('well','N/A'),('lanacoin','LanaCoin is a PoW/PoS Hybrid Sha256d cryptocurrency'),('netkoin','Netkoin proposes an ecosystem designed to change the way customers perform their shopping and help businesses to advertise and drive customers to their stores. Netkoin (NTK) is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The NTK token will be used to power Netkoin’s universal rewards system on Netkoin’s location based mobile application and business management platform.'),('megacoin','Megacoin is a peer 2 peer decentralized currency similar to bitcoin. Open source, anonymous, irreversible, free of any transaction charges.'),('themis-chain','N/A'),('gainer','N/A'),('plancoin','PLANCOIN is a highly secured Peer-to-peer and crytpo-payment decentralized platform powered by the Script (POW/POS) algorithm with a unique and self-regulated financial system which enables our users, members or participants to earn PLAN through staking or mining.'),('epic','N/A'),('electronero-pulse','N/A'),('emphy','Emphy is decentralized blockchain lodging ecosystem. Blockchain technology along with smart contracts provides safer, faster and more affordable way to rent properties for vacations.'),('bitcoinus','N/A'),('the-international-payment','N/A'),('bananacoin','N/A'),('rupaya','Rupayacoin seeks to be the most popular cryptocurrency in South Asia, rewarding all users for strengthening the network by giving them a 10% annual RUPX.'),('kzcash','N/A'),('ultranote-coin','A truly anonymous cryptocurrency with a unique, untraceable, encrypted messaging system and flexible deposits that pay interest in exchange for securing the blockchain.'),('ethereumcash','Ethereum Cash was developed to help increase the adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrency in average people's lives.'),('thore-exchange','N/A'),('globalboost-y','GlobalBoost-Y is the first digital currency to use the powerful Yescrypt code as it’s proof of work.'),('women','World's first digital currency for women.'),('daneel','Daneel is your future partner: he will help you daily to process all information related to cryptocurrencies. Unlike the actual assistants (or "chatbots") currently available on the market, which are prone to having significant functional and technological limits, Daneel is an intelligent personal assistant based on "Watson", the most powerful Artificial Intelligence in the fields of Natural Language and Data and Emotional Analysis.'),('bitbar','BitBar is a cryptocurrency designed to be extremely rare and thus hold a larger store of value per unit than conventional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin'),('adzcoin','ADZcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency (digital money) that can be traded for Bitcoin/cash or that can be replaced for advertising space on the ADZbuzz network.'),('sgpay','Combining crypto and fiat worlds, SGPay is a crypto wallet / e-payments mobile app with integrated verticals and its own utility token [SGP]. Integrated services include merchant outlets, flight/movie booking/bike rental/insurance services, etc. The SGPay Token can be used alongside major cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies for payments and transfers on the app.'),('lobstex','LOBSTEX (LOBS) is a privacy coin with zerocoin protocol and masternodes implementation having proof of stake concept. It is proposed to be the first privacy coin with QR protocol and colossal protocol (priv -smart contract) implementation.'),('pepegold','N/A'),('coinplace','N/A'),('webchain','N/A'),('sagacoin','SagaCoin is a decentralized and secure masternode network project with long term goals. SagaCoin is a cryptocurrency aimed at offering seamless utility on public market. SagaCoin is designed to be easily integrated into several applications, including payment platforms, exchanges, and marketplaces.'),('tigercash','N/A'),('eddiecoin','N/A'),('putincoin','PutinCoin was created to pay tribute to the people and the president of one of the largest countries, Russia.'),('kreds','N/A'),('wolk','N/A'),('octcoin','N/A'),('paycoin2','N/A'),('dakuce','N/A'),('skeincoin','Skeincoin is an altcoin from 2013, using the flexible and efficient SKEIN crypto hash. It uses a new Proof of Work (POW) algorithm that is energy efficient and secure. The first round of hashing is done using Skein, the second using SHA256.'),('idealcash','N/A'),('bitcoin-token','Bitcoin Token (BTK) is a digital currency. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions are carried out collectively by the network. There is no central control over the token. Bitcoin Token is open source, community driven, decentralized. Developers are all volunteers.'),('superedge','SuperEdge allows open versions of such services to be created on its public chain, and then incorporated by private networks in the form of building blocks. Token holders ensure governance and allow developers to customize it to meet their own needs.'),('wownero','N/A'),('tokyo','TokyoCoinis a cryptocurrency with extremely high PoS rewards on a rapidly growing blockchain network. This coin offers investors the incentive to capitalize on their holdings by staking their coins on the network'),('arcticcoin','Advanced Technology Coin (ARC) is a private digital currency that allows you to make instant payments all over the world. ARC uses the rank 2 network architecture that ensures high network security, as well as the possibility of introducing unique improvements and developments.'),('wild-crypto','The Wild Crypto platform will allow its users a fully anonymous & international Lottery & eGaming platform, built upon blockchain technology.'),('dorado','Dorado is based on the commercially available Foodout platform, which is already operating in 6 countries, with +50M in sales, 1M active users, +4M orders and 6227% growth in 3 years. Dorado’s vision is to go beyond the food delivery, to deliver “anything customer wants”, to become an “uber” for all the last-mile deliveries, leveraging existing teams know-how, platforms core technology, user base, and using latest innovations like drones, robots and artificial intelligence to scale globally.'),('magi','Coin MAGI is a digital payment solution. MAGI is decentralized and running constantly without downtime and the need of interference by intermediary, authorities and censorship.'),('vivo','VIVO is a digital currency built on a powerful framework that provides top notch security, anonymity, effective & fair mining by being ASIC-Resistant.'),('ignition','Ignition is a PoW (Scrypt) / PoS / Master Node hybrid cryptocurrency, with a 5 million coin maximum supply, which is generated progressively more slowly over the next 50 years.'),('e-sport-betting-coin','N/A'),('fidex-exchange','N/A'),('yibitcoin','N/A'),('mix','N/A'),('gramgold-coin','N/A'),('bitcoin2network','N/A'),('sugar-exchange','Sugar exchange is a new type of cryptocurrency trading platform that promises to be secure, stable and anonymous.'),('datarius-credit','N/A'),('innova','Innova is a proof of work cryptocurrency featuring anonymous transactions and masternodes.'),('linx','A mineable (PoW) blockchain based digital currency for the electronic music community.'),('bitblocks','BitBlocks is a community powered proof-of-staking cryptocurrency that offers security, rewards, lightning fast transactions and absolutely no fees.'),('martexcoin','A revolutionary cryptomoeda, which seeks to bring a complete, simple, fast and safe currency, always seeking innovations in the world of cryptomoedas to leave all its cutting edge structure updated, thus making an efficient and modern altcoin.'),('shekel','Shekel is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables fast, zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Shekel is global payment network, fully decentralized. Mathematics secures the network and allow individuals to control their finances. Shekel features faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency. With industry support, volume and liquidity, Shekel is a proven medium of commerce.'),('btctalkcoin','BTCtalkcoin is a coin made to reward the members of Bitcoin Talk registered up until the announcement of Bitcoin Talk thread.'),('marinecoin','N/A'),('x-coin','A cryptocurrency payment used validated by proof of stake.'),('joulecoin','Joulecoin (XJO) is a cryptocoin that functions on the SHA-256 algorithm. Joulecoin is based on Bitcoin and is designed to provide quick confirmations and transaction comments.'),('ekkoblock','N/A'),('cdx-network','The CDX Network aims to disrupt digital advertisement managed by global conglomerates with an obvious agenda to silence any opposition. We are here to help creative minds who speak out against the powers that be.'),('igtoken','IGNITE is a decentralization prediction platform, hoping to establish a consensus forecasting system with the same weight as the same, and use large data intelligent computing and analysis to realize enterprise application forecast.'),('jesus-coin','Using the cryptographic breakthrough of the blockchain ledger and anonymous cryptocurrencies, Jesus Coin has been developed as the currency of God's Son. Unlike morally bereft cryptocurrencies, Jesus Coin has the unique advantage of providing global access to Jesus that's safer and faster than every before.'),('kobocoin','A micropayment system and digitial currency similar to Bitcoin. Kobocoin is optimised for mobile phone usage and has an African heritage.'),('brazio','N/A'),('creditbit','An open source digital currency protocol which is 10 times faster than Bitcoin. Creditbit prepares for mass adoption by offering an user-friendly and secure cryptocurrency easily accessible to users worldwide.'),('rpicoin','N/A'),('ace','ACE Tokenstars is a blockchain-based celebrity management platform that includes decentralized scouting and community voting.'),('insanecoin-insn','N/A'),('signaturechain','N/A'),('guncoin','Guncoin (GUN) is a virtual currency that began out of a love and appreciation of firearms, computing and investing.'),('ethereum-social','N/A'),('huzu','N/A'),('asura','N/A'),('crytrex-token','N/A'),('bitcoinfast','BitcoinFast is a Scrypt-based hybrid cryptocurrency originally launched in June of 2017.'),('xchange','N/A'),('kanadecoin','KanadeCoin is an ethereum token from Japan that provides the option of a token economy to a person providing a service, such as a developer of a smartphone application and an operator of a website. It will provide secure contracts using smart contracts · smooth settlement through KanadeCoin SDK.'),('patexshares','N/A'),('chesscoin','ChessCoin has the Scrypt Algorithm with Hybrid PoW/PoS feature. However, the phase of PoW finished before ChessCoin launches. Then ChessCoin can be considered a pure POS coin. The annual staking rate is 32%.'),('triangles','Triangles is an open source, p2p payment gateway featuring a limited money supply, 0 pre-mine and anonymous transactions[via TOR]. TRI is a 100% proof of stake virtual currency, making it an eco-friendly Bitcoin alternative.'),('shacoin','SHACoin is the a proof of stake SHA256 based coin.'),('mfcoin','N/A'),('etheriya','Etheriya is a blockchain-based auction marketplace that leverages Ethereum smart contracts and allows users to buy and sell both physical and digital products and services quickly and securely.'),('arqma','N/A'),('eternity','Eternity is an experimental digital currency that enables anonymous, instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Eternity uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.'),('fuelcoin','N/A'),('bytecent','Bytecent is a peer-to-peer rewards network powered by blockchain technology. The Bytecent network is a global chain of consumer computers running special software designed to automatically process transactions.'),('crystal-clear','A system that eliminates the middleman, and establishes a transparent marketplace for local services where all completed services are recorded in a non-editable blockchain for all to see.'),('blakecoin','Blakecoin is a experimental cryptographic digital currency that enables payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Blakecoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing coins are carried out collectively by the network.'),('eltcoin','Ethereum Limited Total Coin (ELTCOIN) Is an ERC20 compatible token on the Ethereum network.'),('sandego','N/A'),('authorship','Authorship is a decentralized platform that aims to redefine the world of books by connecting authors, translators, publishers and readers on a single platform.'),('bata','Bata is a currency that has been developed to replace trade dollars in traditional barter systems. As the sharing economy grows, so does the decentralized market.'),('bitboost','N/A'),('pascal-lite','Pascal Lite is a proof of work cryptocurrency based on the original PascalCoin.'),('bagcoin','N/A'),('wavesgo','WavesGo is the official blockchain explorer of the Waves Platform, an information hub for the Waves Community and host of the biggest Waves mining pool.'),('provoco','N/A'),('genesis-network','N/A'),('bitcoin-red','Bitcoin Red is an Ethereum token meant to be used and swapped socially to express emotions. For example, the coin creator(s) says red is the color of passion and leadership but also of anger.'),('open-trading-network','Open Trading Network (OTN) is a global cross-chain trading ecosystem which is aimed to give every market participant a range of products to obtain maximum blockchain guarantees and, at the same time, offers full range of comfort instruments at their disposal.'),('atfs','N/A'),('civitas','N/A'),('compound-coin','Compound Coin is an experimental coin that reward holder by staking the coin and make your asset grow bigger. Compound Coin also emphasizes the importance of compounding the coin to make your asset grow exponentially.'),('aquariuscoin','ARCO is a startup cryptocurrency for funding sustainable projects.'),('pkg-token','PKG is decentralized game platform operating on blockchain, using the VR/AR technologies and machine learning tools to enhance the experience of playing games and purchasing digital goods in games. PKG ToKen (PKG) can be used to buy digital goods in different games.'),('five-balance','N/A'),('devcoin','N/A'),('pennykoin','N/A'),('immvrse-token','N/A'),('swisscoincash','N/A'),('synergy','Synergy fuses its community with technology such that the community becomes an autonomous actor working on behalf of the individuals, even if the individuals are not aware that they are part of something much larger than themselves.'),('origami','Origami Network is a protocol for building decentralized marketplace. Origami Network solves several existing problems related to online marketplace development and maintenance, escrow payments, and trusted reviews. The Origami Network token is a basic ERC20 token that has the same capabilities as most other ERC20 coins. The thing that makes Origami Network tokens valuable is the ability to earn Ether passively by holding tokens.'),('billionaire-token','Billionaire Token is designed and tailored specifically for the gamblers and the smart investors in the crypto world.'),('wispr','N/A'),('tourist-token','Tourist Token (TOTO) is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The TOTO token will be used to rewards in tourism market.'),('netko','Proof of stake digital currency and public ledger for the Internet Of Things and Customer Loyalty.'),('bank-coin','BankCoin is a key constituent of the fintech system which enables trading, saving activities and givesaccess to other upcoming services in the BankCoin ecosystem. BankCoin is created for two main objectives.Firstly, it is the energy of the internal mechanism in the BankCoin ecosystem. Secondly, it is the governance component of the BankCoin system. Each BankCoin wallet is initially provided with a predefined amount of BankCoin and cannot be used without a minimum BankCoin balance.'),('couchain','Couchain is a fourth generation blockchain innovation that comes with a concept of expanded data storage and computing boundaries, optimized decentralization methodologies, reliability, and auditability.'),('onix','ONIX is a digital currency focused on privacy, instant and open source transactions. It allows you to maintain the privacy of your finances similar to cash.'),('xarucoin','N/A'),('herbalist-token','N/A'),('litecoin-plus','LitecoinPlus has four times the supply of BitcoinPlus with faster transactions. In comparison to Litecoin, LitecoinPlus uses an advanced green algorithm called proof of stake which is not computing intensive. This will ensure LitecoinPlus's future as a powerful next generation commodity.'),('swing','SwingCoin is a cryptocurrency that allows instant payments to anyone in the world. SwingCoin is a Pow/PoS hybrid with strategic block rewards.'),('supercoin','SuperCoin is an innovative X11 PoW/PoS coin, with PoW and PoS superblocks, and with anonymous wallet features. The anonymous send is done through SuperSend technology.'),('nitro','A global platform that empowers anyone to partake in the video-games economy. First blockchain-based open economy in the world to be backed by a publicly traded company – Australian Securities Exchange listed iCandy Interactive Limited (ASX: ICI). Supported by game industry veterans and venture investment professionals.'),('crypto-improvement-fund','N/A'),('catocoin','CatoCoin's NextGen Technology employs sophisticated algorithms to evaluate the number of active Masternodes and automatically adjusts rewards and collateral requirements.'),('safe-trade-coin','Safe Trade Coin is an hybrid cryptocurrency launched in November of 2016 and revived in January of 2018.'),('unicorngo-candy','N/A'),('amsterdamcoin','AmsterdamCoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency launched in August of 2015.'),('coin2play','N/A'),('mox','N/A'),('bitcoinote','BitcoiNote is a decentralized, public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that is fully open source. The coin combines the familiarity of Bitcoin and advantages of the CryptoNote algorithm. It is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency that resolves the issues of Bitcoin.'),('roulettetoken','RLT token (Roulette token) is a digital share of SmartRoulette, the value of which is backed by the number of bets placed by users in European Roulette.'),('boostcoin','BoostCoin is the worlds first PoW/PoS hybrid coin that uses the x13 Algorithm, and brings together with proof of stake system to ensure the safety of the network.'),('virtacoinplus','N/A'),('xuez','N/A'),('sakecoin','N/A'),('piplcoin','The mission of PiplCoin is to provide high grade liquidity for a blockchain based project called PiplShare. The PiplShare platform deals specifically with finding and offering jobs. The fundamental process of creating an open position for a job will be very simple.'),('viuly','Authors sell access to their premium content, receive donations from users and earn from in video ads. Users watch free videos and get rewards. Advertisers place ads and pay directly to our users.'),('g3n','N/A'),('hondaiscoin','N/A'),('cryptosoul','N/A'),('philscurrency','N/A'),('cdc-foundation','N/A'),('espers','A blockchain project with the goal of offering secured messaging, websites on the chain, and an overall pleasing experience to the user.'),('spreadcoin','Completely decentralized proof-of-work cryptocurrency without mining pools.'),('worktips','N/A'),('dextro','N/A'),('sucre','N/A'),('helix','N/A'),('giga-watt-token','N/A'),('experiencecoin','N/A'),('bitsum','BITSUM is a decentralized, open source cryptocurrency that uses the CryptoNote algorithm. The main purpose of creating bitsum is the creation of a decentralized messenger based cryptocurency. You can send and receive BITSUM without any middlemen and without interest for the transfer.'),('primestone','N/A'),('slothcoin','N/A'),('artiqox','N/A'),('rcoin','RCoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency from Russia.'),('valuto','N/A'),('bifrost','N/A'),('chaincoin','ChainCoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in January of 2014.'),('sola','N/A'),('iq-cash','N/A'),('sierracoin','N/A'),('bolivarcoin','Bolicoin is a virtual currency from Venezuela created by Satoshisimon Bolivarmoto. The philosophy of Bolivarcoin is to follow the ideals set by others altcoins and adapt it and make it more friendly for it users by creating a social media campaign to inform about its benefits and uses.'),('zuescrowdfunding','N/A'),('ico-openledger','ICO Openledger (ICOO) is a digital crowdfunding platform for new promising projects to break ground and a means for investors to generate revenue.'),('citadel','The Citadel Network is a peer-to-peer, decentralized cryptographic network where users can transact by sending economic value to one another.'),('l-pesa','N/A'),('eplus-coin','Eplus Coin is a worldwide entertainment based cryptocurrency. It is a digital payment system called decentralized digital currency because it works without a central repository or a single administrator.'),('traid','N/A'),('graphcoin','Graphcoin is a network designed to give people more time and freedom to discover and pursue their passions.'),('qchain','N/A'),('wokecash','N/A'),('cryptoescudo','N/A'),('thore-cash','Thorecash makes crypto-lending and investments accessible to the masses, cuts the red-tape. Thore platform simply aims to interconnect the $1 billion Crypto assest fractured across the world of crypto.'),('ethbet','The first decentralized, peer-to-peer, and provably-fair Ethereum-based dicing game without a house edge'),('aced','AceD is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks. Privacy oriented platform, providing best in class anonymity for users and their transactions.'),('terranova','TerraNova is proof of work cryptocurrency launched in July of 2017.'),('bowhead','The Bowhead platform comprises of the Bowhead hardware device which monitors a customer's biometric data to dispense personalized medicine and supplements.'),('jin-coin','JÄ«N means "gold" in Chinese and the JÄ«N team wants to create a new gold standard within the crypto-space.'),('xgalaxy','N/A'),('adultchain','AdultChain is a blockchain-based rewards platform for the adult entertainment industry to monetize content.'),('bithostcoin','N/A'),('regalcoin','Regalcoin uses a blockchain database is not controlled by a party, but is so open to the public that it is impossible for someone to forge transactions in Blockchain. All transactions are recorded live, transparent, and spread across multiple servers.'),('emerald','Emerald is a Litecoin clone, so it uses scrypt for mining. Emerald uses a relative fast 20 second block time for continuously releasing the coins to miners.'),('onix-coin','N/A'),('kolin','N/A'),('xorn','N/A'),('thunderstake','Thunderstake is a supreme high staking coin. With 900% APR plus 10% superblocks with double APR it gives you an ultimative staking experience. It has a low premine and coin burns are planned to fight inflation.'),('copico','N/A'),('rik-coin','N/A'),('elliotcoin','N/A'),('axs-gold','N/A'),('musiconomi','Musiconomi is a token for the music industry comprised of a suite of features including playlists, streaming radio, virtual merchandise/ticket storefronts, and others will be available to token holders, enabling them to generate and earn revenue.'),('savenode','N/A'),('bitrewards','BitRewards is a blockchain rewards and loyalty system for e-commerce businesses. It enables online stores to reward their shoppers with a cryptocurrency "BIT", which helps to increase sales by an average of 17%. Because of the blockchain and our unique business model, this cutting-edge loyalty system is offered to the businesses free of charge.'),('mano-coin','N/A'),('coin','Coin2 is a gaming coin and is intended in the use of coin2's original games.'),('modultrade','N/A'),('gossipcoin','N/A'),('zealium','N/A'),('qvolta','N/A'),('purealt','N/A'),('project-coin','N/A'),('purk','N/A'),('local-world-forwarders','The LWF project is based on a simple yet complex idea, aimed at decentralized logistics, where anyone can be a user or a service provider meanwhile our DPoS Blockchain allow our platform to push all users and shipping information data in our blockchain node to maximize decentralization on the logistic concept.'),('game-stars','N/A'),('unified-society','N/A'),('dystem','Dystem empowers communities to manage change as a group. Using a custom built voting system and a suite of on-blockchain tools, dystem allows community members to decide on decisions and reward those who implement them.'),('300-token','300 Token is one of the first tokens created by the Minereum Token Service. This Token was created in memory of the 300 Spartan Soldiers from the Battle of Thermopylae.'),('blast','N/A'),('spescoin','N/A'),('picpoto','N/A'),('stakecube','N/A'),('connect','N/A'),('grimcoin','GRIM is a hybrid cryptocurrency launched in October of 2017 that has a PoS reward of 100% per year.'),('vslice','Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. The vSlice Token is a Meta-Token on Ethereum.'),('smartcoin','SmartCoin is an open source P2P cryptocurrency that operates with no central authority or banks. Payments can be sent instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world. SmartCoin will continue to evolve for the ever changing needs of a smarter world.'),('ccore','Ccore is a crypto payment platform that allows people who have cryptocoins / altcoins to spend them on various fiat based online services and stores without losing value on the exchange.'),('bzlcoin','N/A'),('oyster-shell','Oyster is a revolutionary protocol that resets the assumptions of the current internet paradigm and solves them with a new comprehensive platform. Oyster’s primary operation is based off of the storage, retention and retrieval of static data. The Pearl (PRL) token enables such data storage and is the first asset to be pegged to a known market value without a reserve or a centralized guarantor. The operation of the core Oyster network inadvertently creates a latencyoptimized meshnet of nodes, which becomes the perfect environment for fostering decentralized communications. The Shell (SHL) token enables transmission of data across such a meshnet.'),('decentralized-asset-trading-platform','N/A'),('dixicoin','N/A'),('renos','Renos is a minimalistic crypto-currency which focuses on promoting community values in its contributors and followers of the project. Launched on the 26th of February 2017, it has amassed over 1000 users in less than a month.'),('italocoin','N/A'),('harvest-masternode-coin','Harvest Coin is a well decentralized network of Masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 80% pure PoS Block reward phase and 150% APR which ensures lightning fast and secured transaction,multi-wallets, encrypted messaging, stealth address for complete anonymity,low number of confirmations , low fees and very low number of total coin supply for faster increase of value'),('leacoin','LeaCoin is a SHA256 Proof of Work cryptocurrency. It has a maximum volume of 2 billion coins and a avgerage block time of 30 seconds.'),('pluracoin','N/A'),('sperocoin','N/A'),('french-digital-reserve','N/A'),('neetcoin','N/A'),('paxex','N/A'),('cannacoin','Cannacoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open source software project released under the MIT/X11 license. Cannacoin creation and transfer is based on an open source protocol and is not managed by any central authority.'),('ezoow','N/A'),('evil-coin','EvilCoin, also known as EVIL is cryptocurrency that uses X11 algorithm to secure transactions. EvilCoin has over 21024000 total coins that are not fully pre-mined.'),('titcoin','Titcoin is a cryptocurrency that was designed specifically for the $10 billion adult entertainment industry where privacy and anonymity are key consumer factors.'),('bitmoney','N/A'),('digipulse','DigiPulse is creating an alternative for the last will in the digital age. The goal of the project is to ensure that digital assets are not lost and people are able to pass them on to the rightful inheritors, in case of the owner’s death.'),('carebit','N/A'),('b2bcoin-2','N/A'),('bitcoin-supreme','N/A'),('printex','Printex platform allows people to design their own products with home made graphics or with pre-build designed templates and be delivered everywhere in the world.'),('cashcoin','CryptoCash (market ticker CASH) sometimes referred to as CashCoin or DigitalCash, is a currency with similar application and uses to Bitcoin , but which deploys a number of enhanced features.'),('tokenstars','ACE Tokenstars is a blockchain-based celebrity management platform that includes decentralized scouting and community voting.'),('cachecoin','CACHecoin is a unique scrypt coin based on some of the best principles cryptocurrency has to offer. We like to think of CACHecoin as a global currency with aspirations to reach people on a local scale.'),('joincoin','Joincoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.'),('01coin','N/A'),('nanucoin','N/A'),('ixtus','N/A'),('yenten','Yenten is made for reducing MEGA WASTE of electricity by ASIC on the earth. When this cryptocurrency spreads, reduction of CO2 emission would be realized by Yenten.'),('ethereum-gold','Ethereum Gold is faster, smarter cheaper than Bitcoin. ETG was created to help people those suffer the delay and lost of transactions using other cryptocurrencies.'),('help-the-homeless-coin','HTH Coin, or Help the Homeless Coin, is a cryptocurrency with goals in helping those who are in situation where they can no longer support themselves or are homeless through extraneous circumstances.'),('bitcoin-w-spectrum','BWS is a bitcoin-based community-centric crypto currency with a focus on decentralization, privacy and real world use.'),('qwertycoin','N/A'),('bankcoin','BANKCOIN.global has secure, electronic-based coins in varied denominations. BANKCOIN.global also provides a platform for the exchange, receipt and transfer of cryptocurrencies.'),('furtcoin','N/A'),('berncash','BERNcash, is a peer-to-peer payment system that allows instant payments with low fees. BERN was named after presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.'),('dietbitcoin','N/A'),('dinero','Dinero is a new digital currency forked from DASH which enables anonymous instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Dinero uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.'),('northern','N/A'),('keyco','N/A'),('mirai','N/A'),('atheois','N/A'),('pakcoin','Pakcoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Pakcoin is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities.'),('xavander-coin','N/A'),('mainstream-for-the-underground','The MFTU Token is similar to CYFM, but represents an internationally accepted, transparent, fair, legal and cryptographic performance rights organization and reward system for independent artists. Protecting their rights and payments around the world, online. This is the royalty coin for custom CyberFM 'Mainstream For The Underground' royalty payments.'),('bitcoin-one','BitCoin ONE is a community driven project decentralized meaning no state or company is controlling it, the ecosystem is based on people helping out in marketing, support & development.'),('arto','N/A'),('sparta-startups','N/A'),('compucoin','CompuCoin is managed by an experienced German Team committed to expanding the business and insuring confidence to our members and investors.'),('sonder','N/A'),('litebitcoin','Bitcoin reborn as LiteBitcoin, it is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. LiteBitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.'),('datacoin','Datacoin is a reliable, censorship-free currency that can be used for transactions and data storage within its sophisticated blockchain.'),('slopps','N/A'),('minereum','The first self-mining smart contract. Minereum goes back to the basics and attempts to bring a new mining approach to the cryptocurrency space.'),('gold-reward-token','GOLD Reward Token is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.'),('dreamcoin','Dreamcoin is an X11 coin built with Zerocoin which adds anonymity to transactions. It features random block difficulty adjusts and set block rewards with Proof of Work first and then Proof of Stake with a 15% annual interest.'),('fundchains','N/A'),('electron','N/A'),('ebitcoin-cash','eBitcoincash (Symbol: eBCH)is an ERC20 token which derives its initial inspiration from Bitcoin Cash. At its inception, Bitcoincash was freely distributed to all Bitcoin holders. In keeping with the spirit of Bitcoin Cash, eBCH was also freely distributed, except it was distributed specifically to those interested in the project. The core use of eBCH will be as a utility token for its upcoming community supported cryptocurrency exchange - CoinPulse.'),('pyrexcoin','N/A'),('revolvercoin','Revolver is a cryptocurrency network created for content service providers, independent music and video projects, startups and users working under Creative Commons license.'),('neural-protocol','N/A'),('mirage','N/A'),('digital-money-bits','Digital Money Bits is a free open-source project derived from Bitcoin, with the goal of providing a long-term energy-efficient scrypt-based crypto-currency. Built on the foundation of Bitcoin, PPCoin and NovaCoin, innovations such as proof-of-stake help further advance the field of crypto-currency.'),('zoomba','Zoomba is a fork of PIVX that forked Dash that forked Bitcoin. Zoomba (ZBA) is an open-source privacy focused digital currency based on Bitcoins blockchain technology, Dash’ Masternodes and Zerocoin’s Zerocash protocol, combining them to create a powerfully innovative technology. Zoomba is also powered by Blackcoin Proof-of-Stake 3.0 and Bitcoin core 0.10x code base using Quark hashing algorithm with a block time of just 60 seconds.'),('speedcash','Speedcash is a hybrid cryptocurrency launched in April of 2017.'),('gamblecoin','GambleCoin is an open source crypto-currency focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees & environmental footprint. It utilizes a custom Proof of Stake protocol for securing its network and uses an innovative variable seesaw reward mechanism that dynamically balances 90% of its block reward size between masternodes and staking nodes and 10% dedicated for budget proposals.'),('bitcomo','N/A'),('digital-fantasy-sports','N/A'),('eot-token','N/A'),('doubloon','Open source, decentralized ledger for trading on the high seas! Featuring the rare HMQ1725 algorithm, CPU/GPU mining, encrypted messaging, and more!'),('empowr-coin','N/A'),('dividend-cash','N/A'),('vidulum','N/A'),('ombre','N/A'),('slt','N/A'),('goldpieces','GoldPieces is an energy efficient digital currency for online gaming. What separates GoldPieces from the numerous other gaming tokens that have been released in the last couple years is our main focus is being the in-game currency for online games.'),('mergecoin','N/A'),('mastercoin','N/A'),('sub-invest','N/A'),('parkbyte','A decentralized digital currency designed for the parking industry.'),('aeriumx','N/A'),('indinode','N/A'),('xenchain','N/A'),('junsonmingchancoin','N/A'),('ohm-coin','N/A'),('mynt','N/A'),('folmcoin','FOLM is an open source and decentralized digital cryptocurrency based on blockchain. Anyone can setup their own servers and be a part of FOLM network. Folm Coin is also resource friendly digital currency, based on the “Masternode” approval system and using the “PHI1612 Crypto Algorithm”.'),('ragnarok','N/A'),('francs','N/A'),('motion','N/A'),('impact','Impact is a PoW/PoS cryptocurrency, currently in the PoS stage. It's based on the X11 algorithm and its main purpose is to be the true longterm cryptocurrency.'),('poma','N/A'),('senderon','Senderon is a token focused on creating and supporting business opportunities and projects in and around the cryptocurrency world. Whether it be an already-existing projects or a basic idea in its early conception, Senderon welcomes any opportunity to assist and be involved.'),('ronpaulcoin','Ron Paul stands for financial freedom and economic transparency. There are a lot of coins out there that have a ridiculously high total coin count (hundreds of millions or even billions). Scarcity creates value, not abundance. RonPaulCoin is built on this quality of scarcity, like gold, which Ron Paul so commonly speaks in support of. Because of this, RPC has 1/10th of the total coin supply that Bitcoin will ever have.'),('sativacoin','Sativacoin is a digital currency, like Bitcoin, tailored for the hemp and cannabis industries.'),('influxcoin','Influxcoin is a X11 algorithm based coin with no pre-mine using a Pow+Pos Hybrid backend and designed specifically for CPU/GPU setups.'),('dropcoin','N/A'),('taler','N/A'),('nevacoin','Nevacoin is a proof of work/proof of Stake hybrid using the Blake2s hashing algorithm.'),('themis','Themis is a blockchain-based fair exchange system for digital currencies, providing a decentralised escrow service for digital currencies.'),('stackbit','N/A'),('shelterdao','N/A'),('lordless','N/A'),('madbyte-coin','N/A'),('phonecoin','N/A'),('qbic','QBIC Coin is innovative digital money project. The main goal is to make instant, private, payments online or in-store using secure open-source platform that will be hosted by thousands of users around the world. QBIC has a great potential for rapid growth and expansion. QBIC based on PoW(proof of work) and Masternode system that will ensure stable return on investment for the miners and Masternode holders.'),('marketcash','N/A'),('rubex-money','Rubex project is based on Rubex coin. Which is made up on the technology of blockchain and it makes it, a unique in its own way. Rubex is a lite version of Bitcoin using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm.'),('havy-2','N/A'),('securecoin','SecureCoin is a fast and secure cryptographic digital currency based on Bitcoin. The specifications have been carefully chosen to maintain Bitcoin's economic model.'),('eryllium','Eryllium is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.'),('cryptonodes','N/A'),('acreage-coin','N/A'),('conquestcoin','N/A'),('quantum','One of the first real deflationary currencies in the world.'),('guess','Peerguess is a free cryptocurrency price ticker application designed to answer the most important trading question: “Will Bitcoin increase or decrease in the next 24 hours?”.'),('the-cypherfunks','"The Cypherfunks" is a network of musicians working individually and together to make music under the same name. A cryptocurrency [FUNK] acts as "stock" in the band.'),('connectjob','ConnectJob is a new blockchain-based peer-to-peer universal platform that offers multiple interactions for different services dedicated to individuals in an all-in-one application. ConnectJob allows its users to connect directly to a multitude of services based on geolocation through an Uber-like counter.'),('ether-kingdoms-token','N/A'),('machinecoin','Machinecoin is a free and decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is completely open source and uses TimeTravel as a proof-of-work algorithm.'),('delta-chain','N/A'),('tajcoin','TajCoin is a personalized PoW/PoS cryptocurrency.'),('flik','FLiK is an end-to-end entertainment ecosystem that allows for creative projects to be funded, filmed, distributed, and paid for all within the FLiK framework. This is a revolutionary approach to the development and distribution of entertainment as we know it.'),('mediex','N/A'),('accelerator-network','Accelerator Network is the world’s first proof-of-stake smart contract backed by a physical mining facility in Washington state.'),('aiascoin','N/A'),('cruisebit','N/A'),('digimoney','N/A'),('tokok','N/A'),('litebar','LiteBar is a digital commodity reared out of Litecoin. Similar to Litecoin, LiteBar is an open-source, p2p technology that functions without any central authority.'),('mustangcoin','MustangCoin is a proof of stake and proof of work hybrid cryptocurrency. It uses the X11 Hashing algorithm and has a 90 second block time.'),('bitcoin-planet','Bitcoin Planet (BTPL) is a cryptographic currency using the Skein hashing algorithm that is fast and can be implemented for CPU and GPU. Skein is a newer family of cryptographic hash functions that combine speed, security, simpicity and flexibility in a modular package.'),('earth-token','A decentralised Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform with accompanying Earth Token (EARTH) allows stakeholders in the climate value chain to explore vast untapped market segments including Natural Capital - the world's stock of natural resources.'),('cybermusic','N/A'),('scorecoin','N/A'),('bowscoin','BowsCoin is an abandoned proof of work cryptocurrency launched in April of 2015.'),('kayicoin','N/A'),('yolocash','YoloCash (YLC) Token is a unique cryptocurrency project driven by a globally collaborative community with no private business agendas backing it. Known as the new concept of E-commerce build on smart contract.'),('starcredits','StarCredits is the crypto-based token for Back to Earth. StarCredits will be used to sway real-time story outcomes, earn in-game content, unlock special features, discover hidden puzzles and purchase specific storylines.'),('starcash-network','StarCash Network is a peer-to-peer hybrid cryptocurrency that is according to the developers, "synchronized with galactic energy to help make life easier and more abundant."'),('kronecoin','Kronecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Kronecoin is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities.'),('arbit','ARBIT is a cryptocurrency for the new emerging industry of augmented reality. The goals are to provide a payment solution for users of augmented reality applications by using the latest in crypto-technology.'),('aquachain','N/A'),('pioneer-coin','PCOIN is first cryptourrency which have self-development portal and social media.'),('dalecoin','DaleCoin is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain which will serve as a payment token.'),('geysercoin','GeyserCoin can be in one of two states in one period of time - calmness (PoW), when the geyser is gaining momentum to push the water mass up and eruption (PoS).'),('fintab','FinTab is the accounting system for cryptocurrencies. The service helps to analyze the financial state of portfolio, the yield on a particular currency, and the whole portfolio. FinTab is a SaaS product with service fee charged. The FinTab digital token is a cryptographically secured representation of a token-holder's rights to obtain in future the services and goods through the FinTab System, which only a token-holder may purchase.'),('dragonglass','Dragonglass is the world’s first gamified crypto-mining experience. Mining Dragonglass cryptocurrency is as easy and fun as playing a mobile game. It provides user-friendly and affordable cryptocurrency mining solution to everyone.'),('ecocoin','The ECOcoin is a digital currency rewarding people who are actively contributing to a more sustainable world.'),('archetypal-network','N/A'),('phantomx','PhaNtomX is a digital currency that uses X11 hashing algorithm and supports masternodes.'),('cryptrust','N/A'),('buck','N/A'),('exchangen','ExchangeN is a new altcoin cryptocurrency exchange which his fast, secure and supports all devices.'),('theresa-may-coin','Theresa May Coin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls it and everyone can take part.'),('ipsum','N/A'),('mfit','N/A'),('cropcoin','Cropcoin is a peer to peer, open source and decentralized cryptocurrency. Cropcoin provides significant security and scalability advantages over other Cryptocurrencies. Cropcoin is backed by a Powerful,transparent and secure Network. Based on Total PoS and Masternodes Network,it ensures stable return of investment for miners and masternode holders. We request the community to join us as developers,volunteers and investors seeking to enable a different paradigm for the Blockchain as a community.Cropcoin Supports Masternodes and lightning fast transactions.'),('idol-coin','Idol coin is an Ethereum token created by a group of idol and crypto fans. The purpose of the development is to cheer idols, interact more closely with idols, and support idols more directly.'),('artax','N/A'),('rhenium','The rhenium network is an open source, primarily proof of stake (POS) cryptocurrency with a focus on decentralization, privacy, speed, sustainability and the community.'),('conn3x','N/A'),('securecloudcoin','SecureCloudCoin is a fork of RUPX that forked PIVX that forked Dash that forked Bitcoin.'),('soyuz','N/A'),('bittokens','N/A'),('c-bit','C-Bit is a parallel Bitcoin to the original blockchain. This new blockchain will develop independently to Bitcoin - becoming, in a managed way, more centralized - while allowing the original Bitcoin to return to its decentralized vision.'),('coimatic-3','Coimatic 3.0 was developed to help the crypto community with the ease of buying and selling of goods and services easily using Bitcoin and any altcoin.'),('javascript-token','JavaScript token is an Ethereum token that was 98% airdropped.'),('bitasean','BitAsean (BAS) is the first cryptocurrency created in the The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. BitAsean is Ethereum-based Token.'),('edcash','N/A'),('liberty','N/A'),('airin','N/A'),('capital','N/A'),('adrenaline','Adrenaline is to combine the excitement of gambling, the advantages of staking (masternodes), and a unique Random Reward feature. Adrenaline is developing Adrenaline Pay, Andrenaline Bet, and Adrenaline P2P store.'),('interzone','Interzone is a fork of DASH with the rock-solid CPU/GPU mintable C11 algorithm from Quark/Chaincoin. Interzone offers fast 90-second transactions, low fees, scalable block sizes, automatic checkpointing, Darksend for truly anonymous transactions, masternodes, and easy mining with our in-client one-click SimpleMint system.'),('seyblock','N/A'),('eaglecoin','EagleCoin is a token on the Ethereum blockchain launched in November of 2017.'),('granitecoin','N/A'),('coinonatx','CoinonatX is a Sister Masternode cryptocoin from the former Coinonat.'),('lomocoin','The world's first built-in cryptocurrency Location Based Service entertainment app. In combining real maps and real life, players can open the app to hunt treasure at streets, campuses, business districts and parks to get LMC.'),('mirq','MIRQ is a first in the world designer of the tunnels of sales and chat bots on the basis of AI for automation of lead generation, customer support and sales through messengers. MIRQ will develop a platform that will help businesses to start communicating with more than 3.5 billion users'),('prcoin','PRCOIN is a blockchain peer-to-peer advertisement platform that can lower the cost and increase efficiency.'),('zixx','N/A'),('sucrecoin','N/A'),('qabio','N/A'),('trackr','A smart portfolio management and tracking app with predictive market alerting as pumps or dumps are about to happen.'),('trendercoin','Trendercoin is a digital asset for enabling buying and selling of bitcoin, ethereum and other major crypto assets at reasonable market price and minimal fee by removing the need for middle men in the emerging market.'),('speed-mining-service','SMS project is the most advanced diversified virtual currency mining operation with the offering of profit distribution up to 34% from the global revenue.'),('catcoin','Catcoin is a cat version of Litecoin using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm but using the same blockchain parameters as Bitcoin'),('rusgas','RusGas is a project aimed at funding and subsequent implementation of researches in natural gas production, processing, storage, and transportation.'),('uraniumx','N/A'),('lynx','Lynx is a secure cryptocurrency with fast transaction speeds and low-transaction fees. It’s also eco-friendly & easy-to-use.'),('levoplus','LevoPlus is an open sourced, privacy-centric digital currency with instant transactions. It allows you to keep your finances private as you make transactions without waits, similar to cash.'),('bolenum','Bolenum is a cryptocurrency and financial services provider targeting the African continent for a start and then expanding globally. The platform provides secured and simple means of sending, receiving and exchanging money of all forms.'),('postoken','PoSToken is not only an Ethereum token, but also a brand new Token Standard for Proof-of-Stake tokens.'),('flypme','Flyp.me is the fastest and most private crypto-to-crypto exchange which doesn’t require any registration nor trust to trade. The only info needed to use the exchange is the user’s crypto address so that Flyp.me has the correct input and output.'),('rasputin','N/A'),('peepcoin','PeepCoin is a proof of stake cryptocurrency launched in September of 2016. PeepCoin is a fully fledged payment processor, virtual currency and instant money transfer system, zero fees to send, receive and accept payments as a merchant.'),('cstl','N/A'),('weshow','N/A'),('hercules','N/A'),('tratok','N/A'),('midori-chain','N/A'),('qmcoin','N/A'),('xscoin','N/A'),('smartfox','N/A'),('blockhive','N/A'),('force-network','N/A'),('smartofgiving','N/A'),('surety-token','N/A'),('eliteshippertoken','EliteShipper is a blockchain-based project that intends to fundamentally change the container shipping industry through the development of industry-driven token called EliteShipperToken (ESHIP) supported by an EliteShipper Ecosystem. EliteShipperToken (ESHIP) is an ERC20 compliant digital token distributed through the Ethereum network.'),('cryptoflow','N/A'),('blockchain-quotations-index-token','Their mission is to become the #1 promoter of the blockchain ecological development to members of their unique community.'),('qubitica','Qubitica's QBIT is an ERC-20 token that honors achievements. This honor is also comparable to shares. Developers receive QBIT for the implementation of projects and thus a share in the assets of the platform. A developer becomes, so to speak, a miner of shares through the power of his programming.'),('bitnewchain','BitNew Chain (BTN), based on the system of peer-to-peer payments and smart contract, through forging a two-tier decentralized blockchain network with standard physical masternode, resource segregation, decentralized computing subsystem BTN-DC, and decentralized storage subsystem BTN-FS etc., aims to extend blockchain applications to the field of hardware.'),('mithril-ore','Mithril Ore Token serves as a decentralized, novel utility for advanced mining/staking. It is first in the market to be backed by Ethereum. As a result, it will serve as the first ‘Casper’ mining/staking pool to the digital token Market.'),('ong','Ontology is a diverse, integrated, distributed trust network and the infrastructure for building a trust ecosystem. ONG is the utility token used for on-chain services.'),('racecoin','N/A'),('kingxchain','The KingXChain Project is based on Edge computing technology. KingXChain introduces the concept of “lastic sharding at layer one” which facilitates the integration of IoT devices with the KingXChain blockchain network. With the use of Edge Computing technology, it enables every device on the IoT network to be utilized as a mining machine, making every IoT device that uses KingXChain subject to mining rewards.'),('xriba','Xriba was created to bridge the traditional financial frameworks with that of the Cryptocurrency Market and to bring an increased level of transparency and accountability to all markets. XRA tokens drive uptake of the Xriba Protocol services. Many of the Protocol services are unlocked by holding XRA tokens.'),('rentledger','Rentledger is a blockchain-based system that rewards for logging your rental payments and history, providing a secure, anonymous and easily verifiable source of independent information.'),('mozo-token','Mozo Project is a blockchain-based solution designed to help brick & mortar retailers drive foot traffic to their venues.'),('orbis-token','Orbis delivers secure, global, decentralized, and open networks of Bluetooth communities that anyone can participate in. Orbis aims to make Bluetooth mesh development easily accessible to third-party developers with implementations such as IoT, crowd-gathered data, digital infrastructure, logistics, and systems management. For consumers, Orbis apps will bring unique functionalities unattainable with conventional WiFi based apps.'),('veridocglobal','Veri Doc Global (VDG) is a patented QR Code verification solution. Their system leverages anti-fraud software and blockchain technology to secure original documents and products.'),('cottoncoin','Cotton Coin (COTN) was set up to help save the lives of impoverished cotton farmers in 3rd world countries. Cotton Coin disrupts the cotton farming industry with its innovative blockchain solution, offering instant, peer-to-peer payment and an advanced grower-to-buyer traceability mobile app system.'),('reecore','N/A'),('linkey','Linkey Blockchain World Bank (simple as Linkey), is a decentralized financial services institution supplies professional digital asset related product in the world. Based on the advanced public chain and community of technicians and financial elites from the world, Linkey provides comprehensive, safe, convenient and professional asset management and value-added services to customers.'),('karma-eos','N/A'),('smart-application-chain','Smart Application Chain (SAC) aims to create an application ecosystem based on blockchain and artificial intelligence.'),('vitae','Vitae Token is a PIVx fork. Containing PIVx technology. Based on Blackcoin PoS 2.0 protocol and on Bitcoin core 0.10.x code base. It utilizes a network of Masternodes/Supernodes for an openly visible decentralized governance and increased transaction privacy.'),('davinci-coin','The Davinci Project enables everyone to use a highly efficient, fast, secure and simplified payment system among nations while also minimizing the complexity of financial and accounting verifications.'),('obitan-chain','The ObitanChain consists of elastic sharing at layer one and a base blockchain to confirm the blocks from the first layer.'),('ferron','To use and earn Ferron is extremely easy, as the coin uses a PoS algorithm. Instead of performing computational operations, the creator of the block shows that they have a share in the system.'),('cyberfm','The CYFM Token represents regulatory compliance in digital form for artists that are currently registered with local representation. Examples include: BMI in the U.S. and SOCAN in Canada. The CYFM Token will be used at all times for payment to ALL government regulation agencies worldwide.'),('blockpass','Blockpass offers shared regulatory compliance services for humans, companies, objects and devices. As an identity system that supports verification of humans (KYC), objects (KYO) and connected devices (KYD), Blockpass will enable the development of new applications that rely on a trusted connection between multiple entities.'),('meetone','N/A'),('nyerium','Nyerium is an open source crypto-currency focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees. It utilizes a custom Proof of Stake protocol for securing its network and uses an innovative variable seesaw reward mechanism that dynamically balances 90% of its block reward size between masternodes, 10% for staking nodes, and 10% dedicated for budget proposals.'),('nasdacoin','Nasdacoin is an encrypted and decentralized virtual, open source, peer-to-peer currency, developed with the scrypt algorithm in the POW/POS Hybrid format, allowing people with entrepreneurial and passionate financial and technological market profile to store and invest their wealth in a safe currency not controlled by any government and even earn a substantial amount of interest on the investment.'),('latino-token','Latino Token is building a crypto-community in Latin America focusing on education and the making of the first cryptocurrency marketplace for goods and services in the region.'),('bingocoin','BOC is an online event prediction platform that aims at providing a trustless, borderless, secure, anonymous and fast online event prediction platform with zero fee, seamlessly for all participants in a typical online event prediction system powered by the BOC blockchain.'),('newstoken','NewsChain (propagation chain) is a blockchain-based traffic dissemination ecosystem. Its goal is to establish a network that uses blockchain technology to use decentralized consensus methods to contribute to pricing and equity returns for content production.'),('ultra-salescoud','N/A'),('commercium','Commercium (i) or CMM, empowers consumers and adopters with a balance of integrity and security. As an entirely new genesis of the Bitcoin codebase, CMM implements the Zerocoin protocol, making supply fully auditable while still affording users personal privacy and security through RSA encryption methods that protect transaction data.'),('excaliburcoin','Excaliburcoin (EXC) is the cryptocurrency used as donation and payment on the original platforms, "ARTHUR" & "RoundTable".'),('haracoin','Haracoin is a cryptocurrency similar in theory, design, and architecture to Bitcoin, and encrypted/mined using the qubit algorithm.'),('hdac','Hdac is an IoT contract platform based on the blockchain, which not only exchanges but also can restrict the usage according to the purpose as it is 'Smart Coin' which controls the connected devices. Backed by Hyundai BS&C, our new technology allows fast, secure and effective communication between IoT devices.'),('bitforex','N/A'),('purex','Pure is an open source,peer to peer, decentralized cryptocurrency that enables instant transactions to anyone,anywhere in the world. Pure supports masternodes and anonymous transactions'),('volt','VOLT is a platform that allows centralized platforms such as Uber, to be developed in a decentralized manner and enables direct delivery through P2P.'),('massgrid','The goal of MassGrid is to become the world's largest distributed GPU high-performance cloud computing network. MassGrid intends to transform the meaningless POW hash computing to general parallel computing that could be used for practical purpose through our improved POW algorithm and redesigned blockchain network architecture.'),('siacashcoin','​The SiaCashCoin ecosystem will bring about a revolution in the way your precious data will be stored, secured, and protected.'),('experience-token','ExChain is a decentralized smart identity verification network, and EXT is the token to the future, it is the IP in a decentralized world, and even the unique smart identity of the creator.'),('endorsit','Endorsit is an underlying content network in this post Internet era, based on NEO.'),('acre','ACRE Coin is a joint proof of stake and Masternode consensus that designs to provide disruptive decentralized property-related ecosystem with a view to shift the paradigm of property rental industry.'),('globalvillage-ecosystem','GVE (Globalvillage Eco Token) is a tokens system running on the block-chain of the new digital cryptographic currency protocol, specifically for Globalvillage-compliant networks and distributed programs.'),('valuecybertoken','ValueCyber is a blockchain system designed for the cooperation required by production and circulation in the digital economy era, and also a blockchain that tries to meet the technical and openness requirements for the next-generation blockchain.'),('xtrd','XTRD is a technology company founded by veteran Wall Street trading specialists that are introducing a new infrastructure that would allow banks, hedge funds, and large institutional traders to easily access cryptocurrency markets.'),('apollo-currency','Apollo is a new cryptocurrency built off of the NXT platform. Its main goal is to provide users with an effective all-in-one currency with which they can buy and sell with complete assurance of privacy.'),('record','Record token (RCD) is the cryptocurrency of the RecordFarm platform. Both artists and listeners are rewarded for contributing value on the platform.'),('playcoin','PlayCoin is a new cryptocurrency to use as digital currency within the GameHub ecosystem helping both game developers and online influencers to earn more profits and create a more fair and competitive environment.'),('vethor-token','VeThor Token is represented as the energy cost for carrying payment transactions and smart contract transactions on the VeChainThor blockchain. VTHO is so generated as a form of gas from VeChain Tokens, over time.'),('nam-coin','The NAM project is a project to combine artificial intelligence (AI) and block chain technology to bring about innovation in the medical system. Aiming for perfect medical care.'),('mero','Mero is powered through ground-breaking Blockchain Technology. Mero work to supply an operative and efficient business platform for companies.'),('infinipay','Infinipay is a crypto-currency made for financial transaction service. It has the master node technology and will be invented to build up payment system and instant transactions. The purpose of Infinipay is to help people be able to purchase goods at the same price through crypto currencies that have the same value and price in the world as Infinipay extends to the world infinitely.'),('staker','Staker Token is a Proof-of-Stake smart contract token on Ethereum platform. It’s based on the ERC20 Token Standard and implements all standard methods. As an Ethereum token, Staker first implements the Proof-of-Stake mechanism, meaning that holders of Staker Token can earn some extra tokens just by holding Staker Token for a period of time, greater than or equal to the minimum coin age.'),('everipedia','Everipedia is an English encyclopedia by content. Everipedia is free from ads and free to use for everyone under creative commons.'),('hashcoin','As a platform and bridge linking the physical and digital world, HashFuture aims to solve the problem of digital assets property rights issues and cross-chain asset transfer. HashFuture develops a brand-new three-dimensional, one-stop, digital assets affirmation and circulation platform on blockchain, using the structure of "protocol layer—technical layer—application layer".'),('karatgold-coin','The Karatgold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium.'),('gravium','N/A'),('proud-money','PROUD Money has been established to build a full service digital financial services industry for the modern LGBT community, with the aim of constructing a global network of merchants, businesspeople, artists and craftspeople participating in the PROUD Money economy. This common association will provide the financial engine adding real value to the self-sustaining philanthropic legacy for the international LGBT community, administered by the PROUD Foundation.'),('master-contract-token','Master Contract Token is a utility token for the Neo Smart Economy. MCT is a NEP-5-compatible token implementation with some additional features. The most notable being the ability for third-party smart contracts to send, receive, and hold it.'),('project-pai','Project PAI is a decentralized platform for intelligent avatars made from our online personalities. Project PAI enables everyone to create, own, and manage their own Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) on the PAI blockchain protocol.'),('seer','SEER is a next-generation blockchain-based decentralized prediction market built on the Graphene toolkit. It allows users to express their judgments about future events by means of the market mechanism and makes effective predictions by gathering intelligence and ideas.'),('digifinextoken','Digifinex is a digital asset trading platform based on Singapore.'),('bodhi-eth','Bodhi aims to build a credible, autonomous, and global decentralized prediction market platform. To facilitate Bodhi’s support of Ethereum, and to ensure that the platform is jointly managed by users from both communities, the Bodhi Foundation will issue a new token, BOE (Bodhi On Ethereum), based on the Ethereum ERC20 token model standard. The BOE will have the same 100 million total supply as the Bodhi Token (Ticker: BOT).'),('bittwatt','Bittwatt is a matchmaking platform that connects all market players (from DSOs to consumers) and provides a standardized blockchain protocol for sharing relevant business information, all the while creating a decentralized service for energy supply, billing and balancing.'),('fcoin-token','FT is the token issued by FCoin. The entire issued FT base equates to the overall ownership of FCoin trading platform which adopts an innovative “Trans-Fee Mining” model. FCoin, the platform, will instantaneously distribute the bulk of its revenue to FT holders. At the same time, FT holders have certain rights in governing the FCoin community.'),('bitcoin-file','BitcoinFile is a point-to-point distributed file system based on blockchain technology and it aims to create a global decentralized file system combined with IPFS file system and bitcoin settlement network.'),('blazecoin','Blazecoin is an abandoned proof of work cryptocurrency that was launched in May of 2014 to support firefighters.'),('rrcoin','RRChain is a vertical public chain that proposes revolutionary technology solutions for competitive governance.'),('wintoken','Winchain is a national-level blockchain-based lottery system for global markets. Winchain’s decentralized lottery underlying system supports several application scenarios, including classical lotteries and new blockchain-based games. WinToken can be used for participating bookkeeping and voting on major issues.'),('privcy','PRiVCY is POW/POS privacy project, utilizing number of security elements to protect anonymity of PRiVCY users. Coin is integrated with TOR and has Stealth Addresses enabled to provide additional layers of privacy & security. PRiVCY offers fast, secure and cheap transactions.'),('salpay','SALPay is a cryptocurrency that will help both businesses and individuals send money to the Philippines. SALPay and Salarium are an existing FinTech solution in the Philippines providing debit card, e-wallet and financing solution linked to a payroll SaaS product.'),('engine','Engine technical ground floor is mainly composed of consensus mechanism, smart contract, sidechain management, network communication, and record storage, and monitors the entire Engine service throughout the entire life cycle. EGCC is a native asset on the Engine blockchain. It is a value measurement of the digital mapping of physical automotive assets on the Engine blockchain. It is the only approved transaction value subject matter in the Engine system platform, and its value will increase with the development of Engine’s entire ecology.'),('ejoy','ETHER JOY takes entertainment games as its starting point, aims to attract billions of players into the Blockchain economy. ETHER JOY integrates artificial intelligence technology that can accurately convert massive game users to Blockchain participants. It can also help the digital currency exchange gain more active users.'),('hero','Hero's mission is to revolutionize the banking industry to make credit more readily available and affordable for the unbanked or underbanked, starting in Southeast Asia.'),('dascoin','The DasCoin Blockchain is a mutual distributed ledger that creates and distributes cryptographic assets, and then securely facilitates their storage and exchange. The DasCoin Blockchain forms the nucleus of a digital asset system known as the DasEcosystem, which has been structured to deliver a set of value exchange solutions that offer enhanced security, greater utility, increased scalability, wider acceptance, improved efficiency, and better performance.'),('repo','Repo Coin, a platform that uses stellar protocol for token operation as a replacement for the usual ERC20. Our project belongs to the car repossession industry. Our project was developed by a number of professionals with extensive knowledge of the industry. Our major aim is to solve problems that are relating to insecurities of non-payment by the borrowers towards finance companies with the aid of technology and business solutions.'),('contractnet','ContractNet is a public, permissionless, turing complete blockchain, aimed specifically at the implementation of smart contracts associated with IoT. It is optimized for lower memory devices. These external devices will interface directly with the ContractNet network, or with oracles acting as intermediaries between the devices and the blockchain, to securely exchange data with smart contracts on the blockchain.'),('bbscoin','BBSCoin is a cryptocurrency designed for exchanging virtual credits. Whether it is the virtual money gained in the forums, points you collected on the websites or karmas given by your coworkers in the Slack / HipChat. BBS provides a bridge for it to the greater the world.'),('prasm','PRASM (PSM) Token is a token system based on blockchain. It is issued in proportion to the contribution a participant makes. It encourages participants to make contributions actively to the network. A participant contributes to the network with the bioinformation from his or her body and receives tokens as reward.'),('super-game-chain','Super Game Chain’s mission is to unleash creativity and innovation in gaming. We serve the entire gaming ecosystem and our technology is faster, scalable and more secure than today’s leading infrastructures. Our solution empowers developers to launch and market their creative visions independently as well as interact with and facilitate feedback from gamers on new game concepts. We enable gamers to invest in, rate and play brand new games. Plus, Super Game Chain also provides the technology for gaming companies to run their platforms on.'),('aston','ASTON is a complete decentralized document authentication platform built on X-Chain, an innovative block-chain technology, and Smart PassOn, a leading security solution. All documents we thought we would need to issue or submit in hardcopy will disappear through ASTON.'),('cybereits','The NO.1 Global block chain online real estate trading platform. Achieving 200 trillion US dollars of global real estate digital transactions, opening up the digital currency payment channel.'),('going-gems','N/A'),('internationalcryptox','INCX is a crypto trading platform that offers high performance low latency execution with seamless UX. The INCX Platform will enable users to easily manage all their wallets and passwords by implementing a user-friendly and secure global address book, thereby providing ease of use to users.'),('trustnote','TrustNote is a minable public DAG-ledger with an innovative, two-tier consensus mechanism designed for new applications such as digital tokens issuance, blockchain games and social networks. Its digital token is called “TTT”. TrustNote's goal is to be Fast, Scalable, and Developer Friendly. TrustNote has a light architecture and intelligent contract system that supports lightweight application extensions and micro wallets.'),('centaure','Centaure is a platform which connects two parties on a live streaming session thereby making the process of consultation and advisory much more flexible. The users can make an appointment with doctors, lawyers, psychiatrist, teachers, agents, etc and pre-book them with a few clicks. All sessions should be private and simply have a review system. Booking an appointment through phone calls or going to offices in-person won’t be necessary anymore.'),('blockmesh','BlockMesh’s vision is to create the world's first decentralised, cost-free communications network. All data sent through our network will be absolutely cost-free. Our goal is to become the leaders in mesh technology by reinvesting in the technology and creating a platform where any developer can take advantage of our network with our simple open source API.'),('bitcoin-interest','Bitcoin Interest ("BCI") is a competitive staking cryptocurrency focusing on three key areas Technology, Community, and Savings. Our blockchain has new integrated savings technology that allows our users to safely park their coins and earn interest payments without ever moving coins from their wallets.'),('loopring-neo','Loopring is not only a protocol but also a decentralized automated execution system that trades across the crypto-token exchanges, shielding users from counterparty risk and reducing the cost of trading. By pooling the liquidity of cryptocurrencies, we are building the financial system of the future.'),('callisto-network','Callisto Network is a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency (CLO) that is based on Ethereum protocol, so any Callisto improvements can be applied to Ethereum Classic. Callisto is NOT a testnet or a hardfork of Ethereum Classic. Callisto Network is developed by Ethereum Commonwealth, one of three ETC development teams.'),('proxeus','The Proxeus Token (XES) is envisaged to be a general-purpose cryptocurrency. It can be used as a unit of account, a store of value and a medium of exchange that is designed to among others integrate attributes specific to the services of Proxeus. The tokens are not pegged to the value of ETH and have multi-faceted functionalities comprising utility and reward mechanisms that adhere to the rules and guidelines of a very specific economic model.'),('biotron','Biotron is a fully transparent data analytics platform. It gives users control over what data is being collected and how it is used, and provides customers with datasets and data products of unparalleled quality, giving them valuable insights for their businesses. Its vision is to tear down data silos created by technological giants and enable innovation in various industries.'),('amo-coin','AMO is a blockchain infrastructure for the efficient exchange and sharing of all CAR DATA powering the next generation of automobiles. For car users, manufacturers, and relevant service providers, this means that data will no longer be under the centralized control of specific companies, but rather become public assets that allow for valuable services to be made available.'),('pixie-coin','Pixiecoin (PXC) is the first decentralized platform to serve content creators, to help designers creating, socializing and liquidating in the worldwide. Supporting by block- chain technology, PXC will offer a higher share proportion to designers, even help them connect with substantial economy in near future.'),('pegascoin','N/A'),('futurocoin','FuturoCoin (FTO) was created in response to market demand for cryptocurrency which would allow retailers to accept payments from buyers safely and immediately. This goal was achieved using two mutually complementing tiers of nodes. The first tier, ordinary nodes, is responsible for maintaining proper functioning of the entire decentralized blockchain network. The second tier, or masternodes, is responsible for the specific functionalities introduced by FuturoCoin.'),('hade-pay','N/A'),('original-crypto-coin','N/A'),('starcointv','N/A'),('belugapay','N/A'),('dignity','Dignity (DIG) is a rebrand of Unity Ingot (UNY). The Dignity is an ERC-20 compliant token backed on gold.'),('snipcoin','Snip is a summarized news platform, decentralized and powered by the community. On Snip, anyone can write a short news story about any topic, and readers can find news that matters to them. Contributors are rewarded according to reader feedback.'),('cortex','Cortex's main mission is to provide the state-of-the-art machine-learning models on the blockchain in which users can infer using smart contracts on the Cortex blockchain. One of Cortex's goals also includes implementing a machine-learning platform that allows users to post tasks on the platform, submit AI DApps (Artificial Intelligence Decentralized Applications).'),('twinkle','Twinkle focuses on blockchain e-ticketing services, focusing on content crowdfunding and fan tribes. It supplements with big data, derivatives, and promotion, and lays out the entire industry chain to provide convenient and secure information for all aspects of the ecosystem.'),('wavebase','N/A'),('monero-original','Monero Original (XMO) is the result of a hard fork from Monero (XMR) after the core Monero project deciding to undergo a hard fork against ASICs.'),('stellite','Stellite is the first cryptocurrency to link IPFS and ZeroNet with blockchain. Most cryptocurrencies hard-code trusted nodes and peers to help users set up their own nodes. This has been proven to work, but calls for a noticeable security risk. Stellite’s proposed solution is called IPFS. IPFS acts like a permanent storage of the node list and ZeroNet will be the dynamic front end of this permanent storage.'),('highcoin','HighCoin gives you a truly decentralized proof-of-stake addition to your crypto portfolio. Control every transaction easily, privately and securely with greater rewards over time.'),('arepacoin','ArepaCoin aims to recognize our Venezuelan bread: the arepa, which is the food par excellence of our country, and serve as an element and encouragement to have your arepa and keep it, perhaps today, if you sell it will remove the hunger, but if you are strong and tight (PoS) your arepa may be that tomorrow not only eat you with that arepa but your whole family.'),('huncoin','Huncoin, pronounced, "Hoon" Coin, is a proof of work cryptocurrency running on the X13 algorithm.'),('miners-reward-token','Miners Reward Token is a proof of stake token operating on the Waves blockchain. It is a flexible tool that allows miners to vote for certain network parameters and other issues that affect them.'),('dynamiccoin','DynamicCoin is pure Proof of Stake coin, except stage of initial distribution, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin. Its an improved version of BlackCoin with recent bitcoin patches against transaction malleability are integrated.'),('stockchain','StockChain is the world's 1st decentralized cryptocurrency quotation and exchange platform with the data from the exchanges all over the world uploaded to the chain to benefit its global users. StockChain is dedicated to promote the healthy development and built a better future of the cryptocurrency market.'),('cryptosolartech','Cryptosolartech, is a digital asset whose holding will indicate ownership of a fraction, of a cryptocurrency mining farm and a photovoltaic solar energy plant. Initially the location of the photovoltaic plant will be in the province of Seville (Spain), and the mining farm will be in Malaga (Spain) in an industrial warehouse already enabled for this activity. The CST Token is classified as a Utility token, so all owners will have rights of use over the assets acquired, and may request their exploitation and use at the time they require it.'),('eztoken','EZPOS is a business Point of Sales SaaS provider with 10,000 retailers using their systems in SE Asia and $ 1 billion annual transactions. EZToken is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum/ERC20 blockchain standard empowering Customer Loyalty Services.'),('lendroid-support-token','Lendroid is a non-rent seeking, trust-independent, open protocol enabling decentralized lending, margin trading and short selling on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to solve the shortcomings of centralized exchanges by creating a global shared lending pool, and a symbiotic off-chain infrastructure supported by incentivized participants - Relayers and Wranglers. Simply put, Lenders contribute their offers to the lending pool through relayers, who then match the offers with appropriate traders. The traders can use the borrowed funds to margin trade, make a profit, and repay the lenders.'),('mass-vehicle-ledger','N/A'),('ponzicoin','PonziCoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency launched in November 2015.'),('dragon-coins','N/A'),('socialcoin-socc','N/A'),('decentralized-machine-learning','Decentralized Machine Learning (DML) infrastructure will apply on-device machine learning, blockchain and federated learning technologies. It unleashes untapped data usage without extraction and idle processing power for machine learning. Algorithms will be crowdsourced from a developer community through the marketplace resulting innovation from periphery.'),('seal-network','N/A'),('rublix','Rublix is developing a unique ecosystem for investors, traders and market professionals. A place where reputation and accuracy dominates. Created by Rublix, one of the most advanced DApps, Hedge, is designed for traders to share high-quality information verified using smart contracts and an immutable blockchain constructed to showcase prominent information.'),('ttc-protocol','TTC is a decentralized and token-incentivized social networking protocol for the next generation of social platforms. TTC provides a brand new social experience; the platform is completely decentralized. This gives participating individuals a highly rewarding and dynamic user experience.'),('eligma-token','N/A'),('patron','Influencers and social media (SNS) users from around the world can publish, discover, reserve, or sell influencer data on PATRON’s trustless platform on both web and mobile. PATRON is a one stop shop for social media influencer focused brands and influencers themselves.'),('jiyo','Jiyo is POW/POS Hybrid coin utilising the scrypt mining algorithm created by Colin Percival. The coin has a total of 70560000 coins a blockreward of 84coins per block solved and 50% premine which will be distributed to every Indian citizen who holds the Aadhar or Pan card.'),('w3coin','W3Coin cheap, secure and flexible. W3 Gateway provides some of the cheapest online payment solutions on the market, and the prices are completely transparent.'),('project-x','Project-X is a Centralized, Blockchain based CryptoCurrency Gateway with new strategys and distribution. easy to use, easy to access, easy to participate and easy to implement into your business.'),('lemochain','LemoChain is a decentralised, open source platform for business data circulation. LemoChain, founded by the non-profit Lemo Foundation, aims to reduce the technological distance between blockchain technology and common commercial logic.'),('ibank','iBank is an abandoned hybrid cryptocurrency launched in July of 2016.'),('vaperscoin','VapersCoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency running on the Scrpy algorithm.'),('consentium','Consentium is a chat application with multi-digital-currency C2C (consumer to consumer) transfers as well as proprietary chat community monetisation model (CCM).'),('phi-token','PHI Token is the world’s first Robot / Human Asset Management Platform on the Blockchain, set to disrupt a $90 Trillion dollar market-place, by Diaman Capital Limited with 16 Years Experience in Financial Markets.'),('vice-industry-token','The Vice Industry Token represents a profound change in the broadcast and on-demand video entertainment industry. It functions as two things; a video entertainment platform where viewers can watch videos, and as a cryptocurrency where anybody who participates (in viewing, adding, or curating content) will get paid with VIT's proprietary cryptocurrency.'),('superior-coin','N/A'),('optitoken','Optitoken is a hyperdeflationary cryptocurrency, fueled by a 24/7 algorithmic trading portfolio of manually selected cryptocurrencies. The algorithm takes advantage of price swings among a select group of tokens, known as "The Basket," made up of a variable number of coins deemed statistically or categorically undervalued.'),('content-and-ad-network','N/A'),('weth','W-ETH, or “Wrapped ETH”, is an ERC20 token that wraps ETH to make it ERC20 compliant, so it can be traded via decentralized exchanges. Made by Radar Relay, a decentralized exchange.'),('president-johnson','A token on the Omni blockchain to honor President Johnson.'),('teslacoilcoin','TelsaCoilCoin is a cryptocurrency on the Omni platform dedicated to Nikola Tesla.'),('californium','Californium is a proof of work cryptocurrency that is dedicated one of the rarest elements on earth.'),('xinfin-network','N/A'),('acchain','ACChain is asset digitalizing tool, it presents complicated blockchain technology through simple operation interface, users can issue and circulate digital asset easily through ACChain.'),('animation-vision-cash','The AVH platform is a reliable, transparent, and interactive adult content trading platform. We will gradually expand the ecology of the adult industry using the platform transaction currency AVH. On the platform, anyone can issue and purchase content and digital content. Encourage incentives of AVH players and establish the possibility of dialogue between consumers and content manufacturers.'),('gold-pressed-latinum','Gold Pressed Latinum is a hybrid cryptocurrency launched in March of 2016 that was inspired by Star Trek.'),('coupecoin','Coupecoin is an Ethereum token with no specific utility.'),('electronic-pk-chain','Electronic PK Chain e-sports chain, its purpose is to use blockchain technology and blockchain technology features, building a fair, open and comprehensive e-sports network.'),('valuechain','The goal is to create a consumer value rewards ecosystem where any participant, no matter they are online or offline, virtual or physical, can contribute to new areas of consumer value and receive rewards for mining through PoV.'),('drp-utility','DCORP is autonomous, decentralized and democratic. An organization that exists on blockchain as a series of smart-contracts. DCORP manages its own token (DRP) and the Ether it holds.'),('ethersportz','EtherSportz is being developed as an Ethereum-based eSports tournament platform for popular games like DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2), League of Legends, StarCraft II, CS-GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), and PUBG (PlayerUnknowns: Battlegrounds).'),('vault-coin','Vaultcoin is a cryptocurrency with one major difference - multipool proof technologies.'),('gold-bits-coin','Gold Bits Coin (GBC) is a gold-backed cryptocurrency that is used to make online payments for online shopping of goods.'),('dollar-online','DOLLAR is an abandoned hybrid cryptocurrency launched in November of 2016.'),('quebecoin','Québecoin is an abandoned proof of work cryptocurrency originally launched in April of 2014.'),('money','Money is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in November of 2014.'),('alttex','ALTTEX is a digital platform with a decentralized exchange, personalized crypto-messenger and a Smart Safe. It enables users network and collaborate on the go through messenger.'),('candy','CANDY is an ERC20 tokens and is the mobile currency of Candy.One. It will be distributed to prospective owners in many different ways, including airdrops, gifts and more. In the end, CANDY will represent the value of all tokens like ETFs .'),('nework','Nework is an inspiring platform based on blockchain technology that connects human work skills. On Nework, people can easily participate in a variety of jobs as one of the individual business nodes.'),('neuro','The Neuro cryptocurrency is designed to support solutions of machine learning tasks, big data and neural networks. Neuro is a scientific-technical project uniting scientists, engineers and programmers inspired by the idea to build something big, kind and bright.'),('oceanchain','OceanChain is to build a consortium chain focusing on three-dimensional maritime fishery.'),('wetoken','World Wi-Fi is a global decentralized free network. The participants of the platform include ordinary users, router owners and advertisers. The users enjoy free internet, router owners are paid by advertisers for the ads viewed by the users; advertisers receive an effective tool for targeting of advertising and analytics of advertising campaign effectiveness. WeToken (WT) is an in-house currency of the platform World Wi-Fi. All transactions within the platform will be made only in WeToken.'),('digital-rupees','Digital Rupees in its short form DigitalRs is a proof of stake anonymous cryptographic currency derived from the original Bitcoin source with addition to stable enhancements done by Nova and PPCoin Developers. It uses the Scrypt algorithm for faster staking on vanilla QT wallets with greater power efficiency and better reliability.'),('fuzzballs','FuzzBalls is a coin intended for gifting and parties, no monetary value or road maps or pumps/dumps to be expected.'),('songcoin','Songcoin is Altcoin Designed for Investing In Music. Songcoin is a lite version of Bitcoin using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm.'),('ultimate-secure-cash','The anonymous cryptocurrency with stealth address technology, allows you to create secure untraceable transaction.'),('flaxscript','Flaxscript is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in June of 2017.'),('coinmeet','CoinMeet is building a blockchain ecosystem focusing on digital assets, digital identity and digital socializing. CoinMeet is wallet, ID, social tool, transaction medium, and the value router in the era of digital economy.'),('wawllet','World’s first multi-asset wallet and personal financial passport. WAWLLET connects people, banks and financial services, both traditional and new.'),('leadcoin','LeadCoin, a decentralized lead-sharing network, launches its blockchain-based platform to provide consumers and the web marketing industry with a superior way to buy and sell qualified leads in real-time and monetize their data.'),('bitcoin-god','Bitcoin God is a borderless non-profit peer-to-peer organization. The vision is to leverage a decentralized platform to solve the many problems created by existing centralized system. Bitcoin God as a blockchain based network will enable tracking of each ledger transaction in a transparent and clear fashion. The token holders of Bitcoin God can pinpoint whoever they are trying to help via our peer-to-peer blockchain accurately.'),('internet-of-things','The Internet of Things is the inter-networking of devices embedded with electronics, software, etc, that exchange data. The Internet of Things Coin can be traded as both a Monetary Unit (XoT) and as an Asset (IoT).'),('first-bitcoin-capital','First Bitcoin Capital is a prominent bitcoin and blockchain technology provider.'),('president-trump','A token on the Omni blockchain dedicated to President Trump.'),('op-coin','OP Coin protocol is a revolutionary invention of the last decade. It’s essential meaning is money digitization. It’s the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network without using any central authority or middlemen.'),('cryptopiafeeshares','Cryptopia is proud to list the CryptopiaFeesShare (CEFS) token on our exchange and market place - the market is live now. As a champion of blockchain adoption, Cryptopia has upgraded its shareholder dividend method from the traditional mechanisms of paying a fixed amount of dollars in profit to each shareholder. Cryptopia will take 4.5% of its gross fees collected each month for each of the base markets and distribute that portion of the fees among all CEFS holders as at the end of that month. CEFS were created and allocated to our shareholders based on the shares that they owned; 6300 CEFS tokens exist currently and CEFS tokens will not be reissued.'),('numus','Numus is a new PoW/PoS Hybrid cryptocurrency based on Skein algorithm and feature hybrid PoW/PoS stage. Solo mining is enabled in wallet. Slow start till block 400 (1NMS per block).'),('gamechain','GameChain System enable game devs to raise fund (coins), share profits, sell virtual objects with transparency and trustworthy on blockchain.'),('fidelium','Fidelium offers the very first cross-exchange trading platform for cryptocurrency. Fidelium’s trading system, named “Fortress,” enables users to trade at multiple exchanges around the world at once, within a single trading platform.'),('bigone-token','BigONE is a global blockchain asset trading exchange.'),('cedex-coin','N/A'),('wys-token','N/A'),('ice-rock-mining','Ice Rock Mining is a bitcoin mining investment. Its goal is to raise capital and scale their mining business; it is currently in operation. ROCK2 token is based on Ethereum ERC20 protocol and it is created to calculate the share of investment in ICO.'),('gazecoin','GazeCoin is an AR/VR blockchain token that measures ‘gaze’/eye tracking, the most reliable metrics of authentic audience attention.'),('gizer','N/A'),('trakinvest','TrakInvest is the world’s first virtual social trading platform that crowd sources fundamental and social trading data to generate profitable trading signals and ideas. TrakInvest provides social trading features and certification programs that enable the user to learn stock investing and get jobs in the financial sector upon successful completion of the course.'),('pikciochain','The PikcioChain is a secure and distributed permission-based platform specialized in the collection, certification and exchange of personal data. PikcioChain lets businesses trade and exchange personal data in complete security and with confidence whilst simultaneously empowering individuals by giving them control of their personal data and enabling them to realize its financial value.'),('budbo','The Budbo Token is a utility token that allows access to cannabis data and analytics stored on the blockchain.'),('funcoin','N/A'),('briacoin','Instant and secure P2P transactions. Briacoin provides the proof of stake (PoS) algorithm, the proof of a fraction or sum.'),('postcoin','PostCoin is a new cryptocurrency, technically more perfect than Bitcoin. Crypto-currency Postcoin surpasses all classical payment systems and banks.'),('dew','DEW is a global decentralized security exchange, based on smart contracts of Ethereum.'),('version','Version is a 2014 CryptoCoin PoS+PoW currently traded on Cryptopia and Yobit exchanges.'),('garlicoin','Garlicoin is a garlic bread-themed cryptocurrency launched by Redditor DigitalizedOrange using Litecoin (LTC) technology.'),('bumbacoin','Bumbacoin is a proof of stake cryptocurrency launched in May of 2014.'),('marscoin','Marscoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in August 2014.'),('hyper-pay','HyperPay is a revolution for the system of accessing, exchanging and transacting funds for both users and service providers.'),('russiacoin','Russiacoin is a Scrypt PoW/PoS cryptocurrency made for all people around the world and escpecially the Russian altcoin-community.'),('debitcoin','Debitcoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in May of 2016.'),('aricoin','Aricoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in December of 2014.'),('tigercoin','Tigercoin is a fork of Bitcoin version 0.8.99, with addition of super random blocks.'),('unify','A community driven cryptocurrency like Bitcoin with one main difference, aims to leave a direct positive impact on the world around us.'),('rocket-pool','Rocket Pool is a decentralised Ethereum Proof of Stake pool designed to be compatible with Casper. It will allow individuals and businesses the ability to earn interest on their ether and offer a full 3rd Party API for current businesses that wish to provide their users with Proof of Stake services.'),('prime-xi','Prime-XI is a secure, anonymous, global payment network that is fully decentralized. It is designed to provide a safe and faster way of doing business.'),('view','View.ly is a tokenized video platform, aiming to provide a more fair and efficient means of content delivery and monetization.'),('sixeleven','611 (SixEleven) is a crypto currency featuring an included free anonymous domain name system based on reliable Namecoin technology.'),('iticoin','iTicoin is a transactional system created for training people, mutual assistance and the development of cryptology.'),('turbocoin','TurboCoin is an abandoned hybrid cryptocurrency that launched in June of 2017.'),('spectre-dividend','N/A'),('zengold','ZenGold (ZNG) is a digital currency that is backed by real gold. It is the first application on Metaverse Blockchain.'),('minex','A token to own a fractional share of a cryptocurrency mining operation.'),('cloud','Ethereum based cryptocurrency CLOUD tokens are a recognised unit of value which you can use to buy cloud services. Cloudwith.me accept CLOUD tokens as payment for services from Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) , and Microsoft Azure.'),('jingtum-tech','Jingtum Technology aims to develop a new generation of value-based internet technologies in China helping to upgrade from an information-based network to a value-based exchange network, establishing a credible ecology and promoting preparation as Chinese enterprises enter a new era of digital assets.'),('darsek','Darsek is a hybrid scrypt PoW + PoS based cryptocurrency launched in March of 2016.'),('halcyon','Halcyon Coin is a hybrid cryptocurrency launched in August in 2014.'),('ammo-reloaded','Ammo Reloaded represents a blockchain based gaming ecosystem with extensive focus on community development & engagement. Our underlying open source cryptocurrency Ammo is used as fuel to power the entire infrastructure. The project is being developed with love for decentralized gaming!'),('sparks','Sparks is a coin using the Neoscrypt algorithm, with 50% reward of miners and 50% reward for masternode.'),('i0coin','I0coin is merge mined with Bitcoin to produce a massive network hash rate and an energy efficient mining environment. Very little extra energy is required to generate I0coins and secure its block chain.'),('motocoin','Motocoin is an abandoned gaming cryptocurrency utilizing an innovative proof-of-play scheme where coins can only be mined by cognitive workload - playing a 2D motorbike simulation game.'),('8bit','8BIT Coin is a proof of stake coin that operates through proof of stake with an 8% annualized rate.'),('redcoin','RedCoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in June of 2013.'),('ofcoin','OFCOIN, Fu Coin in Chinese, is a coin of the community foundation's design for the global community's ecological chain.'),('pressone','PressOne is a new content distribution system that has smart contracts.'),('investdigital','InvestDigital is the asset management protocol and toolset for cryptocurrencies, and it is implemented on EOS blockchain. Our vision is to build the completed ecosystem from content/tool production to investment strategy and then to financial products for cryptocurrency investment'),('qube','QUBE is an Intelligent Quantitative Analysis Engine that incorporates big data processing procedures and deep learning algorithms, such as data reduction, noise removal, feature extraction and model training. The final output will be generated after optimization and normalization of the final artificial neural network.'),('aware','AWARE is a decentralized token investment-management community (TIC) aiming to make innovative assets more liquid and to serve blockchain entrepreneurs and investors across the globe.'),('fidentiax','FidentiaX is the world’s first marketplace for tradable insurance policies. Their vision is to create a trading marketplace and repository of insurance policies for the masses by leveraging blockchain technology.'),('maggie','Maggie has created a brand new blockchain social value ecosystem that alters the traditional centralized social model with blockchain technology.'),('etherdelta-token','EtherDelta is an open-source and decentralized exchange for ETH based tokens. It provides a simple and safe interface to trade ETH based tokens for a very low fee.'),('starchain','StarChain is a matrix-based product that enables mutual visits and sharing. From writing, to film and television incubation, the formation of a complete ecological system of human knowledge and distribution, so that every writer, filmmaker, producer can achieve their dreams.'),('kcash','Kcash is a brand new digital currency wallet that offers users a one-stop shop for storage, exchange and consumer services. Kcash supports BTC, ETH, ETC, ACT and digital currencies based on the Ethereum and Achain smart contract platforms, with subsequent support for more mainstream digital currencies.'),('rebl','The REBL token is an ERC20 token. This means we are a token based on the Ethereum network, hosted by Ethereum addresses, and sent by Ethereum transactions. The distribution and transfer of REBL tokens are handled by the REBL smart contract, which is an application running on the Ethereum network.'),('topchain','Topchain is the world’s leading brand in the gaming blockchain, reshaping the game industry structure with decentralized concept to create a global de-centralized gaming ecosystem.'),('show','Show.One is an interactive live distribution SAAS platform based on the ETH blockchain infrastructure, where people can set up their own decentralized live broadcasts'),('moac','MOAC is to design a scalable and resilient blockchain that supports transactions, data access, control flow in a layered structure. It creates the framework to allow users to execute smart contract in an efficient way.'),('pecunio','Pecunio, a new decentralized investment platform, simplifies blockchain investments and solves the problem of crypto spending. What’s revolutionary about the platform is, that it allows both saving and spending of crypto assets in a fund universe that is safe, affordable and easy to use.'),('html-coin','N/A'),('coinvest','Coinvest is a decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies. Coinvest empowers anyone to virtually invest in hundreds of cryptonized assets or indexes through one COIN.'),('socialx','N/A'),('fluz-fluz','Fluz Fluz disrupts the traditional shopping experience through an alternate, more rewarding avenue. In the Fluz Fluz consumer network model, all participants make money, thereby creating high consumer stickiness and a sustainable business model.'),('travelflex','Travelflex is a new DAG tech based cryptocurrency, decentralized social travel network and payment system.'),('galaxy-esolutions','Galaxy eSolutions Limited is a global cross-border e-commerce business that is set to become the market leader in pre-owned and refurbished consumer Electronics Sector. It is headquartered in Hong Kong and set its vision on global markets.'),('lucyd','N/A'),('lightning-bitcoin','Lightning Bitcoin is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. By adopting DPoS consensus mechanism with 2M blocksize. It also improves transaction speed, promotes decentralization and also supports smart contracts.'),('helleniccoin','Hellenic Coin is a peer2peer electronic currency, that anyone can produce it using computer power or scrypt miners.'),('entcash','ENT cash is the first global entertainment platform based on blockchain technology. ENT as the payment platform, provides lowest cost for transactions, effectively promote business activities.'),('saifu','N/A'),('luna-stars','Luna is an incentive-aligned dating platform powered by blockchain and machine learning.'),('kubera-coin','Kubera is an innovative platform for playing online games with a crypto currency. We use the Ethereum blockchain to provide a cryptographically secure payment system and provably fair gambling with smart contracts ​for ​games ​in ​the ​future ​phases ​of ​the ​project.'),('808coin','A unique high interest rate currency with a APR of 808.8%.'),('bitclave','BitClave is a startup focused on creating the next generation of decentralized search powered by the privacy and security of blockchain technology. By removing the middlemen in the digital advertising ecosystem, BitClave gives users control over their data and connects them directly with the businesses they’re looking for.'),('live-stars','Live Stars is the first platform in the webcam industry that implements blockchain solutions. Live Stars is a fundamentally new platform with different business-model, based on the automation of processes.'),('trade-token','Trade Token is a utility token that enables frictionless transactions of a wide range of assets on the trade.io exchange whilst also acting as a medium of exchange and a store of value.'),('skychain','N/A'),('nuggets','Nuggets is a consumer blockchain platform giving users a single biometric tool for login, payment and identity verification, without sharing or storing private data.'),('iungo','Iungo is a globally distributed wireless internet service provider built with the help of a worldwide community.'),('noku','Noku provides instruments for trading, saving, and making payments. With the Noku platform, everyone can create their own crypto economy, without having to write code.'),('sharpe-platform-token','N/A'),('crowdholding','Crowdholding is a decentralized open innovation platform that connects entrepreneurs and the crowd, allowing them to give feedback on products, services, and ideas in return for future revenue via our YUPIE tokens.'),('nekonium','Nekonium is a distributed application platform for Ethereum clones. It was launched for presentation of Ethereum copy coin implementation example and learning Ethereum function.'),('homeblockcoin','HomeBlockCoin is a decentralized self regulated financial payment network created for users that want to be independent from third parties like banks or the government. No middlemen or other institution are needed for processing transactions.'),('escoro','An Escrow and insurance service that aim to connect investors with borrowers in a way that lower the risk and maximize the profit'),('brickblock','Brickblock is a project to build a platform to seamlessly and transparently connect cryptocurrencies with real world assets. Users are given the opportunity to invest out of cryptocurrencies into real world assets like ETFs and Real Estate Funds with regular dividend payouts.'),('bitserial','BitSerial inherits and develops the Ethereum technology platform, with open source P2P accelerates all transactions quickly, minimizes risk, enhances high security, and does not involve any third parties.'),('astro','Astro allows holders of the token to invest in the best, verified, and researched backed ICOs.'),('dutch-coin','Dutch Coin is a hybrid proof of stake/proof of work coin created for the Dutch people.'),('ea-coin','EAG is an ambitious and wide-ranging blockchain project, aimed at disrupting the local merchant cryptocurrency payment business. This is a worldwide open source e-commerce marketplace platform that anomynously connects subscribers with local merchants that do not accept cryptocurrencies.'),('bitsoar','BITSOAR Coin is a peer-to-peer digital currency with a distributed, decentralized public ledger, which unlike those of traditional banks is viewable and easily audited by anyone.'),('bastonet','Bastonet project seeks to engineer the use of blockchain in the airline and travel industry.'),('akuya-coin','AKUYACOIN is a truly decentralized, 3 million premined, max supply 23 Millions, mineable, proof-of-work global public currency. The unit of exchange is AKY, and began in August 2017.'),('cubits','Cubits is a proof of stake BattleStar Galactica-inspired Coin.'),('whalecoin','WhaleCoin is a decentralized social network where Whales reward their followers.'),('encryptotel-eth','Offers solutions for communication, contributing extensively to the ongoing global debate around privacy and civil liberties.'),('hodl-bucks','HODL Bucks is a low circulation ERC20 token created with the purpose of educating through the practice of HODLing and smart investing strategies.'),('obsidian','A completely decentralized messaging Platform. Built in C# using a blockchain based on the proven technology of Stratis utilizing both Masternodes and Service Nodes.'),('wi-coin','CryptoWi is an app that is aimed to cater to the needs of the general masses by monetizing a daily activity of millions of people - sharing WiFi.'),('atmcoin','ATMCoin is a proof of stake cryptocurrency.'),('poly-ai','POLY AI is a new project that is aiming to achieve a powerful artificial intelligence platform distributed across the blockchain. By using the blockchain to store structural data, the PolyNetwork team hopes to create an AI solution that is able to learn faster than contemporary machine learning systems.'),('universalroyalcoin','UniversalRoyalCoin is an abandoned proof of stake cryptocurrency launched in June of 2017.'),('super-bitcoin','Super Bitcoin is an experimental hard fork of Bitcoin, which is also an experimental digital currency. Super Bitcoin tries to implement, test, improve, and innovate features that Bitcoin society members have long proposed or requested, the results of which could in turn be valuable to Bitcoin itself.'),('bitcoinx','BitcoinX is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain at block 498888. With the all new features, BCX will be able to achieve more than ever. Combining zero-knowledge proof, smart contract, DPOS consensus enables BitcoinX network to become more reliable, environmental-friendly, much easier to use with greater efficiency.'),('trident','Trident Group is an up-and-coming Ethereum blockchain based cryptocurrency platform that will incorporate tools and functions for investors, traders, and everyday people alike to use whenever and wherever they please.'),('united-bitcoin','UnitedBitcoin is referred to as UB whose currency unit is UBTC. The total volume, block-speed and halving time are exactly same as Bitcoin’s. Also, UnitedBitcoin’s PoW mechanism is the same as Bitcoin, but the initial difficulty has been lowered lowered.'),('filecoin','N/A'),('publica','Publica aims to bring the publishing economy into the blockchain revolution. Publica's platform will host book crowdfunding, online marketplaces (ecommerce), apps, ereaders and ewriters doing double-duty as digital wallets.'),('greencoin','N/A'),('bitbase','BITBASE provides escrow services on the blockchain, allowing one to recover coins in case a transaction goes bad.'),('roofs','With Roofs, you can buy and sell your properties in cryptocurrency and also look through a database to find a new place to live.'),('protean','The dynamic platform for trading cryptos across multiple global exchanges. The Protean Token, PRN allows for the creation of liquity through trading pairs of major cryptos against the token and also withdrawals using the Protean token as the base asset.'),('sigmacoin','Sigmacoin.io is a distributed global platform that connects exceptional startups, exporters/importers and investors worldwide and built by the Blockchain community for the business community with a distributed ledger.'),('namocoin','NamoCoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency launched in August of 2017.'),('masternodecoin','Masternodecoin is a blockchain based decentralized cryptocurrency that rewards network participation via static proof of stake. Masternodecoin rewards "connectivity age" instead of “coin age,” thus eliminating abuse from exchanges and users that do not actively contribute to the network.'),('litecoin-ultra','LITECOIN ULTRA is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open source software project released by a group of litecoin fans, entrepreneurs, and junior developers.'),('cyder','Cyder is a full proof of stake cryptocurrency coin that was launched in August of 2017.'),('target-coin','A tokenised long-short cryptocurrency fund which invests and trades in the cryptocurrency market by utilizing machine learning and algorithmic trading strategies for optimum Alpha generation and risk adjusted returns.'),('msd','Monspace Multinational Corp is a global enterprise with an active interest in multiple sectors namely telecommunications, real estate, food & beverage, travel & tourism and technology.'),('runners','A new online currency to buy supplies for for runners.'),('animecoin','Animecoin is an abandoned proof of work cryptocurrency launched in August of 2014.'),('atmos','A token that serves as the main fuel of the Novusphere ecosystem and primary token of the Novusphere blockchain.'),('condensate','A secure and anonymous peer-to-peer network implementing random block rewards and encrypted messaging.'),('happycoin','HappyCoin is a digital currency designed for use of peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority; managing transactions and issuing money is carried out collectively by the network.'),('apx','A blockchain solutions company which offers a wide range of services relevant to the blockchain industry ranging from but not limited to: hashing solutions, thorough analysis of cryptocurrencies, and consultation services.'),('votecoin','VoteCoin is a decentralized anonymous platform for elections and other voting purposes, based on Zerocoin protocol. It can simplify public polls, surveys and crowd funding campaigns and create their process more flexible and easily trackable. This new digital currency can strengthen democracy and help people to reach their goals.'),('goodomy','Goodomy (formerly Good Karma) is a digital currency for consumer rewards. When you buy socially and environmentally-conscious products and services, you can be rewarded with Goodomy ("GOOD").'),('petrodollar','PetroDollar is a peer-to-peer digital currency designed to deflate with relation to the world crude oils reserves. PetroDollar has a approximate 1:10,000 relationship to barrels of oil still existing in the ground, thus creating an analogy of the USD/OIL trading pair.'),('dao-casino','A protocol: an open ecosystem for gambling games that don't rely on a trusted third party. It is a decentralised governance system built on Ethereum that automatically rewards all developers, auditors and community members for their contributions.'),('monster-byte','Monster Byte Inc. is a technology company which owns a suite of long-standing and profitable cryptocurrency gambling websites, all of which have been custom-built with proprietary technology owned by Monster Byte.'),('elementrem','Elementrem is realized by the Dapp (Decentralized APPlication) around the SmartContract, which can be described as technology becomes possible decentralization of Application architecture that can be free from the existing centralized system shortcomings.'),('bridgecoin','A decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports trading of most popular altcoins. The main innovation is elimination of a single point of failure when trading cryptocurrencies online due to its decentralized nature'),('win-coin','N/A'),('zozocoin','ZoZo Coin (ZZC) is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed to deliver blazing fast, secure and near-zero cost payments in the world.'),('exchange-union','Exchange Union Coin is a universal coin to enable cross-exchange trading, clearing, deposits and withdrawals.'),('plexcoin','PlexCoin is a token on the Ethereum blockchain. Its mission is to broaden the possibilities of uses and to increase the number of users by simplifying the process of managing cryptocurrency. PlexCoin will offer the PlexCard, which can be used anywhere in the world and will be connected directly to your PlexWallet.'),('cryptonex','Cryptonex is a global, decentralized new generation cryptocurrency. It is created on its own blockchain platform. The main goal is to offer the opportunity to exchange any world's currencies for any cryptocurrencies and tokens, buy goods and services using mobile phones and payment cards instantly, with minimum commission.'),('vsync-vsx','N/A'),('ethereum-lite','Ethereum Lite is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 Token that focuses on being a faster and cheaper currency than Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies, while being distributed equally between all users that signed up for the airdrop.'),('fapcoin','FAPcoin is the new adult industry cryptocurrency standard when it comes to online payments. Security and anonymity is paramount which is why we have developed FAPcoin to be one of the most feature rich coins in the adult space.'),('playercoin','Player Coin is a new concept of game promotion through the use of tokens to reward both players and developers and facilitate the purchase of content through a simple, robust, reliable and decentralized system.'),('btcmoon','BTCMoon is a tokenized version of Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain. BTCMoon will have faster transaction speeds than Bitcoin. The average block time on Bitcoin is 8 minutes, while on Ethereum it's 24 seconds.'),('desire','DESIRE is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in October of 2017.'),('bt2-cst','Bitcoin BT2 is a chain split token (CST) representing the SegWit2x consensus protocol.'),('russian-mining-coin','Russian Miner Coin is a proof of work cryptocurrency that will pay dividends to investors.'),('bitdeal','Bitdeal Coin aims to provide professional trading and exchange tools within the legal boundaries and with a strong technological and legal protection of financial assets.'),('high-gain','High gain is born to reward all the real BTC holders that believed in cryptocurrency since it was unknown to most. The coins are distributed through airdrop to everyone who has at least 21 BTC in their wallet, High Gain seeks to rewards long-time Bitcoin holders.'),('blockpool','BLOCKPOOL is a pool of blockchain based solutions for multiple business verticals. They deliver real world B2B solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients including but not limited to: arts & media, fintech, brands, music & sports applications.'),('zephyr','Zephyr is a reward token for Bitspark's global cryptocurrency remittance network enabling 180+ pegged fiat cryptocurrencies in every jurisdiction in the world and enabling individuals and money transfer businesses to operate without a bank account.'),('neo-gold','NEO GOLD is an ERC20 token with exact same supply as NEO.'),('oxycoin','The OXYCOIN mobile application will enable investors to easily purchase cryptocurrencies directly with FIAT (i.e. USD or EUR), manage all their wallets and passwords, implement a user-friendly Global Address Book, and will be the central information hub where they can access any information they need to make informed investment decisions.'),('slevin','SLEVIN is a full proof of stake cryptocurrency that was 100% airdropped.'),('cream','CREAM is based on X11 chained hashing algorithm, which is used for the ‘Proof of Work’ calculations, which secure the network of some cryptocurrencies. It is known as a chained algorithm 11 different algorithms which are chained together.'),('eboostcoin','N/A'),('globaltoken','GlobalToken was created to provide quick online transactions with a fast blockchain confirmation time and the lowest fees possible.'),('moeda-loyalty-points','A cooperative banking system powered by blockchain, built for everyone.'),('xpa','An innovative blockchain asset management that combines decentralized transactions, asset collateral, and external capitals.'),('grid','Grid+ leverages the Ethereum blockchain to give consumers direct access to wholesale energy markets, responding intelligently to changes in energy prices.'),('cartaxi-token','CarTaxi allows users to gain access to a network of tow trucks, providing fast and safe transportation of vehicles from anywhere.'),('airtoken','The AirToken is a new Ethereum ERC20 token that unlocks free mobile internet through advertising and spot rewards. Users can earn AirTokens by opting into advertisements and claiming spots, redeemable for mobile data recharges across 500 wireless carriers.'),('segwit2x','Bitcoin SegWit2x is a fork of Bitcoin with SegWit and 2MB block sizes.'),('network-token','Network Token is an E-Learning platform designed to bring cryptocurrency adaptation to the masses.'),('chronologic','ChronoLogic works on proof-of-time. In its first use-case ChronoLogic pegs time to a store of value token named DAY based on the Ethereum blockchain.'),('pirl','The goal of Pirl is to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers securely through an entirely automated process.'),('royal-kingdom-coin','Royal Kingdom Coin is the token of Royal Kingdom Enterprise, represented by the acronym RKC, a Dubai company that invests in projects based on Blockchain technology.'),('sociall','Sociall is a secure and private decentralised social network for all that utilises its native cryptocurrency, SCL.'),('iquant','5iquant is a world top-class quantitative platform in global financial assets trading field.'),('oraclechain','The world's first face block chain ecological Oracle (whisker) the basis of the needs of the application, the block chain technology services and real life in a variety of demand scenes directly docking, deep plowing the billions of dollars Value of the huge market.'),('brat','BRAT is an Ethereum token founded in Russia in July of 2017.'),('corion','Corion is a multifunctional platform for businesses and individuals to join and build a worldwide decentralised network, based on mutual benefits, simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed, and a stable means of payment.'),('royalties','Royalties is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in July of 2017.'),('coimatic-2','Coimatic was developed to help the crypto community with the ease of buying and selling of goods and services easily using Bitcoin and any altcoin.'),('harmonycoin-hmc','N/A'),('primalbase','Building upon the well-established business model of shared workspaces, the Primalbase project transforms traditional office rental into a new-generation community-based ecosystem where one can share, sell or rent out high-quality office spaces using Ethereum and Waves-based digital tokens.'),('daxxcoin','DaxxCoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency that allows you to easily send money online.'),('sphre-air','Air is a platform for digital identity for both enterprise and individuals. Air is based on open-source technologies, and is defined from the start as an ‘open standards’ based system, to ensure the greatest interoperability in the future.'),('sovereign-hero','The HERO is a decentralized currency, double-backed by equity in BitShares.'),('starta','A token used to raise $5 million to invest in Starta Accelerator portfolio companies, a startup accelerator run by Starta Capital VC Fund in 2015.'),('useless-ethereum-token','The world's first 100% honest Ethereum ICO.'),('geertcoin','Geertcoin is a lite version of Bitcoin using a Scrypt proof of work algorithm.'),('procurrency','PRO is a decentralized cryptocurrency not only focused on disrupting an industry but focused on disrupting commerce and the way we exchange goods and services.'),('flash','FLASH is an altcoin that offers fast and low cost transactions on a distributed blockchain to trade digital assets.'),('cofound-it','A distributed global platform that connects exceptional startups, experts and investors worldwide. It will first be built by the blockchain community for the blockchain community — and then for the whole world.'),('numeraire','A global artificial intelligence tournament to predict the stock market.'),('sakuracoin','Sakuracoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in March of 2014.'),('dinastycoin','DinastyCoin is an anonymous and decentralized cryptovalue, a secure digital currency with peer-to-peer method, not controlled by governments, banks or other institutions.'),('ecobit','A blockchain digital crypto token/coin which is decentralised and 100% transparent.'),('hush','A private implementation of the "Zerocash" protocol forked from [Zcash]. Based on Bitcoin's code, it intends to offer a far higher standard of privacy through a sophisticated zero-knowledge proving scheme that preserves confidentiality of transaction metadata.'),('kurrent','Kurrent is a new digital currency based on the Zerocoin Protocol. It assures private financial transactions and full anonymity.'),('prizm','PRIZM is a hundred percent proof of stake cryptocurrency based on the NEXT core, built with the Java language open source.'),('dotcoin','Dotcoin is an experimental digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Dotcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.'),('tagcoin','TagCoin is the world’s first universal rewards currency that can be used anywhere across the globe. People can earn it, make transfers with it, exchange it or even receive interest on it. The cryptocurrency is fully decentralised and can be used within the Tagcash online wallet platform.'),('incent','Incent is the future of loyalty, harnessing the blockchain to turbocharge merchant revenue in a way that traditional schemes cannot.'),('anoncoin','Anoncoin (ANC) is a unique decentralized peer to peer internet cryptocurrency that provides privacy for its users. I2P and Tor compatible, it is resistant to crackdowns from hostile authorities.'),('whitecoin','A decentralized global blockchain with a focus on cyber security, payments & secure communications.'),('acoin','ACOIN is designed to be a rare currency - only 1,600,000 coins will be issued (this varies due to the random rewards system).'),('salus','An experimental cryptocurrency based on an open source, decentralized blockchain.'),('belacoin','N/A'),('woodcoin','Woodcoin is a truly decentralized, non-premined, mine-able, proof-of-work global public currency. The unit of exchange is LOG, and began in October 2014.'),('huntercoin','HunterCoin is the in-game currency where coins obtainable in a virtual universe which resides inside the blockchain.'),('first-bitcoin','First Bitcoin Capital Corp. is the first vertically integrated, publicly-traded Bitcoin entity to enter the cryptocurrency space.'),('breakout','Breakout Gaming is the world's first gaming website to have its own crypto-currency. We have teamed up with top poker pros to bring you a revolution in gaming.'),('fluttercoin','Fluttercoin is a community-driven triple hybrid coin and the very first to offer a highly secure network through: proof of work (Mining), proof of stake (Investing), and its own highly innovative Proof of Transaction (Using).'),('britcoin','Britcoin is peer-to-peer digital currency for the United Kingdom.'),('supernet-unity','N/A'),('octocoin','Octocoin is an innovative payment network using peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central banks. Based on the Bitcoin Protocol, the Octocoin currency system enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.'),('bitusd','The bitUSD is a market-pegged asset to the U.S. dollar on the BitShares blockchain. It is often also referred to as a smartcoin, a bitasset, or just USD in the context of blockchain assets.'),('netcoin','Netcoin is a global social movement to transact wealth and exchange value using the power of networks.'),('visio','Visio is a Decentralized Content Aggregation platform (DCAP) powered by Blockchain technology. The platform is hosted on a segregated network and is managed and moderated exclusively by the ever-growing community.'),('jobscoin','JobsCoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency developed in memory of Steve Jobs.'),('tattoocoin-limited','Tattoocoin is an abandoned proof of stake coin launched April of 2017.'),('clams','A free and open source software that has been deemed safe and secure by the development community.'),('goldblocks','GoldBlocks is a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency forked from BlackCoin in May 2016. It's a hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake (PoW/PoS) coin which can be either "mined" by a computer or "minted" through a process called "staking".'),('breakout-stake','Breakout Chain is a decentralized blockchain ledger that carries several currencies, which we term a multicurrency blockchain.'),('energycoin','The currency is meant to provide a platform for communities, companies and individuals to built energy applications using the inherent strengths of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.'),('sprouts','A PoS (proof-of-stake) coin running on the SHA256D algorithm.'),('mincoin','MinCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency using Scrypt as a proof of work algorithm. MinCoin was released on April 3, 2013 with zero premine.'),('asiacoin','Asiacoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables anonymous, instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.'),('artex-coin','Artex is an abandoned proof of work cryptocurrency launched in August of 2016.'),('unitus','Unitus is the first coin in crypto to combine multiple algorithms with merged mining.'),('cryptocarbon','CryptoCarbon is the first consumer-­oriented cryptocurrency, which is backing up a cashback platform.'),('clubcoin','Clubcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that has a decentralized and consensus based system where all transactions are viewed in a public ledger.'),('unobtanium','UNO is a SHA256 Proof of Work cryptocurrency unique for low inflation, scarcity, a fair launch and distribution.'),('mintcoin','Since 2014 mintcoin has provided an energy efficient cryptocurrency with a fast distribution.'),('gcn-coin','GCN is a new global cryptocurrency that can be easily obtained and used by anyone with access to a smartphone or Internet connection.'),('wild-beast-block','Wild Beast Block is a blockchain currency that prides itself on security, speed, reliability and stability. It is a future-proof currency for the masses, with ease of use, functionality and real world applications. WBB is hand-crafted in the wonderfully picturesque and crypto-friendly countryside of Switzerland.'),('tao','The Tao Network is a blockchain public utility in the public trust intended to serve the music industry.'),('bitzeny','Bitzeny is a scrypt based alternative cryptocurrency with a hard cap of 250 million units.'),('triggers','A machine-to-machine token, powers the Blocksafe Smartgun tech network economy.'),('artbyte','A person to person digital currency. With Artbytes, art lovers can now support their favorite artists directly.​'),('ultracoin','Ultracoin is a hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake coin whereby active nodes are involved in the mining of blocks if they maintain a UTC balance. Ultracoin uses the Scrypt-Chacha algorithm, which ensures it cannot be mined by ASICs like other cryptocurrencies.'),('hyper','HYPER is a proof of stake cryptocurrency designed for use in online games, emerging virtual worlds, popular MMOs, simulations and more.'),('mojocoin','Mojocoin is a 100% proof of stake cryptocurrency with the core focus set on privacy and the development of future mobile applications.'),('geocoin','Geocaching cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but with geo-innovations. Find Real money just by visiting a location. Bringing GIS & Geo-technologies to the blockchain.'),('crevacoin','CrevaCoin, as Bitcoins are circulated to some degree, is being normally used among our members in Korea like at Creva Shopping Mall where bit coins can be used so that it may function as an e-money and we will gradually expand its usage.'),('lykke','A single global marketplace, where any sort of financial instrument can be traded and settled peer to peer with second-by-second interest payments.'),('rise','RISE is an ecosystem for developers, businesses, tech startups, investors and device users. At the heart, RISE offers a platform for decentralized distributed applications, smart Contracts and side-chain/token asset creation, powered by a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain.'),('orbitcoin','The Orbitcoin project was created by people convinced that our future is bound to space exploration.'),('darcrus','Darcrus is both the name of the total project as well as the first token of the project. The token can be seen as a representation of the value of Sigwo Technologies. 10% of net profits of Sigwo Technologies will be used to buy back and burn Darcrus from the market.'),('goldmaxcoin','Goldmaxcoin is a lite version of Bitcoin using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm.'),('quatloo','Quatloo is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in June of 2014.'),('fastcoin','A viable alternative to paper Fiat, when time is of essence, FastCoin may be your best option. Faster complement to Bitcoin and poised for explosive growth.'),('bean-cash','Bean Cash is a re-brand of the digital currency and network, previously known as BitBean. It was the first 'crypto-currency' to implement a maximum of 20MB block sizes, based on Gavin Andersen's proposals to fix Bitcoin's scalability limitations. BitBean was also the first 'crypto-currency' to pioneer the use of static block rewards in a Proof of Bean (PoB) system -- which now makes energy wasting PoW (Proof of Work) systems, inefficient, expensive and archaic!'),('sexcoin','Sexcoin is the payment transaction system of the future for the adult industry.'),('ratecoin','RateCoin (XRA) is designed for long term oriented minters. XRA uses Proof of Stake to secure its blockchain and is designed with long term sustainability as its primary focus.'),('aeon','AEON seeks to be a lightweight-Monero, similar to how Litecoin seeks to be a lightweight-Bitcoin.'),('casinocoin','An open source, peer-to-peer, cryptocurrency specifically designed for the regulated online gambling industry.'),('centurion','A cryptocurrency that can process and confirm transactions in under 6 minutes. Also, the cryptocurrency protocol has a block size of 2 MB, which is twice the Bitcoin block size.'),('bipcoin','BipCoin is a CryptoNote-based coin. It's released under the BipCoin NoGovernment License. This allows use and re-use by anyone except governments and government agents. There are no government guns for violators, only shame.'),('cryptonite','Cryptonite is the first implementation of the mini-blockchain scheme, a scheme designed for maximum scalability, achieved by addressing the problem of blockchain bloat and providing a solution which allows all old transactions to be forgotten by the network after they become old enough.'),('karma','Global decentralized blockchain-platform, where people and companies can lend money directly to each other.'),('qwark','Linked to Ubiq blockchain providing the highest possible usability and, especially, to give the greatest advantages of use over other cryptocurrencies and payment systems.'),('safe-exchange-coin','A decentralized anonymous marketplace and governance community.'),('coin2-1','Coin2 is a gaming coin and is intended in the use of coin2's original games.'),('solarflarecoin','Solarflarecoin is an open-source project that integrate altcoin and renewables energies under the form of an investor-based game, offering to Solarflarecoin holders and to lovers of investor based-games a proper application field: the Solarflare Virtual Modules platform.'),('foldingcoin','A rewards program that distributes tokens called FLDC.'),('cloud-moolah','N/A'),('hirematch','HireMatch has a mission to revolutionize and disrupt the job marketplace by improving the current job marketplace quality worldwide, reduce the costs across the board, increase employee quality and create a community of people. Via (HIRE) Token, they will implement a democratization of the job market.'),('swipp','N/A'),('bluecoin','A peer-to-peer Proof of Stake Velocity digital currency with an initial Proof of Work mining distribution period lasting 50,000 blocks.'),('the-champcoin','The world's second completely simultaneously web-based digital currency. Currently the champcoin is centralized currency but after 1 year it will become completely decentralized currency.'),('bitnodes-pro','N/A'),('advanced-internet-blocks','Advanced Internet Blocks is an abandoned proof of work cryptocurrency from April of 2015.'),('deimos','N/A'),('eximchain','Eximchain’s public blockchain network enables privacy, scalability and security for the supply chain. Eximchain-powered supply chain solutions help enterprises to connect, transact, and share information more efficiently and securely.'),('monacocoin','The MonacoCoin project aims to integrate cryptocurrencies in a real environment. The Principality of Monaco is a perfect ground for the integration of currencies in small-scale businesses.'),('parallelcoin','ParallelCoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in June of 2015.'),('banca','Banca is a type of an investment bank community which uses AI and expert system to achieve the dynamics of Banca's eco-chain and the automatic management.'),('algorand','Algorand (ALGO) is a cryptocurrency or a form of digital asset, max supply of 10 Billion coins. TAdditional information about Algorand coin can be found at https://algorand.foundation/.'),('bittorrent','BitTorrent (BTT) is a cryptocurrency token issued on the TRON platform. Additional information about BitTorrent coin can be found at https://www.bittorrent.com/btt/.'),('crypto','Crypto is a lite version of Bitcoin using Lyra2RE as a proof-of-work algorithm. It is a decentralized, digital currency which can be obtained by mining or trading for Bitcoins.'),('leo-token','N/A'),('cosmos','The Cosmos network consists of many independent, parallel blockchains, called zones, each powered by classical Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) consensus protocols like Tendermint (already used by platforms like ErisDB).'),('crypto-com-chain','We propose Crypto.com Chain, the next generation decentralized mobile payment protocol, the most efficient and secure way to pay and be paid in crypto, anywhere, any crypto without fees. Crypto.com Chain will deliver on its vision by developing innovative technology components and processes.'),('v-systems','V.SYSTEMS is a blockchain infrastructure provider with a focus on database and cloud services.'),('lambda','Lambda is a fast, safe, and scalable blockchain infrastructure project, which provides decentralized applications (DAPPs) data storage capabilities with unlimited scalability and fulfills services such as multi-chain data co-storage, cross-chain data management, data privacy protection, PDP, and distributed intelligent computing through logic decoupling and independent implementation of Lambda Chain and Lambda DB.'),('rif-token','RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) is a token developed on the RSK platform allowing holders to consume (and interact with) services within the RIFOS framework. The RIFOS framework, also built upon RSK, is a suite of distributed protocols built to enable fast, simple and scalable development of distributed applications within a highly-scalable, secure and unified environment.'),('solve-care','Solve.Care is a healthcare IT company that builds blockchain platforms that improve the way healthcare is delivered and managed.'),('grin','Grin coin is a private & lightweight open source project based on the mimblewimble blockchain implementation. MimbleWimble is a lightweight blockchain protocol proposed by anonymous author that goes by the name Tom Elvis Jedusor (inspired by Harry Potter) in July 2016. Since then, the proposal has gained a huge following among Bitcoin and privacy advocates.'),('chiliz','Chiliz is a fintech platform for the sports industry to allow global fans to get closer to their favorite sports teams and clubs.'),('fetch-ai','Fetch.AI ("the Project") brings together machine learning ("ML"), artificial intelligence ("AI"), multi-agent systems and decentralized ledger technology to create an economic internet — an environment where digital representatives of the economy's moving parts (such as data, hardware, services, people and infrastructure) can get useful work done through effective introductions and predictions.'),('celer-network','Celer Network is a coherent technology and economic architecture to enable Internet-scale public blockchains through off-chain scaling techniques. It can scale out to billions of transactions per second, and will fully unleash the power of blockchain and decentralized applications. Provably Scalable Secure & Private dApp-Aware Rapidly Evolvable Easy-to-use Incentive Compatible'),('beam','Beam Mimblewimble is a scalable, fungible, and confidential cryptocurrency based on the Mimblewimble implementation. WHY BEAM? Core features include complete control over your privacy, All transactions are private by default, No addresses or other private information are stored on the blockchain, Superior scalability due to compact blockchain size.'),('usdk','N/A'),('matic-network','Matic Network provides scalable, secure and instant Ethereum transactions. It is built on an implementation of the PLASMA framework and functions as an off chain scaling solution. Matic Network offers scalability solutions along with other tools to the developer ecosystem, which enable Matic to seamlessly integrate with dApps while helping developers create an enhanced user experience.'),('litenero','Litenero $LTNX is a new global open-source payment network — free from any unnecessary intermediaries or centralized control. It is a hard fork of the popular $ETNX cryptocurrency that utilizes CryptoNote to provide users with the highest possible combined privacy and transaction speeds.'),('thunder-token','ThunderCore is committed to building a public blockchain platform that is fast, scalable, and secure. Made possible by years of rigorous academic research, ThunderCore is an EVM-compatible public blockchain that offers higher throughput, faster confirmation times, and lower costs to make it quick and easy for DApps to deploy and scale.'),('ycash','Ycash is a digital currency, like Bitcoin or Zcash. In fact, the software for Ycash is based on the software for Zcash, which in turn is based the software for Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin and Zcash, the total supply of Ycash is forever capped a 21 million coins.'),('elrond','Elrond is a novel architecture which goes beyond state-of-the-art by introducing a genuine State Sharding scheme for practical scalability, eliminating energy and computa-tional waste while ensuring distributed fairness through a Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus mechanism.'),('akropolis','Akropolis is building a domain-specific financial protocol dedicated to the needs of the informal economy. It is designed to: - Enable anybody regardless of geography to quickly set up, operate and grow informal autonomous financial organisations (AFOs).'),('volume-network-token','The Volume Network is a cryptocurrency jointly built by the former co-founder and CTO of TRON.network and Lambda’s core team.'),('telos','Telos is a new blockchain network based on EOSIO software. Eos and Telos are both networks running the EOSIO software. Any smart contract that runs on one system should run equally well on the other. Telos has modified the Eos genesis snapshot and some rules to make the network more responsible to the majority of token holders, to be more attractive to DApp developers.'),('tokenize-xchange','Tokenize Xchange is a fully integrated cryptocurrency exchange that offers both individuals and institutional investors a frictionless and un-sophisticated user experience. The platform will serve as not only a financial tool but also as an educational and communal instrument in proliferating the values and ideas that the blockchain has to offer.'),('reserve-rights-token','Reserve aims to build a stable, decentralized, asset-backed cryptocurrency and a digital payment system that scales supply with demand and maintains 100% or more collateral backing. Ultimately, Reserve’s goal is to create a universal store of value – particularly in regions with unreliable banking infrastructure and regions where hyperinflation is an issue.'),('ankr','Ankr strives to build a resource efficient blockchain framework that truly enables Distributed Cloud Computing (DCC) and provides user-friendly infrastucture for business applications. There are indeed existing cloud solutions, but Ankr is the first one to leverage both blockchain and trusted hardware.'),('otocash','OTOCASH (OTO) is a Bitcoin base Token, OTOCASH will be a revolutionary payment platform that enables buyers to use their OTO Token in order to pay sellers (private or merchants). We provide sellers with the safety and convenience of receiving funds in fiat currency and offer the best consumer-protection to buyers.'),('hyperion','Hyperion aims to establish a global decentralized map economy for 7B people and 10B devices. Hyperion organically integrates innovations of three important dimensions coined as the Hyperion Trinity of map technology economy and society structures to eventually achieve a sustainable and self-governed map economy of the world.'),('carry','Carry is a platform that connects offline merchants and consumers using blockchain. Carry Protocol aims to resolve these problems with three objectives: 1) provide a platform for merchants to understand their customers and communicate with them 2) enable consumers to control their own transaction data and monetize the information. 3) offer a new advertising channel that is effective and transparent.'),('foam-protocol','FOAM is an open protocol for proof of location on Ethereum. Our mission is to build a consensus driven map of the world, empowering a fully decentralized web3 economy with verifiable location data. FOAM incentivizes the infrastructure needed for privacy-preserving and fraud-proof location verification.'),('lto-network','LTO Network is a blockchain platform for creating decentralized workflow applications, while maintaining data privacy and GDPR compliance. Developers and enterprises can use the LTO toolkit to either create new, or integrate existing solutions — and run them in a transparent, secure and decentralized way.'),('robotina','For the first time in the history, opportunity, technology, as well as legal and social conditions are favourable and ready for the Robotina Platform to step onto the stage. Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology (enabling smart contracts) and Artificial intelligence bring great benefits to users and investors.'),('content-value-network','Merging blockchain technology and P2P (peer-to-peer) distributed service, CVN is the next generation content distribution platform, creating a highly autonomous community, optimizing on traditional content distribution, transfer, filter and review processes, a platform where good content can be immediately and widely shared while spam is held at bay.'),('ultiledger','Ultiledger aims to apply blockchain technology to build a distributed financial database and account system at a low cost.'),('metahash','#MetaHash is a next-generation network based on the Blockchain 4.0 technology for sharing digital assets and a platform for creating and managing decentralized apps and services in real-time'),('aergo','AERGO is an open platform that allows businesses to build innovative applications and services by sharing data on a trustless and distributed IT ecosystem. With the ability to deploy on either public or private blockchain networks, AERGO gives businesses the flexibility in developing and deploying blockchain applications with unparalleled speed, scalability and performance.'),('iris-network','Inter-chain Service Infrastructure and Protocol Technology Foundation for a Distributed Business Ecosystem'),('wirex','Wirex token (WXT), a brand-new native cryptocurrency from the payment platform of the future. Enjoy heavily-reduced fees, exclusive merchant offers, super-charged rewards and more!'),('top-network','TOP Network is a high-performance blockchain with a powerful array of service-level infrastructures, including the world’s first decentralized cloud communication services. TOP aims to build a business-friendly blockchain platform that handles real-word business of any type, size or volume on the blockchain.'),('gowithmi','GoWithMi is building the world’s first complete decentralized location-based services (DLBS) infrastructure. It aims to provide a complete trusted geospatial value exchange service for large-scale commerce from data, computing, personal terminal to commercial ecological, and making value flows multidimensional, safer and smarter.'),('bitsdaq-token','Bitsdaq is destined to create a Pan-Asia Market Network that can fuel the prosperous development of the entire blockchain industry. Following BITTREX, we will be redefining IEO user experience with top-tier security standard and exceptional efficiency.'),('pirate-chain','PIRATE (ARRR) is the best of Zcash (ZEC) combined with the best of Monero (XMR) and secured by Komodo's (KMD) Delayed-Proof-of-Work (dPoW) It’s a forced Shielded-transactions (z-transactions) only blockchain, meant for completely anonymous transactions.'),('edc-blockchain','Launched in 2015, EDC Blockchain is a global multi-currency platform with a built-in constructor of coins. All EDC holders are merged into master nodes, which are a certain kind of fund in which users donate their coins, thereby allowing the node to mine EDC.'),('cnns','N/A'),('moviebloc','MovieBloc is a blockchain based film distribution platform. The Creators will get a transparent revenue share, audience data, and equal screening opportunity; the viewers will access various films & contents and get rewarded for providing curation, foreign subtitle, and marketing material to the MovieBloc ecosystem.'),('axe','Decentralized blockchain with strong accent on speed and privacy.'),('drep','Decentralized Reputation System (DREP) enables Internet platforms to quantify, monetize, and share reputation value. DREP Foundation aims to provide a blockchain infrastructure and decentralized reputation protocol.'),('tera-smart-money','Tera is a decentralized application platform. This is akin to an operating system. Tera consists of a repository of programs and data storage integrated into the Internet. The mechanism for publishing programs and data on this platform is free from censorship. The circulatory system is the blockchain.'),('dusk-network','Dusk Network is a high throughput permissionless blockchain aimed at providing privacy, programmability and auditability. Dusk Network is currently in the Testnet phase and is a blockchain protocol for easy deployment of programmable zero-knowledge dApps.'),('coinus','CoinUs is a personal multi-wallet offering convenience and security for storing various cryptocurrencies.'),('ampleforth','Ampleforth is a digital-asset-protocol for smart commodity-money. The smart commodity money with a unique elastic supply protocol. AMPL supply expands and contracts in response to it’s price deviating from a 1 USD target.'),('beaxy-exchange','BXY is an exchange utility token that powers the Beaxy Exchange platform. It can be used to increase user levels, reduce fees, and access new tools & features.'),('origo','Origo Network aims to feature privacy as one of the main drivers of adopting decentralized applications (dApps). Nowhere is the need for privacy more paramount than in the collection of identity and behavior data. What is Origo? A scalable privacy preserving platform for decentralized applications.'),('v-id-blockchain','MVP is live, big name clients, strong team, guaranteed listing, big ambitions, softcap is near'),('veriblock','VeriBlock and its novel Proof-of-Proof (“PoP”) consensus protocol is the first and only technology in the world to allow any blockchain to inherit Bitcoin’s unprecedented thermodynamic Proof-of-Work security in an entirely Decentralized, Trustless, Transparent, and Permissionless (“DTTP”) manner.'),('spendcoin','Spendcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that powers the Spend.com ecosystem of products. Spend has two financial services products, the Spend App and Spend Card, which are products of Spend.com that give our users a multi-currency digital wallet that they are able to store fiat and digital assets/currencies.'),('japan-content-token','Japan Content Token Project, JCT Project, realizes a platform which allows visitors, especially from overseas, to search and to experience various Japan “contents” by using the blockchain technology. There exists virtually no project with this kind of objectives regardless of whether based on the blockchain technology or not.'),('imagecoin','Proof of existence , Buy and Sell Images'),('veil','VEIL is an open source cryptocurrency with a world-first combination of Stealth Addressing, Confidential Transactions, RingCT and Zerocoin protocol with Bulletproofs to provide secure transaction privacy & efficiency. VEIL project is backed by an experienced team with a vision to develop the most advanced privacy focused cryptocurrency in the market.'),('equilibrium-eosdt','N/A'),('stp-network','Standard Tokenization Protocol is a smart contract platform that allows issuers to create and issue token offerings in a regulatory compliant manner in a large number of jurisdictions around the globe. The protocol allows the integration of international regulations to enable compliant issuance of tokenized assets and cross-jurisdictional transfers of ownership.'),('wollo','Pigzbe is a part physical, part digital piggy-wallet for children, powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency. Pigzbe uses the blockchain to make money transfers within families borderless, safe, and instant.'),('ocean-protocol','Ocean Protocol is an ecosystem for sharing data and associated services. It provides a tokenized service layer that exposes data, storage, compute and algorithms for consumption with a set of deterministic proofs on availability and integrity that serve as verifiable service agreements.'),('multivac','What is MultiVAC ? MultiVAC is the next-generation public blockchain platform designed for large-scale and complicated decentralized applications High-Throughput With the same node scale, MultiVAC can achieve two orders of magnitude credibility and over 10000 times TPS as bitcoin, which will fully meets the needs of large-scale applications.'),('blockcloud','Blockcloud, a new approach that combines the advantages of Service-centric Networking (SCN) and blockchain to empower IoT. In Blockcloud, SCN forms the underlying physical network that provides connectivity, mobility and scalability.'),('lition','Lition is a company developing private side chains with deletable data features on top of the Ethereum Blockchain.'),('sinoc','We are engineers, researchers, designers, and writers dedicated to making blockchain technologies more mainstream. Our software and cryptocurrency mining products create a more seamless blockchain experience for individuals and businesses.'),('infinitus-token','Infinitus is a blockchain based decentralised mobile app (dApp). Users can safekeep encrypted digital data such as private keys, passwords, recovery seeds, pincodes or any alphanumeric data on a decentralised network. Upon a pre-set time or code trigger, all private data will be automatically transferred to a designated receiver.'),('coti','COTI is the first enterprise-grade digital fintech platform, which eliminates all intermediaries and empowers any organization to build their own private payment solution and digitize any currency using our proprietary Trustchain protocol.'),('stableusd','StableUSD (USDS) is a fiat-collateralized stablecoin created by Stably, Inc. Each StableUSD token is legally backed and redeemable for a US Dollar held in FDIC-insured escrow accounts managed by our fiduciary custodians, such as Prime Trust. The biggest and most obvious problem with using popular cryptocurrencies for transactional purposes at the moment is price volatility.'),('force-protocol','N/A'),('bomb','The world's first self-destructing currency. BOMB is a social experiment and financial case study to measure the feasibility of a deflationary currency. The rules are simple. 1) There were originally 1,000,000 Bomb in existence. 2) Each time a Bomb is transferred, 1% of the transaction is destroyed. 3) There will never be newly minted Bomb.'),('covalent','COVA is a new paradigm for data to be used as capital. Data is quickly becoming the most important asset in the world, yet currently there is no infrastructure to control how it is used. COVA provides a unique solution to this dilemma and allows data owners to take advantage of the commodification of data.'),('chromaway','N/A'),('bitdepositary','Bitdepositary, BDT Token presents the first ICO crowdfunding platform to provide secure and light-weight digital wallet to the platform users allowing them to trade cryptocurrencies or exchange for Fiat currencies. Bitdepositary will first start with major crypto-assets like Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and Zcash with many more to follow.'),('duo','DUO a dual-class token structure that, combined with smart contract governed rules and market arbitrage mechanism, provides principal-guaranteed fixed incomes and leveraged capital gains for holders of each class, respectively.'),('bolt','BOLT’s vision is to be the largest mobile wallet in the world, powered by content. Our mission is to democratise the chain between content producers and users.We built BOLT as an ecosystem on the Blockchain to provide an in-ecosystem store of value which increases as utility increases.'),('kambria','Our mission is to accelerate the process of robotics innovation, enabling faster, cheaper, and easier robotics development and adoption by everyone. We named the platform Kambria, after the Cambrian Explosion, 500 million years ago, when an accelerated evolutionary rate gave rise to biodiversity and abundance.'),('taiwan-digital-token','TWDT is launched by CryptoDT platform ,founded by Green World FinTech Service Co., Ltd, the largest third-party payment company in Taiwan. Each TWDT is guaranteed to have an equivalent of NT$1 in the bank's trust account and is audited by professionals to ensure that it is permanently anchored to a non-fluctuating price : 1 TWDT= NT$1 .'),('trias','An all-platform-supported native-application-compatible smart contract execution platform, development framework and collaborating ecosystem. TRIAS aims to create a new-generation public chain, which will support the execution of general-purpose native-applications on all platforms.'),('oduwa-coin','OduwaCoin is a free open source project derived from collaborative blockchain Mirror of Bitcoin, PPCoin and NovaCoin with the goal of providing a long-term energy-efficient scrypt-based crypto-currency. Built on the foundation of Hybrid Blockchain POW/POS, innovations such as proof-of-stake help further advance the field of crypto-currency and boosting nearly NO-transaction fees for all users.'),('project-districts','3DCoin is an innovative cryptocurrency that relies on a consensus protocol to form a multilayered architecture. The network utilizes simple scripts to program transactions that in turn deploy contracts triggered by say, a timestamp or an external public API.'),('mochimo','Mochimo - An innovative approach to cryptocurrency that introduces a quantum-proof transaction network, true decentralization, ultra-fast transaction processing, unprecedented convergence time and unparalleled scalability—all on a trustless, peer-to-peer network running on consumer hardware.'),('sport-and-leisure','The main problem of today’s crypto industry is the absence of a solid connection with the real economy. Crypto markets are very easy to enter, but exiting market is associated with costs, risks and difficulties. These days many teams are trying to develop stable cryptocurrencies to facilitate global adoption and avoid risks that are mentioned above.'),('cloudbric','Cloudbric started as an in-house venture of Penta Security Systems, Inc., South Korea's no. 1 enterprise web and data security vendor, and currently protects close to 10,000 members, 50+ global partners, and features over 25 data centers around the world. Cloudbric looks to bridge the gap between cybersecurity and artificial intelligence through this project.'),('playchip','The PlayChip is an ERC20 token designed to become the universal gaming token. The PlayChip will serve at the core of an online gaming ecosystem that already consists of seven platforms, with many more to come. The ecosystem supports a user base of over 900,000 people in over 70 different nations, and is on track to turn over a combined US$430m in 2018 alone.'),('bloc-platform','BLOC is a platform for impact investment funds worldwide. The BLOC platform aims to provide high quality and already standardized impact investment fund service where investors will have the opportunity to invest in established impact investment funds, not only to obtain considerable returns but also to help the global community at large.'),('bitcoin-confidential','Bitcoin Confidential is a new coin focused on confidentiality/privacy that will be Proof of Stake, using Ring Confidential Signatures and based on the latest Bitcoin codebase for compatibility.'),('netrum','Netrum is “The Future of Technology”, universal, practical and easy to use. We will always adapt and adjust the platform development in order to improve user’s experience. Netrum have many features for its users, it can connect easily with nowadays financial System.'),('unification','A Public/Private Blockchain ecosystem that allows deployment of Workchains. Workchains replace “DAPPS” and are operated independently from the Mainchain with a fixed UND price.. This allows predictable cost metrics with unlimited horizontal scalability and 100% interoperability across various Workchains. Block rewards for Mainchain are issued to the top 96 MasterStakers.'),('opacity','Opacity has quickly established itself as a tool to effortlessly share files uploaded through Oyster. Opacity means you are in control over who sees your data. Keep your file handle private, and you are the only one able to access that file. Selectively share it with friends, or whole communities, to make files accessible to whatever audience you like.'),('raven-protocol','Raven Protocol's specific use case is to perform AI training where speed is the key. We're taking a 1M image dataset that takes 2-3 weeks to train on AWS down to 2-3 hours on Raven. AI companies will be able to train models better and faster.'),('pibble','This is where Pibble comes in. Pibble is a Blockchain based image Cryptocurrency! It is a monetized Image Ecosystem that brings image creators and consumers together, so as to compensate them for the work they create, use and enjoy.'),('emanate','Sound from the source We are building a music-technology platform for the blockchain era with artists, creativity and collaboration at the very centre; connecting all participants in the music ecosystem to drive transformational change for the industry.'),('verasity','Verasity is a disruptive video sharing platform designed to pivot the online video ecosystem by enabling a direct and transparent relationship between viewers, content creators, and advertisers.'),('adamant-messenger','ADAMANT is a true Blockchain messenger, independent from governments, corporations and even developers. It is possible due to a decentralized network infrastructure, fully open source and run by users. ADM is a utility-token supporting decentralized ADAMANT Messenger infrastructure.'),('inmax','INMAX is A dependable digital asset exchange and financial system INMAX comes as a novel cryptocurrency trading platform with the abovementioned advantages. Founded by PT.HAFIZC KOIN ASIA – a company that has so much experience in cryptocurrency trading, INMAX offers a simpler but more advanced platform design and high-quality customer support.'),('ultra','Ultra is a protocol and platform positioned to disrupt the $140bn USD gaming industry using blockchain technology to allow anyone to build and operate their own game distribution platform or virtual goods trading service. In doing so, it challenges the current monopoly held by industry heavyweights Steam, Google, and Apple.'),('swap','Stable Network, No Fee, No Premine, No BS'),('ovcode','OVCODE is an award winning blockchain verification engine. OVCODE is a patented technology that helps you verify, publish, and permanently store your life’s trusted data. OVCODE is a fully running system and has implemented real world use cases for government and enterprise.'),('hut34-entropy','Hut34 enables A.I., Bots, IoT, other digital services and data sets to connect, interact and monetise data, information and knowledge.'),('banana-token','Chimpion is an all in one ecommerce, point of sale, digital wallet with crypto to fiat settlement system. Chimpion’s is launching e-commerce storefronts that allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments, choosing their favorite altcoin as the base currency denomination and allowing the merchant to settle their crypto into fiat through a stablecoin.'),('webdollar','WebDollar is a cryptocurrency fully native to the World Wide Web, entirely written in JavaScript, built around the concepts of simplicity, lightness and portability.'),('allive','ALLIVE is an intelligent, blockchain-based healthcare ecosystem. At ALLIVE, users have complete control over their own health data, which can be analyzed by the AI doctor to provide a personalized, comprehensive healthcare management.'),('facts','The core idea of FACTS is to construct a set of “Factual Content Incentive Mechanism “that is based on blockchain technology, namely Proof of Facts (PoF). Users can obtain the right of reward allocation through any operational behavior on the factual content.'),('chimaera','In 2013 the XAYA team introduced the world to true blockchain gaming with the Huntercoin experiment. Since then, they have pushed blockchain technologies ahead with several unique innovations. Through several years of R&D, the team proudly presents this new platform where games can run serverless and unstoppable on the blockchain with countless thousands of games and millions of players.'),('rom-token','ROM is a decentralized data communication hybrid service that produces more values by using a user’s idle communication resource through a multi-platform that combines IPTV, communication, and game services. ROM is a multi-pl ROM is a multi-platform that combines IPTV, communication, and game services.'),('vodi-x','Vodi X is positioned on the already widely adopted mobile payments application, Vodi, boasting 5+ million users in over 200 countries. Vodi X is building a creatively gamified platform.'),('experience-chain','The eXPerience Chain Project is an open source project aiming at a society that enables people to gain new experiences by connecting people in the real world using cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency “eXPerience Chain (XPC)” will be the currency to create the foundation for it.'),('vegawallet-token','VegaWallet is a Global Leader in Providing Real World Applications for Blockchain Based Payment Systems. The Backbone of Our Platform is Powered By Our VGW Token.'),('linix','N/A'),('midas-cash','MCashChain, a Decentralized and Social e-Payment Platform with Zero Fee and Lighting Speed, which aims to Enable Frictionless Digital Economy. MCashChain possesses the most aspired characters for high throughput dApps required by Midas Ecosystem and our dApps extension allies.'),('gmb','GMB is the fastest blockchain platform with dual-cryptocurrencies that can connect into real life. GMB overcomes the scalability limits of existing blockchains and provides easy-to-use objective smart contacts.'),('meritcoins','MRC strives to be four things above all others: simple, value, community and safe. Each of these pillars is core to becoming the world’s most adopted digital currency.'),('xnos','Feeless, instant transfer & store of value'),('iqf-token','IQF is an internal token issued by IQFinex FINANCE LLP. It is a token economy system designed and launched by our world-class development team based on blockchain technology. IQF is set to connect prospective digital asset projects to users as well as professional investors, creating an IQFinex ecosystem that helps to advance the development of blockchain technology and the digital asset industry.'),('safex-cash','Safex is a platform to conduct ecommerce on a blockchain with a proof of work crypto currency.'),('ludos','The Ludos Protocol is a decentralized solution for game ecosystem.'),('rapids','We are a creative agency with a passion for innovation & the design of beautiful creations. We have all envisioned certain aspects of past cryptocurrency projects we would have liked to see come to fruition, and we are applying those underlying philosophies to Rapids.'),('wibson','Wibson is a blockchain-based, decentralized data marketplace that provides individuals with a way to securely and anonymously sell validated private information in a trusted environment.'),('imagecash','Book of Ideas with Images, Photo Sharing and Uploading At ImageHosty!'),('asian-dragon','Asian Dragon is a “Coin of Wealth” the future transaction of the people using the existing Blockchain platform and powering it as the new Currency tokens for the Asian people.'),('bithereum','Bithereum is a coin that is created via forking the Bitcoin blockchain. BTH will function as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system similar to Bitcoin, however it will fuse with the technological roadmap of Ethereum to create a more technologically advanced version of Bitcoin which is structured around Proof of Stake consensus.'),('nollar','NOLLAR is an IOU 1:1 USD backed stablecoin based on blocklattice-tech offering instant, feeless & green transactions. Disrupting money transfer fees by removing them forever.'),('dos-network','DOS Network - A Decentralized Oracle Service supporting multiple heterogeneous blockchains. DOS Network brings real word data, event and computation power to smart contract in a secure, reliable, efficient and scalable way.'),('triton','Project Triton [XTRI] is developing innovative donation platforms for the Online Streaming and ESports industries through blockchain technology.'),('win-win','The TWINS cryptocurrency will be used to power the exchange platform for buy and sell order listings and to reward the community-supported and decentralized hosting of network nodes.'),('prometeus','Prometeus Network is a secure and decentralized ecosystem designed to solve real-world problems in data brokerage, created for the Influencer Marketing, Medical and Insurance data market industries. Prometeus Network is developed by Prometeus Labs.'),('verisafe','VeriSafe will be the catalyst for projects, exchanges and communities to collaborate, creating an ecosystem where transparency, accountability, communication, and expertise go hand-in-hand to set a standard in the industry.'),('kubocoin','A payment processing system for effortless transfer of crypto funds into fiat or other crypto assets.'),('synchrolife','SynchroLife is an artificial intelligence based social restaurant search platform with token rewards for restaurant reviews and photos. SynchroLife is building the world's most intelligent and trustworthy restaurant discovery platform with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.'),('binance-gbp','Binance GBP Stable Coin (BGBP) is a token issued by Binance with the price pegged to the GBP at a rate of 1 BGBP = 1 GBP. BGBP is 100% backed by the same amount of GBP held by Binance in a bank account at all times.'),('honest-mining','Honest (HNST) is the native currency of Honest Mining Platform, a crypto mining & staking as a service platform. With HNST you will be able to join masternode, get special discount and other usages.'),('alpha-platform','Our Products and services at Alpha are designed to help those who may not have the time or ability to take part in the crypto currency revolution. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced user, Alpha will elevate your crypto experience to it’s highest levels.'),('uplexa','uPlexa coin aims to incentivize the mass compute power of IoT devices through PoW. Ultimately enabling a highly decentralized means of anonymous, browser-based blockchain payments.'),('thorchain','THORChain is building a chain-agnostic bridging protocol that will allow trustless and secure value-transfer connections with most other chains (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and all of Binance Chain). Users will be able to instantly swap any asset at fair market prices and deep liquidity.'),('moonx','MM is the Utility Token for MoonX Exchange (both for Crypto and Foreign Currency Trading), Cross-border payments and transactions.'),('hunt-token','The goal of HUNT platform is to create a decentralised ecosystem by providing dapps and 3rd-party services that enable product makers to utilise the power of product lovers. Steemhunt - a ranking community for product enthusiasts to discover cool new products Reviewhunt - a marketing channel where makers suggest bounty missions for early-adopters Ideahunt - a crowdfunding platform where early-adopters can trade their backer’s non-fungible tokens.'),('cotrader','CoTrader is like "The Uber of hedge funds", live on mainnet.cotrader.com, is the world's first blockchain investment funds marketplace that's democratizing the $85 trillion global funds industry, as anyone anywhere can create or join an investment fund on the blockchain.'),('coinjanitor','CoinJanitor offers a recycling mechanism to restore the lost value in functionally dead coins and reduce cryptocurrency market dilution. Holders, community members and creators of failed coins are provided a way to join a project that has the network effect that the projects they created or supported failed to achieve, and implementing a subsequent systematic burn of the coins bought out.'),('veles','Veles will provide both VPN encryption security and allow payments within the network with community based proof-of-work cryptocurrency.'),('touchcon','Marketing Platform that blends the Smart QR Code with commercials'),('odin-blockchain','ODIN Blockchain is an advanced blockchain based ecosystem providing a mobile focused platform with a mandate on privacy and data security. ODIN provides a growing range of free products and services alongside an increasingly decentralized infrastructure.'),('cubiex','Cubiex aims to connect 400m gamer worldwide on a decentralized blockchain powered social network and crypto league for eSports. Users can find friends, connect with them and participate in our unique Crypto Battle League.'),('vault12','Vault12 enables you to safeguard your cryptocurrencies, using a cryptographically secure network made up of trusted people and devices.'),('parachute','Parachute was started as a community of people who loved cryptocurrency. Today, we're building the way friends and businesses use crypto in their daily lives.'),('qredit','The payments and rewards platform for merchants and consumers.'),('cash2','Cash2 is a new CryptoNote cryptocurrency with all the useful properties of cash but with added beneficial features. The goal is for Cash2 to become mainstream digital money used for day-to-day purchases. Cash2 has no premine and was launched on December 5, 2018.'),('lukki-operating-token','Lukki Operating Token (LOT) token is designed especially for Lukki ecosystem and its related products. LOT allows you to use the expanded set of services of the platform and application. This utility token is used to reduce transactions fees and get special bonuses.'),('crypto-sports','Crypto Sports builds the bridge between the eSports and Crypto world, offering gamers and developers innovative ways to connect and provide opportunities for every gamer, casual or professional, to earn money doing what they love most thanks to the Crypto Sports Network and the crypto currency, CSPN.'),('x42-protocol','The x42 Protocol is a feeless cryptocurrency that allows the user not only to make transactions using the x42 coin but also gives a very large array of tools to the developer that chooses to use the platform; x42 is a proof-of-stake blockchain that allows for the creation, distribution and decentralized hosting of applications.'),('platoncoin','Platon Finance is the first insured crypto-financial ecosystem based on a Ethereum blockchain, connecting the classic fiat money market with modern digital currencies via its own ERC-20 standard token, PlatonCoin.'),('siaprime-coin','Decentralized storage network for SMB/Enterprise'),('mesg','MESG is the new economy for application development where developers can generate income from the apps they’re already creating. Developers first create modular apps, then buy and sell the app’s components, called Modules, in an open marketplace.'),('titan-coin','Experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.'),('anon','A zkSNARKS privacy coin with masternode capabilities'),('neutral-dollar','Neutral Dollar is an entirely new blockchain-native financial instrument.'),('bzedge','BZEdge is a coin which aims to provide privacy transactions and also a vast eco-system.'),('atheneum','Through the power of blockchain, Atheneum has formed the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Learning Organization (DALO), a free-market, educational ecosystem governed by a decentralized body. This model is fundamentally designed to provide accountability, proof-of-learning, and affordable education to peoples across the globe.'),('truedeck','N/A'),('credit','Credit is a Crytpocurrency that aims to be a decentralized Digital payment solution to the worlds unbanked adult population, which is an estimated $50,000,000,000,000.00 (Fifty Trillion Dollars) Market.'),('maza','Maza is the official reserve currency of the Oglala Lakota Nation of North and South Dakota. Lakota Nation is a "a semi-autonomous North American Indian reservation in South Dakota", which have been seeking recognition as a fully independent nation since the 1970s.'),('globatalent','Globatalent is a global marketplace that tokenizes talent - allowing people all over the world to invest in their favorite competitive athletes, sports idols, and more. By tokenizing athletes, teams and clubs, they give everyone the chance to have a stake in your idols, and even bet on future talent. They have made it our goal to bring the best sports idols in the world to this platform.'),('phantom','PHANTOM is a decentralized system that is a fork of ARK that is operated by a delegated proof-of-stake consensus protocol. PHANTOM, in its core, will allow users to create Private Smart Contracts and transmit private transactions within the network while giving the ability to use Private Smart Bridges for cross-chain private interoperability.'),('mintd','MINTD is a PoS / Masternode based cryptocurrency'),('bitgrin','BitGrin is a implementation of MimbleWimble a revolutionary protocol that allows for scale-able and completely private transactions. We reviewed the current implementations of this protocol and we are not satisfied. Our goal is to fix the economics and improve the ease of use'),('spidervps','Spider VPS is the first social vps hosting platform based on blockchain technology aimed at creating a strong community around it and offering high-tech services.'),('hyperquant','HyperQuant is a professional platform for automated crypto trading, asset management and dApps creation that is based on the cutting-edge AI, Risk Management, Blockchain technologies and Fast Order Delivery protocol. It is made by professional quant traders who know capital management industry inside-out.'),('aeryus','Aeryus is the first complete, non-fungible blockchain transactional network, for all digital currencies. A fully integrated ecosystem from easy-to-use smartphone app to merchant-friendly PoS terminals. Peer to peer, B2B, B2C and C2C. Aeryus. Discover. Disrupt. Decentralize.'),('exosis','Exosis is masternode coin with its own algo having multi utility platform to create demand. Utility platforms are VMN, Exchange, e-commerce and OTC'),('armours','As the world's leading blockchain security laboratory, Armors solutions extend from the smart contract eco-platform to the overall blockchain security.'),('flits','Flits is the first masternode and staking app. With over 30 coins and 450 nodes hosted already in a month we are the fastest growing service out here.'),('release-ico-project','Worthy information and reliable evaluation will greatly change the future of SNS'),('gravitycoin','GravityCoin is a multifunctional cryptocurrency with a developing ecosystem consisting of DEX, applications, and multiple-blockchain interactions. Features include, but are not limited to KNIFE technology, masternode tiers and full ZeroCoin privacy.'),('cryptopayafrica','CPA Coin is built on Cryptonote technology and offer our users the ability to transact absolutely anonymously with no interference from any 3rd parties. Our currency will be the preferred method of sending money to anyone in Africa and all over the world.'),('1sg','1SG is a stable coin issued by Mars Blockchain, aiming to overcome the problem of today's cryptocurrency. It provides open, transparent, efficient and convenient KYC/AML process with characteristic of stable value, high profitableness and high liquidity.'),('hypnoxys','Hypnoxys want to offer our industry a new way to be able to use instant messaging services without central party to worry about the security of your chats in an encrypted and transparent way using blockchain technology.'),('klimatas','Klimatas is an innovative project, centered at bridging the gap between the block-chain technology and investors involved in making sure that the sustainable development goals are met.'),('eesty-coin','Eesty Coin is Ethereum ERC20 token and is the Inventors crowdfunding platform coin. We support all in the world inventors, inventions and also People can buy healthy product as Golden Stevia for EEC. We have merchant program and APP EEC Wallet for iOS and Android. People can buy and sell the EEC, products and services.'),('needscoin','NeedsCoin is a modern blended platform that enable Cryptocurrency payment in Online shopping as well as other e-business transactions. It also provides crypto-wallet and decentralized cryptocurrency exchange services with minimal charges.'),('birdchain','Birdchain is a decentralized instant messaging application. It will give its users opportunity to earn extra income by selling their unused SMS messages, watching promotional videos, and selling their data. Personal data is already being smartly used by such companies as Google and Facebook. Birdchain DApp users will be able to choose which data exactly they want to sell and generate income.'),('stakinglab','Stakinglab has been operating in the field of instant and shared masternode services for more than a year. We have built a very strong client base and we are now looking for expansion of our services. We have delivered two platform stakinglab.io and clicknode.io as part of our expansion plan and now need to have our own payment system in place to offer maximum benefits to our community members.'),('globex','GEX is a token, that built on Ethereum Blockchain. GEX token will be used on our main exchange with a lot of benefits for system holders – reduced fees, dividents, voting power, etc.'),('badcoin','₿adcoin is a peer-to-peer multichain built on 5 blockchain protocols. This allows the transfer of assets from one party to another cheaper, faster, safer, and sexier than others. Oh, and anyone can mine it, fairly, whether on GOOD or BAD computers.'),('ethereum-gold-project','ETGP is the update of ETG project with new roadmap , our vision is to facilitate & decentralize payment of companies & communities'),('five-star-coin-pro','Five Star Coin Pro provides user-friendly, efficient and secure crypto banking, payments and eCommerce solution utilizing blockchain technology, underpinned by FSCP Coin. Through machine learning algorithms, coin proof of stake issuances and FSCP holder proof of stakes, FSCP aims to provide the confidence needed for wide acceptance as a medium of exchange and furthermore, a store of value.'),('eurocoinpay','The EurocoinToken (ECTE) was created for micropayments and international transactions. We would like to have our main customer pool in B2C market. Our main target are brick and mortar businesses with their customers.'),('lexit','LEXIT is the first online marketplace that allows entrepreneurs to trade IP, copyrights, code, and even sell entire startups. LEXIT streamlines Mergers & Acquisitions through a blockchain-based tokenization model and the disintermediation of appraisement and matchmaking services. Selling or buying tech assets in LEXIT is as simple as purchasing a car or real estate.'),('voyager','First decentralized app providing a full range of services for the traveler.'),('kittoken','Kittoken is a utility token built on erc20 platform. we plan to create a complete ecosystem where much effort is being done to conduct research and development on blockchain technology. Additionally we also have a ecommerce platform called kitbay and almost complete digital wallet called KitPay.'),('mocrow','MOCROW ecosystem is an energy ecosystem that is powered by Mocrow (MCW), an ERC20 token. MOCROW ecosystem is an integral part of, and has been fully integrated with an existing energy utility company which serves over 900,000 electricity users in the coverage area.'),('fxpay','FXP is a gateway solution which will unify the Ecosystem and Forex industry based on the blockchain technology.'),('thrivechain','These coins have the potential to revolutionize the travel industry as it will allow travelers, agencies and transportation systems to come together in Trivecoin’s self-regulated economic system with a global community. Thanks to the innovative business model underpinned by these Blockchain based coins, everyone in possession of Trivecoins will have the opportunity to enjoy unique benefits such as lower costs, avoidance of double lowest fees.'),('uptrennd','Uptrennd stands on four foundational pillars: Freedom of Speech, Data Security, Equality of Opportunity and Distribution of Wealth. On Uptrennd, your private information will never permisionlessly be sold, and you will earn'),('reosc-ecosystem','Invest ecosystem on blockchain technologies with its own cryptocurrency REOSC'),('trocaninja','Troca.Ninja is the first Brazilian exchange to have its own cryptocurrency. TrocaNinja (TNJ) was developed to benefit users, so they can trade another cryptos paired with TNJ, and pay 0 exchange fees.'),('cryptoads-marketplace','CryptoAds Marketplace is a powerful decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on Ethereum Blockchain. CFC Company developed a cloud based software system for internal use and B2C sector; and now it’s time for expanding into the growing B2B marketplace.'),('truevnd','Powering crypto transfer financial solution for Vietnamese overseas to Vietnam Helping millions of Vietnamese sending money back to their family easy, fast, low fee and secure.'),('goldenfever','GoldenFever - This is fair wins,fair rewards supported by Etherium and Waves Smart Contracts! We are building a whole ecosystem Game platform that would give game developers all the advantages of using smart contracts and blockchain.'),('livenodes','Livenodes is blockchain-based developed ecosystem, which builds multiple services and products with practical use cases. It’s a well known fact that crypto-projects are evaluated by market sentiments and the use cases the project is intending to solve. Livenodes, unlike other projects that are focused on the specificity of a single utility, has multiple use cases that solve real world problems.'),('motacoin','A new decentralized, trustless, Cryptographic secured ecosystem for the marijuana industry. Designed for high adoption. Implemented with speed.'),('blur-network','BLUR is a private and untraceable cryptocurrency that is GPU/ASIC-resistant. The Blur Network uses the Cryptonight-Adaptive algorithm for a PoW mechanism that changes with each block, to make pooled mining and mining rigs incompatible with the network, without significant modifications.'),('evedo','Evedo is a blockchain based platform, consisting of B2B & B2C Marketplaces. It unifies all businesses and participants involved in organizing events. Our aim is to build a marketplace and a true ecosystem that will help the $850+ Billion event industry grow by connecting all parties without unnecessary middlemen.'),('ethplode','ETHplode is a deflationary store of value built on the Ethereum blockchain. Whenever $ETHPLO is transferred, 0.5% of the amount is burned. This built in self destructive functionality increases the assets scarcity over time and is hard coded directly into the monetary structure.'),('otrchain','OTR is an active community coin, build to enhance the private use of the blockchain & to expose the offshore technicity.. Our goal is to create an ecosystem where people can share methods to preserve privacy and spread information about offshore structures and ways to use it.'),('araw-token','We are on a mission to provide end-to-end solutions for E-Commerce Marketplace, Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payment, and Unified Reward System powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. Today’s e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace and global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021.'),('onex','An All-in-One Crypto Trading App'),('sparkle','N/A'),('cryply','CranePay [CRP] is a cryptocurrency, which is a direct descendant of Bitcoin and is based on the ideas of decentralized P2P networks from Satoshi Nakamoto. CranePay [CRP]) is a cryptocurrency or a form of digital asset.'),('pluscoin','Connecting dots between cryptocurrency and real world economy. PlusCoin issuer Metaps Plus owns USD 100m volume mobile transaction in Korea and has strong China, Japan and Korea operations in North Asia as Metaps Group. Mobile FinTech platform meets the cryptocurrency economy to complete “Money Flow Platform” This is the first ERC-20 token officially issued by South Korean incorporation and waiting for approval from Japanese FSA to be listed in Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges.'),('delion','Delion Project provides cryptocurrency masternode solution service in one platform such as Masternode Monitoring, Market data and statistics, Technical Coin Information, Masternode Hosting, Exchange from fiat to cryptocurrencies and also Crpyot currency based Stock Exchange.'),('natmin-pure-escrow','Natmin Pure Escrow is a decentralized application that provides pure Escrow Services built on Blockchain Technology. We aim to revolutionize the Escrow industry by utilizing Blockchain Technology to facilitate Escrow transactions for a fraction of the price of conventional Escrow services.'),('toqqn','Toqqn is a blockchain based platform, intended to provide an ad-free social media experience, focused on user privacy and security. A crypto rewarding project that is powered by people. TQN coin can be used to buy digital services on the platform.'),('bulleon','Bulleon is not just another digital asset service, it will be a product combination with a massive amount of high skilled labor input. Bulleon is a Universal digital asset platform, which is also aimed at building a strong, concept-driven currency that offers the chance to see profits and gains considerably snappier and can take benefits out more effortlessly.'),('equaliser','Equaliser is a Blockchain based solution that aims to provide affordable, strong, energy efficient and beautiful homes and accommodation. The blockchain will contain a title registry, proof of ownership and smart contract functionality.'),('nioshares','We introduce NioShares, a support initiative for innovative talent in a simple, fast and technological way. The NioShares platform offers the NIO token to finance and maintain new startups, where you, NioShares holder, can vote and choose (depending on qualification to vote), among the most promising ideas.'),('alpha','Alpha high ROI MN coin that aims to act as a gateway for new cryptocurrency investors into the world of masternodes. Our utility comes from providing decentralized advertisment provision services to cryptocurrency enterprises. Alpha prides itself on simplicity, security and stability.'),('marginless','Marginless is a betting exchange and a social betting network, where all users can share their betting insights, create their own markets, place bets against their friends or oppositors without being overcharged or simply tricked. Marginless will guarantee quick payouts with industry leading, lowest fees.'),('proxynode','ProxyNode (PRX) describes itself as a cryptocurrency-backed blockchain project. ProxyNode seeks to build a blockchain-driven VPS and VPN services solution. Participants in the ProxyNode ecosystem are incentivised with PRX through the running of masternodes and coin staking. The immediate goals of the PRX team are to (i) build an MN hosting service (with fees paid in PRX), (ii) Launch a VPS service (VPS 4 PRX) allowing PRX payments, (iii) offer a VPN service (VPN 4 PRX) for PRX paid subscriptions and (iv) PRX-Change; An exchange for PRX traders that ensures equal global access to PRX. These projects are pursued in collaboration with MASC and form part of an overarching goal. Currently, ProxyNode has a maximum supply of 275,000,000 PRX. A range of MN (sharing) platforms allow users to run PRX masternodes.'),('havethertoken','HavEther is a decentralized and fully transparent Charity Donation platform built on Ethereum Smart Contract, through which fundraisings of our token ""HET"" are organized, the majority of which is donated to charities, Homeless, orphanages, hospitals and other needies.'),('roto','RotoHive is incentivizing the creation of a global fantasy sports hive-mind with Roto (ROTO), an ERC-20 cryptographic token on the Ethereum blockchain. Users are paid in Roto when they perform well in our weekly tournaments. Users can then stake Roto to their models to win a larger share of a tournament's Ethereum prize pool.'),('bitcoin-monster','Bitcoin Monster is a new decentralized and anonymous cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Monster was developed and created by a solid developers that have a same vision. Our main goal is to make instant and private payments and with Masternode System that will ensure stable return on investment. Monsterize Your Asset !!'),('abitshadow-token','ABST aims to build a virtual reality ecosystem based on blockchain technology to connect virtual reality content, creators and users. VR/AR is recognized as the next-generation general-purpose computing platform. ABST will assume the important task of promoting the virtual reality industry's ecological development and accelerate the advent of the VR/AR era.'),('izemcash','The Vision IZEMCASH’s Users Sending Money Around The World. IZEMCASH is a global leader for secure transactions allowing users to transmit value around the world on one of the largest worldwide community networks in digital currency providing increased privacy and speed.'),('tokpie','Tokpie is the first cryptocurrency exchange in the World with Bounty Stakes Trading service.'),('piratecash','Pirate network for P2P services'),('curium','Curium (CRU) is a community driven cryptocurrency ensuring decentralization by giving power to the voice of individuals. Backed by the security of the latest in POS hashing algorithm it is a project that has been engineered specifically for implementation across everyday business and personal transactions.'),('void-token','VOID is a community owned and operated HYPER-deflationary token. 5% of every transaction is burned on the blockchain. Over time, this leads to less supply as more transactions take place.'),('omnes-coin','OmnesCoin: the fastest growing cryptocoin in Pará Today, the most talked about on wheels of friends, social networks, financial market and social media is about digital coins. Crypto-currency uses cryptography, that is, hard-to-break codes to ensure much safer transactions.'),('free-crypto-lotto','The first ever free crypto lottery, powered by advertising'),('kemacoin','Kema Coin is a de-centralized digital currency that can be used to pay for goods or services, earn extra income, and can be traded for other digital currencies on exchanges by you directly without the need for third parties.'),('sdusd','The SDUSD token is issued by Alchemint’s smart contract and is designed to hold $1 USD worth of value by locking NEO as collateral. The SDUSD token is the first native stablecoin to the NEO blockchain. On December 17th, 2018, Alchemint launched its SDUSD stable coin issuance platform to the NEO MainNet.'),('dynamite','Dynamite Token (DYT) is a deflationary ERC20-Token, with an initial total supply of 2,000,000 tokens, 18 decimals and a burning rate of 2% on each transaction. Distribution will happen in different phases via free airdrops to community members and giveaways/contests on social media.'),('devault','DeVault is a community governed and driven digital economy designed around the end user. DeVault offers a custom Cold Rewards system for long-term hodlers akin to a Mileage program as well as lets 100% of users participate in governance and cold rewards, no masternodes, no ICO. Just a Proof of Work driven community economy.'),('nibbleclassic','Nibble A group of four bits, or half a byte, is sometimes called a nibble or nybble. This unit is most often used in the context of hexadecimal number representations, since a nibble has the same amount of information as one hexadecimal digit.'),('private-datagram','The world's first blockchain platform for sharing or selling and buying digital products.'),('joint','Our aim is to create an economy for online publishers that rewards every participant of the network, including authors, commenters and advertisers alike, and minimize third-party commissions. Joint tokens will be issued upon completion of its launch sale.'),('scavo-technologies','SCAVO Technologies is based on the commercial model of the SCAVO Token. Each SCAVO Token acquired by our investor represents the right to receive profits from everything produced by the mining farm for life.'),('hilux','N/A'),('infocoin','Info Coin is the premium bridge for humanity, closing the gap between technical difficulties of cryptos and usage from people. We firmly believe in blockchain technology, in its scalability and variety of usage; to enhance and spread its capabilities between the highest possibile number of user, you have to take a step in and travel the bridge.'),('find-your-developer','Find A Trusted & Experienced Developer on A Decentralized Blockchain Platform'),('quinads','Quinads is an advertisement platform with blockchain based where we can create many contents in a form of video, picture, text, and also allowas us to socially interact and rewarded by cryptocurrency. Quinads combines social interaction and cryptocurrency.'),('geem','Geem is a decentralized, secure, private and untraceable cryptocurrency network, that does not have centralized management or issuer and ensures privacy and anonymity without intermediaries. Its units of exchange are cryptographically protected (encrypted) units of information and are protected from copying and counterfeiting by the blockchain technology.'),('tritanium','Our coin pays the gas fees for The Tritanium Traceability Blockchain, which provides a secure public blockchain and easy to use API allowing Food Manufacturers and Distributors to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).'),('orium','ORIUM is Game Utility Token and driven by community.ORIUM based on Ethereum network and have the eco-system of fair P2P mobile game and focus on entertainment.'),('electrum-dark','Electrum Dark is a working real-world cryptocurrency powering a fully-functional decentralized marketplace that allows you to buy and sell goods and services easily, securely, and anonymously,worldwide'),('cointorox','Cointorox is a comprehensive cryptocurrency ecosystem consisting of an AI-powered Trading Signals Service, Marketplace for Crypto Users, Browser-based Decentralized Wallet Supporting P2P Swaps, Blockchain Games, Prediction Market based on Augur, and an Airdrop Central.'),('kimex','KIMEX is a decentralized binary options platform based on Blockchain. Their motto is better, faster, stronger because the market needs a crypto exchange which will not fail investors. Traders will lose all their money if broker company shuts down or is runs away. It is the worst situation which many traders face.'),('ttanslateme-network-token','The world’s first decentralised translation network that rewards the user for correcting AI output. Our Unique algorithm will use correction data to fast track language processing.'),('italo','Italo (XTA) is an anonymous and secure cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote And Monero Technology!'),('sub1x','SUB1X is an ultra low supply, community driven cryptocurrency. It started off as an ERC-20 token, with over 80% of the supply being distributed in the form of an airdrop. In order to achieve its long term ambitions, the development team decided that creating a dedicated masternode compatible SUB1X chain was the best way forward.'),('hash','Masternode Hosting'),('da-power-play','Digital Assets Power Play Ltd. (DPP) is the leading developer of algorithmic crypto trading tools, services, and software. The DPP platform is aimed at enhancing crypto trading processes and optimizing algorithmic trading strategies.'),('whalesburg','Whalesburg mining platform is a software bundle for cryptocurrency miners.'),('kingscoin','One of the main components and unique features of our project is this SuperBlock System KingsCoin uses a SuperBlock system that pays out once a month. SuperBlock has an increased difficulty that requires more time to mine control the volume of KingsCoin on exchange platforms, which also helps prevent pump and dump.'),('marcelo','MARCELO is a platform that offers smart and innovative crypto currency mining facilities based on Eco-friendly and efficient technology.'),('buildteam','BuildTeam is a revolutionary blockchain technology company focused on creating leading edge sidechain services and custom applications, aimed at enhancing the Steem social network ecosystem as well as other blockchain environments.'),('snax-token','Loosely coupled rewards for social media.'),('tuxcoin','Tuxcoin is a cryptocurrency intended to support Open-Source Software projects. Tuxcoin is Proof-of-Work utilizing the low-power consuming, ASIC-resistant Allium algorithm.'),('blacer-coin','Blacer Coin (BLCR) is Blacer Limited Company coin. The company registered in England. Blacer coin this is a revolutionary blockchain project that has already begun to change the whole esports scene. The Blacer Coin allows even beginner players around the world to earn their first money on Blacer platform and tournaments.Blacer will launch the first wolrd blockchain esports platform.'),('coinmarketalert','CoinMarketAlert.com is a cyptocurrency price alert system, that issues notifications to all connected devices whenever a selected cyptocurrency increases or decreases in price. Our Mission is to provide the best price alert tools for new and experienced cryptocurrency traders to help them protect their investments.'),('genix','Genix aims to provide unlimited funding for reforestation globally and create an innovative platform to fund volunteer efforts.'),('icobay-token','Founded in 2017 ICOBay Group is the global leader in the digital marketing and advertising for ICOs(Initial Coin Offerings). HTTPS://ICOBAY.NET network consists of over 50 ICO directory platforms and over 1,000 social media pages and groups spread on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, StumbleUpon .'),('gptcash','GPTCash is a community cryptocurrency project that envisioned itself as one of the major payment currency in the GPT Industry.'),('alpha-coin','Alpha Coin has many applications in the financial services industry. Almost every bank SWIFT messages are currently used to securely conduct transactions, but Smart Etherium contracts This can cause the network to become obsolete. Distributed notebooks can be stabilized Calculate faster and save banks.'),('trextoken','Trextoken is an ethereum base token with the aim of prevising easy transaction to help in promoting music and video download around the world'),('ingenuity','Ingenuity is a MasterNode coin that improves the foundations of society by empowering ideas and creation. Through Ingenuity, you will help fund innovative individuals and projects around the globe. We are a cryptocurrency startup that envisions this coin as the SMART Coin for SMART People.'),('custom-contract-network','This smart contract will allow Ethereum users to distribute bulk distribution in one click to reduce the power, electricity, transaction fee, manpower, manageability and carefulness'),('intucoin','INTUcoin - A Futuristic Source of Digital Cash INTUcoin cryptocurrency is for ad networks affiliates advertisers publisher b2b b2c online stores Have full control on your INTUcoin wallet EASY SMART and SECURE anywhere anytime anydevice. all parties can profit and save costs at the same time using INTUcoin be used in busines and social'),('game-fanz','Game Fanz is A Glorious Platform for Gamers in the World . Game Fanz has set a target to participate in the revolution of gaming industry by providing the gamers with more thrills and excitement. To make sure that development of the games meets the specified timeline. Game Fanz is issuing GFN utility tokens. The tokens are ERC-20 based upon Ethereum Blockchain.'),('yang','Yang Global envisions global wealth creation opportunities to masses and to ensure access to equal wealth creation and distribution opportunity, till now reserved only for riches.'),('highland','Highland coin uses traditional proof of work method of blocks generation. Highland Coin is a coin designed to send fast, low-cost and secure transactions Worldwide. It is also an ideal coin for investment that gives a high interest rate to investors through our Masternodes and Staking.'),('olympic-coin','The idea of Olympic coin was born on the aim of bringing cryptocurrency awareness and experience to athletes. Athletes from different countries, diverse cultures, various languages and talents will have a coin dedicated to them. Olympic coin is a gateway of payment system in sports industry.'),('sanchezium','I made Sanchezium — and almost every Rick in almost every timeline did — to use it as a payment between Ricks first, to trade some stuff, buy portal fluid, mega-seeds, or maybe purchase a brand new Morty... So I can say that Sanchezium is the first real interdimensional cryptocurrency.'),('bitcoinv','Bitcoin with Variable Block Rewards (VBR) feature. Miners decide how much they want each block reward to be and then try and mine a block. The higher the block rewards, the harder it is to mine. This feature naturally turns into a "51% Attack Deterrent Algorithm".'),('cryptohashtank-coin','CHTC is a utility MN/PoS coin, it'll be used as payment on CHT platform for a number of services including shared masternode hosting, cold node hosting and yet to be announced services.'),('oc-protocol','N/A'),('lht','LHT is a collateral for the USDX stablecoin and a core cryptocurrency of the USDX Wallet'),('widecash','WCH will be contributed its self to socialisation as much as possible in order to eliminate the miserable environment by providing a better environment support and brighten path.'),('xuma','Xuma is currently developing a decentralized NoSQL database for developers which distributes data across Xuma’s global network.'),('bitcoin-le','Bitcoin LE is the world’s first and truly Low Energy & 100% PoW-based cryptocurrency. Based on Bitcoin, Bitcoin LE’s consensus algorithm introduces the concept of a Coinchain in order to coordinate the mining activities and therefore enforce a mining-free time window.'),('gwaycoin','Gwaycoin is a trusted community promoted coin.'),('charg-coin','CHG Coin (CHG) binds the value of energy to money using the power of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging as a basis of value. Every time an EV is charged anywhere on the Charg Coin network, this value gets directly injected into the price of the coin.'),('seedcoin','Seedcoin is a project that has created a self-sustaining charity fund using 10% of all block rewards - a contribution to long-term humanitarian efforts that is nearly imperceptible to those who simply want to use XSD as a traditional investment vehicle.'),('valpromise','ValPromise determines if promises are honored, basing on the public monitoring data via Internet. It allows any individual or organizations that satisfy the rules of the system have access to release their own promises (contracts), while any individual may accept promises(contracts) issued by counterparties with their trust on the fairness and enforceability of the contract itself, which solves problems of collaboration regardless of geographical differences and regulatory differences.'),('kinetic-revolution','Kineticex-KRC technical team has intelligently designed a platform for public using modern standards for payment solutions. This groundbreaking platform can be used worldwide for; Individuals to send and receive money, merchant to web payments for online shop payment processing, ATM machines to access and cash out payments anytime.'),('cheese','Cheese strives to tackle the shortcomings of traditional transfer methods. Our vision is to establish a trustworthy, confidential, and efficient worldwide financial transaction platform; a safe haven for all users to interact and transfer digital assets at will, without a single concern, their activities are monitored.'),('lkr-coin','Initially LKRcoin was just an organized crypto community and decentralized organization made up of people with extensive knowledge of the Blockchain technology, at the beginning of the year 2018 under the auspices of the company Ziwanda Tech was created the first cryptocurrency driven by its own community, with the aim of rewarding the effort time and work of each of its users.'),('social-media-coin','SMMcoin purpose is a creation of social media marketing promotion platform. The main purpose of the project is blurring the line between startups and the general public.. Blockchain is our future and we want to make the Crypto World closer for every person.'),('tourist-review-token','Tourist Review is a blockchain-based evaluation platform for traveling and food lovers combined with a smart contract that connects those who experience the cryptocurrency, creating the environment in which the users can search for a place or a dish quickly, thanks to Tourist Review’s Ecosystem.'),('hempora','Hempora is an irreversible blockchain ledger that can keep track of all components of the hemp industry.'),('innovative-bioresearch','We are launching a Token Sale for supporting the development of our cell-based low cost AIDS cure, to allow access access to the therapy where access to traditional costly HIV medications is restricted by social and/or economic limitation.'),('miac','Miacoin is a coin that can be mined up to 1000 blocks on the entire blockchain. After that you start to get about a percentage of 20% annual on your total coin,only mine stake blocks "PoS". Securing your MIAC wallet is very easy. First, you will need to encrypt and backup your MIAC wallet.'),('mousecoin','N/A'),('agouti','Agouti (AGU) is a charity-based cryptocurrency, designed to give resources to others through blockchain technology. It started as a coin swap from Lunique (LUQ), a cryptocurrency scam. Agouti – A rebirth of cryptocurrency powered by the dream of decentralized help.'),('roiyal-coin','The ROIyal Coin (ROCO) was designed with the aim to back up early MN investors in their risky choices when purchasing masternodes of emerging coins. The ROCO Project is based on a cryptocurrency with carefully selected economical parameters that would allow prolonged and stable passive income of ROCO MN owners.'),('universal-molecule','Forked from Bitcoin reference wallet 0.8.5, Blake Coin and Photon. UniversalMolecule is a cryptocurrency designed to use the Blake 256 algorithm cloned from Photon. A clone of Photon with a few changes.'),('stakeshare','StakeShare is the easiest way to invest in PoS Crypto Currency, build rentable portofolio and discover trsut coin to invest in. All with clear data and easy to use.'),('300cubits','TEU is a cryptocurrency designed as a booking deposit to fix the industry pain points of No Show Bookings.'),('cowry','It is developing its own gambling/betting platform. Therefore, you can generate income through staking, Masternodes and Locking (To be available on the gambling platform).'),('cryptotradingcoin','Cryptocurrency is creating a new era that has never existed before. It has a function as an alternative for real money. So cryptocurrency leads to the end of an era but leads to the beginning of a new era at the same time. Cryptotrading begins with the beginning of a new era.'),('hirego','HireGo Ltd a UK based tech company working in partnership with San Francisco based Origin Protocol is building the world’s first peer to peer car hire and car sharing platform built on Blockchain technology. By leveraging the Blockchain and IoT technology HireGo is accelerating the transition to decentralised car hire and car sharing which is the future of car ownership.'),('eazy','EAZY is a new state-of-the-art masternode management platform to manage your masternode portfolio from wherever you are. The EAZY Platform enables masternode setup without technical knowledge and without difficulties but with the simplicity of checking your daily emails.'),('zent-cash','Payment solutions for games and e-sports and platform games.'),('liquid-regenerative-medicine-coin','The Liquid Regenerative Medicine the main objective of the LRM platform is the creation of a unified world DNA blockchain base for an instant search for donors and donor organs created using 3D printing. This technology will save millions of lives every day around the world.')ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE description=VALUES(description)

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