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Block Hedge Middle East 4th Edition

Block Hedge Middle East 4th Edition

The kingdom of Bahrain has emerged as a top adopter of the blockchain in the MENA region. With the governance recognizing the massive opportunities pertaining to achieving efficiency in processes and costs, there are many promising projects in the pipeline already.In fact, the Economic Development Board in the country has set up a huge corpus of $ 100 million to set in motion, sizeable investing and startup activity focusing on reaping the fruits of blockchain.In sync is the entrepreneurial ecosystem, demonstrating their inviting attitude towards making the most of this blockchain wave. As per estimates, spending on Blockchain is expected to multiply by at least two fold in the coming years. When getting into specifics, simply the financial segment is resting on an investment size of 1.5 trillion dollars. These facts only indicate how aggressively Bahrain is preparing to carve its niche as a blockchain pioneer.In light of this background, Block-Hedge is set to lay the stage as a premiere blockchain conference in Manama. It is designed as a promising launch pad for blockchain and crypto led businesses to leapfrog towards success. The event is curated so as to mete out authentic takeaways, qualified networking opportunities and everything useful to fuel long-term growth.

Event Location Manama, BAHRAIN
+91 8178 418 985
Block Hedge Middle East 4th Edition
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