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Blockchain Health IT Summit

Blockchain Health IT Summit

The application of blockchain-based platforms into the healthcare ecosystem presents a unique opportunity to transform traditional healthcare systems and business models, as blockchain-based technologies will be a disruptive force that drives traditional healthcare processes towards the future of digital health.

Healthcare professionals and blockchain innovators alike believe that the nexus of blockchain and healthcare to be far-reaching, but there are many barriers and challenges that must be met before blockchain is accepted as a mainstream technology in the healthcare ecosystem.

In order to the meet the future of digital health, organizations across the healthcare community must be willing to evaluate their antiquated legacy systems and business processes in order to understand the inherent value that blockchain-based platforms can provide to their health enterprise moving forward.

We are already seeing a rapid expansion of blockchain-based technologies across the healthcare space, as blockchain can alleviate many of the problems specific to healthcare, by means of placing the patient at the center of the health care ecosystem and increasing the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data.

The integration of blockchain technologies into the healthcare community is slowly burgeoning, and now is the time to learn where this technology can take your organization as healthcare makes its way towards the future of digital health.

Join Roosevelt Strategic Council’s Blockchain Health IT Summit in order to learn more about the opportunities and strategic approaches for implementation of this disruptive technology into your enterprise.

Event Location Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center, San Diego, California
Blockchain Health IT Summit
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