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Blockchain Summit Helsinki

Blockchain Summit Helsinki

Monopolies break up, centralized power breaks down, the future is ruled with new methods. Companies and corporates will cease to exist! Or at least their format will be significantly changed.

Do you want to know your fate or just let it creep up on you?

Come and face the reality of tomorrow today and make up your mind.

Blockchain Summit Helsinki is aiming to have a leading position Internationally. We will arrange an “Eastern stage” for Russian-speaking professionals, and our goal is to create a great working environment for International teams, professionals and Corporations in Finland.

Visit our Summit, and you will become a member of Finnish International blockchain and crypto Community!

The task of the Blockchain Summit in Helsinki is to become the leading blockchain summit on the international level. We open the “Eastern Stage” especially for Russian-speaking professionals and speakers, in order to create an attractive ecosystem for international teams, professionals, investors and corporations in Finland.

Welcome to our summit, where you will become a full member of the blockchain and the crypto-community of Finland.

Blockchain Summit Helsinki Agenda
Event Location Exhibition Center Helsinki, Expo and Convention Center, Helsinki Messuaukio 1 00240 Helsinki
Blockchain Summit Helsinki
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