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CRU World Copper Conference 2019

CRU World Copper Conference 2019

CRU’s 18th World Copper Conference is the world premier copper conference and attracts over 500 delegates. The conference is part of CESCO Week Santiago, and constitutes one of the most important gatherings in the mining industry. This CEO-level meeting boasts an impressive delegation of industry decision-makers and is the best opportunity to hear from copper mining and smelting industry leaders.

The conference is known for its excellent content about the prognosis for the industry, and it combines economic, financial, technical, political and societal perspectives to give delegates a complete panorama of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Themes to be covered in 2019 will include:

• CEO Panel: Mining pioneers – Emerging business models
• Mining costs are once again rising – Which technological advances are having the greatest impact on OPEX?
• Scrap – What impact will Chinese government proposals to ban the import of all forms of imported scrap have on global metals flows and on Chinese consumers? Will this policy stimulate a large and automated scrap recycling sector?
• Traceability requirements – How will greater traceability and an emphasis on sustainable copper affect prices and market dynamics?
• The economic footprint of the mining industry extends far beyond the mine mouth – How are governments and policymakers stimulating domestic industries and identifying international export opportunities for the METS sector?
• Chinese demand – China’s growth rates remain robust in-spite of its economic transition. What are the key upside and downside risks?
• From finance, to incentives, to tech metals – Exploring the outlook for exploration
• Green tech – How are forecasts for electric vehicles evolving?
• Beyond the base case – Copper price under different market scenarios
• CFO Panel: Financial innovation – Emerging mining finance models

Event Location Sheraton Santiago Hotel and Convention Center, 1742 Avenida Santa Maria, Santiago, 7500000, Chile
CRU World Copper Conference 2019
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