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Fin.techsummit 2018

Fin.techsummit 2018

INNOVATION – human creativity, new ways of problem solution are changing our world even in this very moment.  Constant change of the new world replacing the old one is clearly seen all around us. This transformation is accompanied by great enthusiasm but even some emerging issues. Right these two aspects of innovation are central to our concerns and the reason of our intention to lead the group of people together.

The enthusiasm stems from the new possibilities for people to live their lives more intensely, fulfill themselves, to be successful. On the other side, the process of extinction of the old is not the matter of day to day process. It fulfills its role for a long time on. Searching for a non-violent and natural development is what we consider the most important. We suggest the solution consisting of prevention of conflict by balanced dialogue.

Fin.techsummit 2018 Agenda
Event Location Smart City Hub, Future Proof, s.r.o. Obchodná 3, 811 06, Bratislava
Fin.techsummit 2018
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