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MJAC & CryptoCompare London Blockchain Summit

MJAC & CryptoCompare London Blockchain Summit

Join the pioneers, innovators and thought leaders of the blockchain industry at our one-day conference. Alongside an exhibition with 50+ companies that are making waves in the blockchain industry, the conference will examine all aspects of the blockchain industry, including:

• What is blockchain and how it is changing the world we live in
• Blockchain and banking
• Cryptocurrency exchanges
• How to list a new digital currency
• Investment funds and Bitcoin
• Blockchain and its applications in the gaming eco-system
• How to mine, buy and trade digital currencies
• Wallets and how to store your cryptocurrencies safely
• Bitcoin Futures – How to trade them
• Governance in blockchain
• The latest blockchain innovations and ICOs
• The future of blockchain and its applications

MJAC & CryptoCompare London Blockchain Summit Agenda
Event Location Old Billingsgate, Old Billingsgate Walk, London, EC3R 6DX, United Kingdom
MJAC & CryptoCompare London Blockchain Summit
About MJAC Disruptive Investment Conferences MJAC InvestorsHub Disruptive Investment Conferences are conferences and expos focusing on disruptive technologies including: blockchain, lithium and medical marijuana. Next event: MJAC & CryptoCompare London Blockchain Summit, London, November 30th 2018. About CryptoCompare At CryptoCompare we pride ourselves in showing the most accurate live prices, charting and market analysis from 65 of the top crypto exchanges globally. Our content editors keep the mining data, be it company, mining equipment or mining contracts up to date with the latest pricing and products available on the market. Our wallets section has a comprehensive list of wallets that will help you find the best wallet for your needs. We have over 217,663 trading pairs and over 4,688 crypto currencies or crypto assets in an easy to understand and intuitive format.
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