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NEXT BLOCK Conference

NEXT BLOCK Conference

2018 marked a major shift in the crypto market. Prices crashed, traditional ICOs declined in popularity and security tokens have started to gain more traction. Similarly, blockchain technology is also facing new challenges due to the need for user-friendly products and real-world adoption.

Even investors have matured, becoming more sophisticated and discerning and in this iteration of the NEXT BLOCK Conference we will discuss all these developments and more for this year, the drive towards clarity and how things are looking for crypto in 2019.

Engaging Discussions
NEXT BLOCK is known to put up a good show. If you’ve been looking for a blockchain event which engages, educates and leaves an impact, this is it.

Exceptional Exposure
Building on the success of our stellar event in Kyiv, NEXT BLOCK Sofia will be bigger and better, offering unparalleled opportunities for exposure, whether you’re a blockchain professional, business, fund or startup – there is something for everyone.

Amazing Networking
NEXT BLOCK prides itself in bringing together the best minds, leaders, and visionaries from the crypto and blockchain space. For you, this translates into amazing networking opportunities and a chance to develop relationships that can make all the difference.

NEXT BLOCK Conference Agenda
Event Location Tel Aviv, Israel
NEXT BLOCK Conference
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