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Famous Cryptocurrency Believers Talk About 3 Tokens They Believe in The Most

McAfee, Matonis, Hoskinson and other specialists told us what 3 tokens they believe in the most. Here are their answers CryptoFriends 

Nowadays when the crypto market is full of unexpected highs and lows, words from the most experienced can be comforting and reassuring. During the Malta Blockchain Summit we asked leading specialists of the blockchain community about 3 tokens they believe in right now. John McAfee, John Matonis, Brandon Synth, Charles Hoskinson and Michael Dupree revealed their views and opinions.


John McAfee, McAfee Crypto Team

There are 5 thousand tokens all with a problem that they solve. If you are in medical applications – buy DocAdemic. If you are looking for privacy – choose Monero or Bitcoin Private. Just choose which one you want to use today and for the right reason. John Matonis, co-founder and executive director at Bitcoin Foundation Bitcoin, bitcoin and Monero. There are only two. Because you have to follow the proof of work on the blockchain. It is a computation and hashrate. People don’t look at that. They look at media, at marketing. But if you follow the hashrate it tells you what really computational power is and that’s the most secure in the Bitcoin blockchain. Nobody wants to use insecure blockchains. And the reason I picked Monero is that it is one one of the most private.

Herbert Sim, blogger , CEO & founder of Cryptology

I represent Cryptology exchange, so, I have my own personal favorites. One of them is called Zillica (ZIL). It has been founded by two professors from National University of Singapore.

Brandon Synth, co-founder of Skycoin

The ones that gotta be successful, the ones that gotta be like billion dollars are all the platforms. And, if you look, there are only like 6 platforms. Skycoin is one of them. When you have a platform you have to have a method for people to launch coins, some token that

monetizes the coins launch. You have to have a scripting language that allows customers, and companies to develop applications. You have to have cases in the real world why people do use the thing. You have to have a large valuable team supporting it and a platform that allows people to launch blockchain applications. In Skycoin we have our next generation programming l anguage CX. We have a blockchain platform called Fiber. We have lots of partners and we have our own consensus algorithm Obelisk alongside things like the Skywire infrastructure. So, all the platforms – they are really what investors are looking at. An individual token is interesting, but a platform could have 68 tokens. My favorite platform is Skycoin because it is one that I built.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Hong Kong blockchain company I OHK, creator of the Cardano project

Bitcoin will always be relevant. It holds all the values, the whole ecosystem. If you turn to such cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum and Cardano, you will understand that these are next generation systems. Ethereum brought smart contracts. Cardano will allow you to manage social, global processes, create and execute decentralized applications and contracts in an inexpensive, secure and scalable way. If you want to start your own business in the blockchain, these three projects are great. They give an idea of how blockchain philosophy and initial goals are integrated into application processes. Bitcoin gives an idea of history, of the origins. It helps to understand how everything works. Ether – immerses in the revolution of smart contracts, in practical solutions. Cardano builds on this and uses a more scientific approach to achieve scalability and efficiency in executing processes and transactions.


Michael Dupree, CEO & founder of Easybit

Bitcoin, Namecoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin solves the biggest issue. Everybody knows why we like bitcoin. Obviously, it’s the largest playmarket capital and the most significant cryptocurrency in the world. We can’t forget about bitcoin. Namecoin is cool because it tries to remove the ability for governments and authorities to sensor its main aim. So, it’s one of my favorite cryptocurrencies I’ve been watching for at least 5 years down. Also, Ethereum is cool beсause obviously the whole idea of decentralized smart contracts is revolutionary. Even though Ethereum is kind of broken and not correctly doing this, it is the idea that really counts and they were the first people that actually made something work even if it’s not perfect.

Yonathan Parienti, CEO & founder of Horyou Token

Firstly, I believe in bitcoin. The second one is the one I developed – the Horyou token, because it is useful for social projects. The third one is DigiByte – it is useful for transactions. If you need original interview records or other materials for publications, write to . Top level business and networking events are one of our specialities, get in contact with our team if you would like to take part in our 2019 events –

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