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Paple | PAP
About Paple | PAP ?

PAPLE – Blockchain Platform For Organic Way of Life. The PAPLE Platform takes an initiative against food adulteration, promoting organic food and dairy industry. We strive to provide healthy food for a healthy society. We plan to create a transparent, simple solution to supply chain for farmers, retailers, and consumers. We seek to provide an easy-to-use system for integrating all the facets of farm-related supply chain management including farm products, food for the animals, machinery, warehouse leasing, storage, etc. This streamlined process will make farming more efficient. The PAPLE Platform & token system creates strong connectivity in the organic food, agricultural, and dairy sectors. PAPLE offers a marketplace that provides users with unimaginable connectivity and modernization in all facets of these market is the main tenant of PAPLE; It’s a system that will benefit everyone involved.

Start : 5 Sep, 2018
End : 15 Nov, 2018
Start : 20 Oct, 2018
End : 31 Mar, 2019
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Paple Company Details
Registerd Company Name: PAPLE
Registerd Country (MT)
Team Member 8 Team Members 4 Advisor
Paple Crowdsale Details.
Status | End in 69 Days
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Registration open 20 October, 2018 | Register Now

KYC Required : Yes! KYC Required.
ICO Start Date 20 October, 2018
ICO End Date 31 March, 2019


Ethereum ERC20

Soft Cap

Hard Cap

Total Supply

90,000,000 PAP

Price in ICO

0.4500 USD

Token for sale

Currencies Accepted

The following currencies will be accepted during the crowdsale:

Countries Not Allowed

The following countries are not allowed to participate in the crowdsale:

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