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SGV-G Technology | SGV
About SGV-G Technology | SGV ?

All the bodies in the Universe look for a balance, so that in our planet the Atmospheric Pressure is created by the Gravity of the Earth compressing the atmospheric gases over the surface of the Earth. This equation equaled to 0 is the largest source of equilibrium on our planet. The SGV-G Technology was developed looking for a way to break this equilibrium through a vacuum and create a movement through a motor designed and programmed specifically to manipulate the balance between Atmospheric Pressure and Gravity.

Start : 1 Mar, 2018
End : 26 Jun, 2018
Start : 2 Jun, 2018
End : 1 Mar, 2019
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Registerd Company Name: SG-Technology
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ICO Start Date 2 June, 2018
ICO End Date 1 March, 2019



Soft Cap

250000000 EUR

Hard Cap

614000000 EUR

Total Supply

222.400,000 SVG

Price in ICO

1 SGV = 7.5 EUR 11.6659 USD

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