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About TranslateMe | TMN ?
TranslateMe is a network of people and machines. The decentralised network will translate anything, such as text to speech recognition, and support all 6500 languages. We aim to bring you a decentralised network that provides results directly to the end user, in an effective peer-to-peer service. No middle man, no central point of failure. Data collected from millions of contributors will serve as corrections for all the language translations we currently have. This data collection step creates a hybrid between machine and man, to create the ultimate translation solution.
Start : 1 Nov, 2018
End : 1 Feb, 2019
Start : 1 Nov, 2018
End : 1 Feb, 2019
TranslateMe Company Details
Registerd Company Name: TranslateMe
Registerd Country (MU)
Team Member 12 Ryan Lloyd
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Status | Crowdsale Ended
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Registration open 1 November, 2018 | Register Now

KYC Required : Yes! KYC Required.
ICO Start Date 1 November, 2018
ICO End Date 1 February, 2019



Soft Cap

2,000,000 USD

Hard Cap

10,000,000 USD

Total Supply

100,000,000 USD

Price in ICO

0.2 USD

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