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Top Blockchain Industry Trends: where do people invest now – By CEO Iskander VC Anton Zanimonets

The top approach for funding projects and launching effective new business ventures is quickly becoming ICO campaigns. This method of raising funds has recently brought to life many new exciting projects that would otherwise never have seen the light without the incredible support of investors.

There are certain industries in which the amount raised was phenomenal, showing the level of necessity that such ground breaking ideas have got. Funds would not be possible without a strong community of supporters that are willing to invest in new solutions to traditional industry standards. The upcoming event Unblock Community will focus on the potential that the people behind the support and investment in ICO can have, with a panel of experts that will share experiences and suggestions on how to build and manage your community.

According to Amirsan Roberto and Stephane Laurent’s research, these projects and industries below are the ones that from the beginning of 2018 have been attracting the most support and investments.

At the top we have the communication industry, showing that the need for better communication platforms hasn’t stopped at the already famous social networks. Reaching a staggering worth of $1,900,924,607, messaging platform Telegram started the year off with an ICO raising $1.7 billion alone. These impressive amounts demonstrate that investors’ interest is especially focused on finding new efficient ways to share and communicate with others. Many of the speakers at the Unblock event have years of experience working as Head of Communication and have used their knowledge and professional expertise to build communities, campaigns and events that can encourage people interested in businesses to engage and be part of something.

Coming second to the communication industry, finance started the year off with company Celsius completing an ICO with $50,000,000 and sell out of the listed tokens available. Alongside other enticing projects, ICOs related to finance reached up to $833,313,539. Expert Joel John will lead a panel at Unblock Community on Token Economics, noting how important the community is for token economy, what’s its value and wondering whether every coin should be based on community. By working to leverage technology and finance to create lasting impacts in the lives of people in emerging economies, Joel has been spending most of his time studying business and working on blockchain related projects.

Another top member of the most successful ICO industries is the trading and investing field, starting the year with Blockchain Terminal raising $21.5 million with its ICO. This project focused on targeting the wealth management industry by using a private and public ledger to integrate all its services. It’s part of this ICO segment that accounts for $710,728,036.
On the first day of Unblock Communities, there’ll be a panel discussion on how crypto communities have the potential to change the investments scenarios, delving into new ways of crowdfunding, crypto spreading crowdfunding and talking about communities vs investments.

ICOs took a stand also on the advertising of products, and the commerce industry saw a rise in deals, adding $36 million in capital thanks to Basic Attention Token ‘s launch of their ICO. Confident that blockchain is the one technology bound to change advertising, they’re part of a total investment of $344,544,000 in advertising. Head of Community at Cindicator Yana Marakhonova, will talk about the community behind the products and advertising at her panel at Unblock Community, delving into how the support of the consumers can help bring a product to life.

Another field that generated a lot of interest and capital with their ICOs is payment related projects, an ever growing market where investors are frequently looking for new and better ways to send and receive money. Companies such as Havven managed to successfully raise $30,000,000 on the 28th of February, with a project promising blockchain powered solution for payments that uses a stable coin enabling users to quickly swap currency for goods and services. This side of the industry managed to account for $304,147,788 of the total investment in ICOs for this year alone.

Head of Communication at Byteball, Elena Tairova, is one of the panellists that will also touch on payments and the potential of community related to this industry. The company she works for is a conditional smart payments platform built on scalable DAG-based technology, and it’s up to her to help it reach out to a wider audience and expand its active community. She will talk about airdrops on the current market on the second day of the Unblock Community event.

This upcoming conference will feature this and more, allowing members of emerging or already established companies to find out more about the true potential of communities. Focusing on building a future blockchain industry in which projects can build on their expansion as a strong and reliable community supports them along the way.

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