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Malaysia Blockchain Association signed MOU with Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam

Malaysia Blockchain Association signed MOU with Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam

Yu Wan Ru (Taiwan legistlator), Jay Liang (Co-chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association) and Ms. Doan Kieu My (Infinity Blockchain Lab) shared great insights for the Blockchain landscapes in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam with the audience.

Taiwan’s legislator Yu Wan Ru delivered a special speech at Bloconomic 2018 in Malaysia and signed MOU

Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party legislator and the Legislative Yuan’s National Promotion Association President, Yu Wanru visited Kuala Lumpur on 16th August to participate in Malaysia’s Bloconomic 2018 and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Malaysian Blockchain Association. Yu Wan Ru said this not only expands Taiwan blockchain’s international partnership, they will also assists Malaysian SMEs to cultivate 2,000 blockchain talents in the future.

She also delivered a special speech about “Taiwan’s cryptocurrency policy and regulations”, indicating that the Taiwan government is very open to the development of blockchain, encourages the development of blockchain new industries, and assists industries to implement blockchain technology to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading. The Taiwan government also plans to introduce blockchain technology into public governance. She pointed out that Taiwan’s involvement in blockchain not only gave Taiwan the leading edge in R&D technology, it also benefits the growth and development of the blockchain industry. For example, establishing the blockchain self-regulatory organization.

In addition, Yu Wanru also hopes this Taiwan and Malaysia’s partnership creates new talents in Taiwan and strengthens South East Asia’s digital technology strength.

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