The New Social Media: The Soxax Decentralized Social Media Pre-Sales Raised $1,000,000 & Sold out in 48 hours

The Soxax decentralized social media platform announced that its pre-sales ICO sold out in 48 hours, the pre-sale was slated to run from the 16th –18th of April. The company termed it phenomenal breakthrough in its success story. The pre-sale was slated to run from the 16th –18th of April. The company had always envisioned its success but this quick sell was a surprise to the management as well.

Soxax is a decentralized social media platform that rewards users for uploading contents and also on their actions post that such as likes, share comments etc. The platform aims to bring back the focus power of social media in the hands of the people, with data protection and privacy being the sole importance. The end-end encryption data protection makes Soxax one of the most secure social media platform ever. The Soxax platform uses the proof of social and proof of activity algorithm that allows users earn the Soxax dollar as they interact on the platform.

The Soxax decentralized social media is joining hands with to launch an ICO which will run from the 23rd of April to the 23rd of May 2018, which is still an opportunity to invest in the Soxax public sales ICO.

One of the reasons the ICO has received this overwhelming response was the recent Facebook/ Cambridge Analytica Fiasco.Following the damaging buzz about most social media platforms burglar, selling and trading users data for money and having users raise alarm at the rate at which these social media platforms wreck the productivity of young millennials, there are a need and call for a decentralized social media platform that will help solve all these problems while people pass time using them.

Speaking with the Soxax Public relations officer he said,“The Soxax team is humbled and excited by the contributions so far, this goes far to state that this project is believed by millions of people all over the world. And we are not resting, lots of development and planning has gone into building the soxax platform giving major priority to some issues that some traditional platform is overlooking, we can assure every of our investors and community that we are taking conscious effort to make the Soxax platform a haven for businesses, individuals and organizations to make money while connecting with friends and loved ones. The road ahead of us is a long one but we are committed to following our roadmap being transparent in all we do.”

The ICO’s goes for sale will be available from 23rd April to 23rd May