Market Movement and Price Analysis For the Week That Ended on 12th Sepetember

Top Coin Movements, Price Analysis, and Market Pulse for the week that ended

Bitcoin (BTC)

The stability of Bitcoin played hide seek with $10500 keep both bulls and the bears in the game. Over the week the price was Bitcoin was marginally in green but nothing to boast about. The prices hit a high point of $ 10,578.84 and the lowest point of $ 9,916.49 during the week. The exchanges that were more active, in volumes, with BTC across various pairs this week were Binance (0.92 %), OKEx (0.91 %), and Coinbase Pro (0.21%)

Among prominent voices, Jack Dorsey told Reuters “I think the internet warrants a...native currency and...bitcoin is probably the best manifestation of that thus far,” “I can’t see that changing given all the people who want the same thing and build it for that potential.”

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum had a steady week with the coin rising 2.24 %, Keeping its price above USD 350 levels. Ether prices, on the top, this week were at $ 387.54 and were at lows of $ 326.25 staying pretty much in the range. The markets that were more active, in volumes, with ETH across various pairs this week were Binance (1.09 %), Huobi Global (1.09 %), and Coinbase Pro (0.18%)

In prominent  voices, In a blog post summing up recent updates on the long road to Ethereum 2.0, Raul Jordan, an Ethereum 2.0 developer with Ethereum infrastructure builder Prysmatic Lab, said that should various security checks and user experience polishes take place, “November is still looking good for a launch from our perspective.”

Ripple (XRP)

XRP, well, couldn't do much this week with the price rising only 0.15% this week keeping it below $ 0.25.  On the top, this week the prices of XRP were at $ 0.248752 and towards the bottom, it quoted USD 0.231285. The exchanges that were more active, in volumes, with XRP across various pairs this week were Binance(1.75 %), Coinbase Pro (0.53 %), and Bitbank (0.41 %)

For XRP this week, Google Payments developer Tyler Reynolds published a tweet in which he asks how can XRP and some other coins have market capitalization exceeding one billion dollars.

The Other Movers and Shakers

The Other coins that made to the top and bottom this week according to Coin Market Cap (accessed on Sept 14) were


  • Finance - Showing a rise of 260.05 %
  • Ulord - Showing a rise of 238.95 %
  • NFT - Showing a rise of 234.94%


  • DeFinition - Showing a drop of 99.98 %
  • TAI - Showing a drop of 98.87 %
  • Harvest Finance – Showing a drop of 97.83 %


What do you think would be the sentiment of the crypto markets next week? Do let us know your views on the same.