EOS Dapp Bethash brings world’s first Satoshi Style Cross Chain Gambling

Since the time the Dapp ecosystem race has intensified and EOS and Tron have started introducing their Dapp’s to challenge the supremacy of Ethereum, the number of gambling apps have been on the rise. While there are a variety of gambling dApps already present, not many have been able to provide a Cross Chain gambling platform. All this has changed since the time Bethash was introduced on EOS dApp ecosystem.

BetHash.io a casino service with guaranteed fairness

The EOS.IO network went Live after 15% of 906,245,118 EOS tokens were staked to initiate voting for 21 Block Producer Candidates. Daniel Larimer’s new blockchain or “developers playground” was live and ready to be digitally transformed by blockchain projects.  Since the time the dApp ecosystem went live, EOS has hosted some great dApp many of which are classified under the head of gambling- EOSBet, TrustDice, and DICE to name a few.

While there were many Dapp’s offering almost same kind of services, most of the EOS casino dApps are marred by controversies based on their fairness and centralization control. Not just that there have been a variety of discrepancy with respect to EOS gambling apps. For example, recently for some unknown reasons, EOSbet, one of the leading  EOS casino dApp, the system had paid out nearly 126,000 EOS to a single user in less than two days. Either this person is very lucky or they have found a bug they can exploit. 

While the problems for EOS gambling Dapp’s continue to find solutions, Bethash.io entered the race and changed the game. Bethash.io was introduced with an aim to offer fun transparent and provably fair casino-based environments. Some of the key features that separates Bethash from others are 

  • Bethash.io is the 1st EOS Dapp that is cross-chain and supports leading crypto currencies like BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, IOST and many more to come.
  • The gambling platform is truly fair as it does not generate the numbers or outcomes but refers them to EOS blockchain hash values exactly Satoshi Style.
  • Bethash gives free Eos account to every user so their assets and transaction logs are always traceable on the EoS chain eliminating the chance of fraud
  • The platform is a total transparent one and the team behind it plans to never change it.
  • Th dividend paying out of Bethash is decently high, reward the users appropriately 
  • Based on the data and ranking released by eospayout.com and other 3rd party websites, Bethash is the top paying dApp .

Gambling Dapps have been around before EOS went live, however, the Scalability that EOS provided (i.e. instant transactions, 500ms drop times), made these Dapps more attractive to users. And with Dapp’s like Bethash EOS could definitely skyrocket beyond Ethereum.

Will EOS be able to get more gambling apps like Bethash.io? Do let us know your views on the same.