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Investors lost $115 million in the fraudulent scheme Optioment

The Austrian authorities made a request to Interpol in order to track the suspected of organizing a fraudulent scheme with a crypto currency - its victims were thousands of investors, not only in Austria, but also in other countries.

The scheme has received the name Optioment , now prosecutors in Vienna collect all the testimony of victims in one case. It is also attached to the documentation collected by the FMA - the national financial regulator.

In total, victims of fraudsters lost about $ 115 million.

Now it became known that two suspects in fraud have already been detained by police officers. The authorities of the country hope that Interpol will help them to find other suspects who are hiding abroad.

Let’s clarify for readers that Optioment had its own website - its representatives held meetings with 700 investors in Austria. Contributions to the company were offered to be done in bitcoins for a period of 6 months to 2 years in exchange for a weekly payment of 4%. Depositors were also offered additional cash bonuses for attracting new investors