Altseason is separating good ones from shitcoins: Expert Opinion

The following article is the rework of the thoughts put forward by Mati Greenspan - Shitcoins and garbage ICOs of 2017 are losing their value - Volumes of crypto to crypto exchanges rose by 20% confirming Altseason - Cardano, Ethereum Classic, and IOTA spike

Over past couple of weeks there has been some significant move in the altcoins which is put a
question to many, whether are we actually in a AltSeason. There have some peculiar characteristics
noticed, where The top cryptos have mostly been stable over the last week but there has been rapid
fluctuation among many of the lower cap coins. there have been dozens of altcoins with massive
gains and massive losses. Some of the top gainers have seen more than 200% returns and some of
the losers are down more than 90%. Most of these coins, have never been heard about before.
Clearly the shitcoins are getting separated from the good ones.
While there have been some movements among altcoins, CryptoCompare new report gave out
another signal that showed we are in a Altseason- the trading volume on crypto-to-crypto exchanges
increased in February, outpacing December results, while the trading volume on fiat-to-crypto
exchanges remained flat. The data showed that fiat-to-crypto trading dropped from USD 73 billion in
December 2018 to USD 63 billion in both January and February of this year. Meanwhile, crypto-to-
crypto trading seemed to be thriving in the last month: having dropped from USD 142 billion in
December to USD 131 billion in January, it more than made up for this drop by climbing to USD 157
billion in the shortest month.
While its confirmed the Altseason is currently going on, after some correction yesterday Three coins:
Cardano, Ethereum Classic, and IOTA have already managed to shake off that move and are up