Games and Casinos categories continue to bring in traction for Tron Dapp’s

Tron has been a great platform for Dapp’s because of its fast and secure network. This has led to a lot of traction among developers and users especially from the gaming and gambling industry. And these to categories of Dapp’s continue to fuel growth for Tron allowing it to achieve great numbers in terms of transactions and users.

TRONbet still the top crowd puller

According to the recent tweet released by Rating Dapp, Tron has been achieving some great user and volume numbers on back of its leading Dapp’s belonging to the gaming and gambling categories. According to the tweet the top five Dapps on Tron’s network one March 19 2019 are 

  • Live Crazydogs which had 6500 users with 48 first time unique users
  • TRONbet which had 4581 users with 634 first time unique users
  • EpicDragons which had 4473 users with 53 first time unique users
  • Tronwin which had 4247 users with 89 first time unique users 
  • Lucky Slot 3715 users with 25 first time unique users.

Even with the lowest number of Dapp compared to Ethereum and EOS , Tron has been able to rack some great numbers for its Dapp’s both in terms of users and volumes thanks to the seamless performance of games and gambling dapp’s. 

TRONbet, the ultimate hero for Tron 

With all the data that has come out of Tron with respect to growth, TRONbet has always been a major contributor. It has been one of the leading distributed apps (dApp) on the TRON (TRX) network, which recently had clocked USD 48 million in bets in a weeks time. In a couple of weeks the user base of the Dapp has grown from 2600 to what it stands today at 4581.

The  Dapp has recorded a 36% growth on daily active users and the transaction volume has already doubled.

The attraction of TRONBet is not only for the gambling part of it but a form of token mining that  occurs each time a user places the bet. As a reward the users are paid in ANTE tokens, which end up redistributing the earnings of the casino. The payout for ANTE holders is in TRX coins.

Despite price staying stagnant, Tron is one of the most busy and active token. Backed by a strong team continuously developing projects, constantly adding tokens and users. And Dapp’s like TRONbet are making the project even more attractive for investors.

Will Tron continue its upward journey on back of these Dapp’s or will it just give out? Do let us know your views on the same